'Orchestrated By Donald': Michael Cohen Thinks Trump Is In Big Trouble 1

‘Orchestrated By Donald’: Michael Cohen Thinks Trump Is In Big Trouble


As the New York DA prepares to charge the Trump Organization as soon as this week, Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen joins MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss the pending charges and provide insight into Trump’s strategy as the case moves forward. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. ‘We don’t rely on American Banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia’
    – Eric Trump 2014
    aka The Dim Son and then Sum

    1. Yes, business men allowed to conduct business outside of their own country. GASP!!! You caught him now!

    2. Don’t forget the millions Joe and Hunter have gotten from Russia or the 1.5 Billion from Chinese government run companies that went to Hunter and Joe .. hmm 🤔

    3. @WSOX Man how dies an an illegal collect unemployment without social security number?

    1. Trump has been counting on milking his followers to pay off his millions in debt. He’s going bankrupt yet again. Cannot believe these people thought he was a good BUSINESSMAN! They watch too much tv.

    2. @CallMeGailyn exactly, the most evil dictator in sept 2020 had israel sign a peace treaty with united Arabs. Proof of trump is the anti christ, no peace. Traitor of all times. 7 yr . tribulation

    3. Just forget all about the Russians and the Chinese government run companies deposting millions and billions into Hunter and Joe Bidens personal bank accounts .. 😉

    4. @Tracy Young Bill Gates is more of an anti christ than Trump numb numb heads .. the education level has fallen off .. they forgot to teach the last 3 decades critical thinking and comprehensive analysis problem solving .. hmm 🤔

  2. I want him to pay for what he’s done to this country. He didn’t do it alone. Half of the GQP would be complicit, and they are. No one will go to prison and I’m not getting my hopes up again.

    1. @Daniel Hawthorn lol where u getting ur fake news trumps not responsible for the virus ask china that question

    2. Biden and Garland will continue protecting him at the federal level, but they can’t stop any criminal indictments coming from NY and GA.

    3. @Htate sil He’s 100% responsible for not doing anything about it in the US and over 450K of our fellow Americans are now dead.

  3. Mr. Cohen is getting ready to enjoy some revenge served cold. So refreshing on a hot summer day 😊

    1. I certainly hope it is really really bad! They have all f**ked more people than can be counted and let’s not forget killed through shear willful incompetence. Some truly evil people.

    2. @Margaux Stewart You can be forgiven while in prison….But You’re still in prison……….Paul

    3. Mr. Cohen has chosen poorly and continues to do so .. isn’t a good attorney supposed to be protecting their clients ..attorney client privilege believe it’s called .. hmm 🤔

    4. @Price is Right I don’t think he is a lawyer anymore. When he was, it didn’t give him carte blanche to commit crimes in his roll as Enforcer . 45 showed him no loyalty, please Mr Cohen, show him none in return.

  4. trump is like a broken slot machine that will never pay off but his supporters still keep paying and playing…

    1. @Alicia Espinosa Frump is nothing less than a 1st class, incompetent, fraud, and a crook who needs to spend the rest of his life locked up to protect society from his his eternal crimes…

    2. Pay to play u say ?? Hunter and Joe know all about that with millions in their accounts from Russia and Billions from Chinese government run businesses deposited into their personal bank accounts 😉

    3. @Price is Right did fox tell you that??? or was it the even more reliable misinformation stations oan or newsmax???

    1. @Liz Pedano Actually, Cohen stated on The Breakdown that he only had that one recording of donnie and it was actually made for a different reason – I think it was to prove something to Karen McDougall’s lawyer. He isn’t sure why he even kept it but how lucky that he did!

    1. A very intelligent man! Too bad he served trump! He is trying to right that and I respect that.

    2. @Rox 41
      “liar and fraud.”
      Donald never said it, but “Lying = the new Truth” is so Trump. I don’t know why Cohen went working for him but he clearly regrets it. Wouldn’t you? Would YOU still defend a leader who keeps telling he never lies, while you heard and saw the opposite?
      Btw, was Cohen ever paid for his services? Donald seems to have some trouble with paying his personnel. Was his Chief Diet Coke Bottle Opener ever paid? (mygod, the guy really existed!) The orange emperor thinks that the honor to serve Him is enough. “Here’s a fart, feed yourself on it.”
      Odd then, then he paid masseur Stormy so quick and without a squeak….

    3. @Sue Montgomery Okay internet grammar police. Because prefacing a comment with a LOL automatically deems that comment worthless. Chill.

