Oregon AG On Federal Officers Actions In Portland: ‘This Is A Violation Of The Constitution’ | MSNBC


  1. This is a prelude to an epic shitshow of an election. They’re going to do everything they can to rig it.

    1. yeah. Hitler-Trump is going to rig the elections so bad, just like he did in 2016.
      Vote Trump out, if you want America to become a 1st world country again, after Hitler-Trump made the USA a 3rd world country.

    1. ​@mike mitchell First they came for the *RIOTERS WHO WERE WILLFULLY AND KNOWINGLY BREAKING THE LAW*, but I was not a *RIOTER* so I let the federal officials do the necessary job that Ted Wheeler prevented the Portland police from doing.

      Dude, this is not the Trump administration clearing out opposition. It is him doing a job that the Portland mayor had a chance to do for 50 days while his city burned. For a mayor of a major American city to allow that level of lawlessness for such a long period is unconscionable.

    2. @Spyro Bandicoot No. I think he’s a buffoon and the fact that he was elected will forever be a black mark on the honor of the office of POTUS. With that in mind, in this situation, he’s in the right.

    3. Are you kidding, apparently the teachers have failed at providing history lessons. This is called enforcement of the law, and it’s about time.

  2. Funny how the states can get lumped with federal assistance in the form of violent paramilitary action they don’t want, but when they’re begging for PPE & testing they get Trump’s middle finger.

    1. FALSE! The rest of the country is growing tired of Gender Politics, Cancel Culture and liberalism. After 50 days! If this wasnt enough to call in federal agents then you’re lost kid. We pay taxes for Peace and that was not peacful. I used to call myself a liberal at age 15 but since then I have joined the Army Infantry, deployed to Iraq and have seen enough to say that I was wrong. Im 31 now.

  3. Let’s see how the US stands against these trumpian tests of Homeland Security take-overs.
    Greetings from Germany. We have our own experience on this topic. Hope you have learnt from our failures.

    1. @Green Leader There is no excuse for violence by some agitators. However, the vast majority of protesters are peaceful.

  4. arrest them.. for inside a riot..
    and then charge them to with impersonation of federal agent..
    they are thugs..

    1. Russia sure isn’t burning cities, killing children, burning buildings, and looting stores for 54 days straight.

    2. Maybe it’s because evidently it’s these people trying to tear down American buildings and statues?? Lol

  5. The Navy man is a REAL soldier. He took those hits with a bully club like fighting machine. Impressive military strength.

    1. @Dorothy Zink I was in THE US AIR FORCE that made me an AIRMAN confusing for you . There are also Coast guardsmen, You were never in the US MILITARY . RIGHT ..

    2. @Dorothy Zink Whats IS Soros with you racist . His family was not enough . you want his blood as well ..

    3. ​ @LUIS VELEZ I admit to being completely confused by your responses. May you be free from suffering and all its causes.

  6. Tell me what is the differences between what China is doing in Hong Kong and trump is doing in Portland? The only differences are the names of the dictator and location.

    1. @Factsthat Hurtfeelings I’m sorry. I don’t understand your question. OP clearly has a strong opinion about it, maybe they are better informed to answer. Also, just to be clear, I’m not agreeing with op, just saying that their misspelling was intentional.

    2. @Dizzy sorry if I came across wrong I was just saying Seattle was a mess. Trump and the feds stayed out of the way and people died. Democrats can’t run a city. That was my point.


  7. Secret police, I can’t believe this is the United States. It’s disgusting what’s accepted in 🇺🇸 these days.

    1. We needed some secret police in seattle. Maybe that little boy would still be alive.

    2. It’s not accepted. We’re screaming our heads off and working to unseat Trump. But he won’t stop until he has to stop, because he’s a dangerous psychopath.

    1. more like a fascist led country. When future presidents caution other countries about iron fisted policies, those foreign leaders can say: “USA?!! Who are you to act righteous!? You have unmarked vigilantes kidnapping your own citizens. Don’t tell us what to do.”

    2. @M R And exactly what is Socialism? And how does it compare to: Tyranny, a Dictatorship, Fascism or Neo Nazism? How about Hitler’s SS, how is the Use of Federal Emplyees Militarized and Attacking American Citizens any different than Hitler’s SS?

      THIS “Invasion” is in direction opposition to the Mayor and Governor’ and the People of Oregon’s wishes. BUT Trump And his “Acting” Puppet are Engaged In Their “Political Theater”.

      Three years ago I read a Comment and I thought That is ‘RIDICULOUS’. Quote:
      “Trump Will Attempt To Bring In Federal Troops To Insure his Election” LAUGHABLE, Right?
      TRUMP’S A BUFFOON but he wouldn’t and the Government wouldn’t Permit that, we Are A Constitutional Republic.

      TAKE A LOOK AT OREGON; Right, NOW! If You Add Trump’s Attempt To Suppress The Release of Coronavirus Statistics and The Supreme Court Decision, Aiding Voter Suppression In Florida and We are WELL On the way to a DICTATORSHIP.

    3. @Don Francisco … And You have no Content on Your Channel. This Generally Indicates A BOT or Troll or BOTH. GLAVASET?

  8. Right wing fascism. America must be great now. Where were they when our town was invaded by that ignorent Tea Party cult.

  9. This cannot continue. The military needs to step in and arrest this traitor. Our nation is in danger.

    1. The mayor of Portland should be arrested along with the mayor of Seattle. People died and she did nothing.

  10. This is the very slippery slope brought on by the passage of the so-called “Patriot” Act in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that we are now witnessing where an unaccountable authoritarian executive branch feels empowered to brutalize citizens exercising their Constitutional rights to assemble and protest with impunity. I remember people being were laughed at when they warned that this is where the “Patriot” Act would ultimately lead us — who’s laughing now?

    I don’t think that these unmarked paramilitary-dressed secret police storm troopers are military. Something tells me that they are corrections officers from jails and prisons in other states like the similar unmarked individuals that broke-up the protesters in Lafayette Square Park a month ago in order to clear a path for the Illegitimate Occupant of the White House so that he could attend his photo-op at the church — the bible-holding gesture being a clear and flagrant violation of the Separation Of Church And State!

  11. Trump is setting his Army’s that will fight for him when he lost Election and refused to step Down immediately. AMERICA 🇺🇸 WAKE UP

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