Opposition PNP Performance Worsens Under Mark Golding :Poll Results | TVJ News - Sept 20 2021 1

Opposition PNP Performance Worsens Under Mark Golding :Poll Results | TVJ News – Sept 20 2021


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    1. To me he’s a trying guy. Just his party is just too far behind in the case of the love that Jamaica people are willing to give them no now. They just need a new face lift.

  1. The PNP looks weak, speak weakly and does not even look United. This only makes the JLP’s complacency more abundant as they have no real competition in opposition. Which is very bad for Jamaica. For the PNP to be relevant again they have to put the better leaders forward like Damion Crawford, Lisa Hanna and Peter Bunting and get them on the same page. The only positive about the PNP is the undying love for Michael Manley as no othet leader since then has the people at heart.

    1. Intelligent alone cannot run a country you have to have leadership qualities, and anju don’t have that. I don’t know about mark Golding he have to get a chance to prove himself, but the now PM don’t know what he doing, and in the next one to two years y’ll will understand what I’m saying.

    2. @Winston Johnson sir to be truthful this PM in my opinion is the most transparent PM Jamaica have ever seen and that really do open doors for him to be criticized. Which I think he know that from day one before taking the job

    3. @Khalfani Robb Andrew has not done anything. Look at the country and tell me if u can honestly say that. We all need to stop playing politics with Jamaica Covid is the least of or problems. Look at the crime rate and the corruption. How can u honestly endorse anyone who is running Jamaica right now. Take some time and think about it. As Morgen Heritage would say . There is nothing to smile about.

    4. @Michael Hayden well with covid he’s in my opinion taking away people rights and he deal a bad job with the holding of it and along with taking away ” civil right”

  2. Its simple! PNP needs to come with a new party name. People just been fed up with that name for years and it only give us a bad taste in our mouth just hear the name PNP. They mash we up as Jamaicans badly and we just can’t forgive or forget sorry

    1. @Rossano Hislop out with the set that’s been there forever and never showing no improvement whatsoever. And believe me there’s a few. And with the name something up-lifting and motivating

    2. @Rossano Hislop Finsac which we are still feeling today, Selling of JPS for little or nothing, More than 20yrs averaging negative growth, record high murder rates, Green Bay Massacre, countless scandals and corruption with little to no punishment of corrupted members, JEEP was a joke, allowing Cash plus to run unchecked while scamming Jamaicans of 100s of millions. PNP has no moral authority, we need a new party, they way too corruption and only care about POWER!!!!

  3. How come ,,how come so I dont see as very bad at all, to me he is working as an opposition leader should do especially in time like these,, He is not confusing thing up with alot of unnecessary talk he is just siright up, He is doing is job these are troubled time let him alone and
    Let him do is job blessup, blessup, blessup, blessup

  4. Golding is bumboholness’ lapdog. He helped the bipartisan vote for these unconstitutional lockdowns, infringement and charges

  5. I agree totally with the polls was saying so yesterday Mr Golding is not an opposition leader the man seem to agree with everything the present government is doing I dont see him opposing anything NOTHING you would think is him and Andrew a run this place here

  6. Well Holnesss is well liked across the board so I don’t think it’s their performance..but it’s the strength of the ruling team.

  7. Pnp was never devastated by no jlp. Period. That election was a fraudulent election with the turn out of only 37 percent. No one won in that election. It should be null and void. You can imagine a pm only got 22 percent and calling that a landslide. That election was garbage but i guess he was who the powers that be wanted so it was ok for them to accept it. They wanted him to push their agenda on the people. And he’s doing a pretty darn job at it. Rest my case.


  9. What is the opposition leader saying…not hearing his views…is he a follower or a leader?
    What is his philosophy, views on mandatory vaccine, etc. Cannot follow if one is not leading.
    Seems he is following bro gad.

  10. We need to understand that they are family and friends we the poor is the enemy they all make their money they don’t care about us

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