    4. He speaks like an attorney that continues to choose poorly forgot about attorney client privilege and would not be my 1st choice if looking for a lawyer .. 🤔

  5. One word… pardon power saved him, which he doesn’t posses now. So anyone who lies for trump cannot be saved afterwards.

    1. Oh, you’re wrong. I’m sure Trump has promised them all pardons in August when he’s back in the WH.

    2. @Jesse Bianchi No doubt, Jesse. The founders intended the pardon to be an instrument of mercy, not a get out of jail free card.

    3. @Terry Kane there are established channels for granting pardons.
      herr drumpfh ignored them and used pardon power for corrupt purposes as rewards for his accomplices.

    1. My sister bought a “My Pillow” for me as a joke last year. I still have it, the box has never been opened, and it never will. I plan on keeping it because it might be worth money someday because of the association with Trump.

    2. Defund the democratic activist groups.. they are designed to cause chaos confusion division and steal our US 🇺🇸 tax dollars.. refunnel that money to citizens communities and small businesses 👏 yes !! 🌞

  6. The justice system protects the rich criminals, while sending a Kid with some drug in his pocket to prison.!!!..And the Kid with the drug is arrested with no concern about his intention. But when it comes to the rich criminal, who is hiding behind the name of a “Corporation”, the prosecutor must prove not only knowledge of criminal conduct, but also prove intention.

  7. Trump must be sweating that fake orange tan off his face faster than Rudy’s bad Hair Club dye job.

    1. @Peter Seymour I, unfortunately< have to agree with you. Or just maybe his time has run out........

    2. Trump so criminal, no integrity, dignity, empathy, to other people. The most selfish n criminal of all. He n his family should rot in jail.

    1. Hang onto your hats and don’t hold your breath cause these kind of cases can be in the court system for years. There’s usually one appeal after another. But the indictments wiil probably come down within the next months. The last indictment for the big fish could come down by the end of the year. I know…………waiting to exhale too. I want it over with and see him wearing an orange jumpsuit just as much as you do too. The only good thing about him getting indicted last is we get to see him squirm and become agitated as all the others go before him and flip on him, including the kids. Plus, since he’s the head of the corporation and everybody did everything at his direction, he’ll get the biggest sentence. That’ll be a great day.

  8. Worst case, the Trump organization is placed in serious financial jeopardy, best case the entire family is indicted convicted and imprisoned.

    1. I hate to agree, but the law and the court’s interpretation of the evidence is the bottom line.

    2. best case, the DOJ hits them with Rico and little Rico for 1000’s of IRS Payroll tax evasion. The employees, friends, partner LLCs, and even the trump family received cash equivalent payout and did not pay taxes on them. Add that to a few contracts for Ivanka, an employee of the company, oops. The worst case, they only get them all for a few 100 of the same crimes.

    3. The entire family is corrupt and soulless. And with all the damage they wrought on the country they should all pay the price – heavy fines and prison time.

  9. I love how much Cohen seems to hate Agent Orange. All those years of doing his dirty work, and thrown under the bus at the first sign of trouble, and Cohen isn’t going to forget it.

    1. Prison and going unrewarded by trump and learning he was only a tool for trump apparenrly was his “come to Jesus” awakening moment.

    2. @RRocr 100% correct. This is a fight between 2 dishonest people.. One who is always greedy , the other who wouldnt pay him anymore…
      Bringing on the dishonest people on this show for his “opinion” only degrades the credibility/ intention of this show.

    3. @Star Sojourner I don’t think so.. and while you have to take his statements with a grain of salt.. He does have knowledge about how the organization works, that most people don’t..

    4. Michael has a right to not forget it he was jailed because of the orange blob turning on him. I can’t wait to see all the people who did not abide by Trump and his demands that are called as witness to the inauguration. Many left because they realized something was going on

  10. Trump’s public legal strategy: There’s nothing to see here.
    Trump’s private legal strategy: quietly crapping themselves

    1. @Kevin Turner You poor thang. 1st waves of indictments here, more to follow. It’s coming.

  11. Dude is,has, and slways will be a scammer. He is the darling of evangelicals and the GOP. What does that say about them?

    1. Evangelicals are the new Nazi’s. White supremacy is their thing and they wish to force their ideology on everyone. Guns and god and wipe out the opposition.

    2. NOT all christians are fooled by an evil 💩 pathetic lying crook.. So never stereo type ok 🕵

  12. Sadly, millions of Americans still believe “Don the Con” won the election, incredible! … 🙁

    1. @Paul Rossi As usual when it comes to showing their lack of intelligence a trump supporter doesn’t disappoint

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