Oregon Expanding Criminal Probe Of Unmarked Federal Troops | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Ameiru Senpai
      You are on crack
      The Liberal cities have allowed the Rioting to continue during a Pandemic

    1. @Rose Johnson-Tsosie agreed. Tbh I don’t see how we move forward without another civil war though, as evidently the last one wasn’t enough to teach the south bigotry and racism is wrong.

    2. @Some PersonThe first step is awareness. We are so numb to this hanky panky that we don’t question how wrong this is. I see Trump’s BS as a gift so they were know where the cracks in the system are. No one thought he could pull off the Hitler Move, and now lawyers are doing a head snap. As far as racism, you can’t legislate a heart. But I believe the kids coming up will be more united. Look how many young people around the world listen to Rock music. It’s all these mentally old people who have to eventually die off.
      I believe God is just weeding his garden.

    3. @Rose Johnson-Tsosie I never said legislate racism, capitalism is withdrawing funding for advertising and is impacting others bottom lines which is creating change.

  1. These unmarked agencys are fasci di combattimento.
    Italy in the 1920’s.
    Sow unrest and fear, so a strong man is elected.
    Than show your opponent is incapable, so the herd will elect you.
    The USA is well on the road to fascism.

    1. Exactly. Mr. ‘Law and Order’ tries to create and enter the scene. Sign of things to come. (*starts shivering*)

    2. @KT Chong CBP is only supposed to operate within 120 mi. of the international border and they are WAY outside of that parameter.

    1. They are US Marshals and have had jurisdiction in and around Federal property for over 240 years. You have to go to them, but until now no thugs have been stupid enough to try and burn a Federal courthouse.

    2. Sure buddy, you dont even want the Police to do their jobs and arrest the mob, why would you expect them to arrest fellow law enforcement. Dum logic, Dem logic

  2. Remember when Republicans were worried about overreaching federal authority and “jack-booted thugs?” But that was back when crazy, religious gun nuts were under scrutiny.

    1. Liam Wilson
      I’ve also seen far left extremists which you can also search up. I believe White Marxists to be a big problem.

    1. @Clogged Nostrils This is not only GOP propaganda but is absolutely false. Read some history! There was no Left/Right with these dictators, you are using western politics comparisons falsely to compare to dictatorship ideologies. Your cult leader wants to usurp the power of our checks and balances democracy and become a dictator like his mentor Putin.

    2. @Clogged Nostrils The Qualities of a Dictatorship

      Ruler often rises to power out of conflict.

      Dictators control all branches of government and the media.

      Intimidation, murder, imprisonment, violence and other human rights abuses are used to control the population.

      A cult of personality makes the ruler appear divine.

    3. @Peg Minhinnick you just described the left. Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini were all left wing dictatorships

      Hitler was a SOCIALIST.
      Socialists are left wing

    1. l.S. P I wonder how the Portland PD feels about these thugs in their city; and how the Chicago PD would feel if they, as Trump says, are next? Pretty demoralizing, I should think. I don’t know if a boycott is strong enough. We’re in for the fight of our lives for the next 3 months. I hope we prevail. ✌️

    2. @Margo since the Portland police have jurisdiction on their own streets, I suggest they eliminate the conflict by setting up a chain link barrier around the Federal courthouse and thereby contain the threat of violence by the Ersatz National Police on the civilian population..

    3. kevdaag That’s a great idea. Our cities are going to have to mount some defense against these secret police.

  3. So where are those 2nd Amendment Rightwingers who are ready to oppose the Fed Government from taking their rights away? Silence. They are ok with tyranny as long as it’s rightwing tyranny against lefties.

    1. Logan McLean in my life I’ve never met a cop that wasn’t thirsty for an arrest.
      We live two different lives.
      We can’t hear each other. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    2. @Logan McLean Duhh that is what the defund is for , shift funds to social workers and appropriately skilled people to handle with social and domestic issues rather than jackbooted gun toting cops busting in with shoot first ask questions later
      More body cams and better training, duhh they just turn the cams off and no one questions them

  4. Send the Army National Guard in and round them up. Hold them until everyone of them is ID’d.

    1. @SPZ Aruba
      Could be.
      Looks like they extracted a provocation Agent. A government Looter and Rioter.

    2. @Ralph Boyd –


      Trump can simply invoke the *Insurrection Act* and immediately deploy troops to any state in which his cold-@zz heart desires.

    3. @Thomas K
      Yes and the last time was George HW Bush for the LA Riots and with the approval of the California Governor and only to quell the actual riot.

      There’s a big difference in a Federal Police Riot that a Governor needs to activate The National Guard in order to suppress.

    1. @Mdlclass Worker Perhaps MilkCow is referring to the “arrests” and not the actions of the protesters. You should have considered this possibility and inquired rather than replying in an accusatory manner. “Judge not…:

    2. @Mary Elizabeth RV and Boating enthusiasts know the meaning of the term black water. It is befitting of the company for sure!

    3. Mdlclass Worker ok I’ll follow all the Democrat supporters who left the country after Trump got elected. Oh wait… they’re still here

  5. where are all the 2nd amendment gun nuts? aren’t they supposed to be protecting citizens from a tyrannical government with their rifles? bunch of posers if you ask me

    1. @Some Person
      This is the same USA that sat back for two years and watched the Nazis conquer most of Europe, only getting involved when Japan forced their hand.
      The same country that was founded on land theft and genocide then built on the back of 240 years of slavery.
      This is no different to Kent State.
      This *is* the USA.

    2. Too busy protecting their tyrannical leader. They talk about freedom but like it when “strong men” tell them what to do. Daddy issues at best.

  6. It is in the best interests of those unidentified “federal agents” to play by the rules and surrender immediately to legitimate law enforcement, lest these brown shirts start complaining that civilians are detaining them for failing to identify themselves and forgoing their right to due process as they have done onto them..

    1. Democrats are calling for defunding of police and abolition of ICE. Why would any cop step in?

  7. The protesters and police were working together until Trump’s SS goons showed up and incited violence

    1. I’m in Portland. The news is neglecting to report that the peaceful protesters are downtown and the looters are on the north end. Yet federal and city officers are also going after the peaceful protesters!!! Come to Portland and see what is happening!!! Trump is implementing his authoritarian agenda in our city right now by GOING OUT OF THEIR way to intimidate and aggregate the peaceful protesters that are nowhere near the looters and rioters!!! It seems as if they are trying to accelerate a Civil War. Anybody that can come to Portland and help us make a PEACEFUL stand against Trump needs to do so because he isn’t going to stop with Portland! He is purposefully trying to agitate the situation to implement martial law to take over the US! PLEASE HELP US!

  8. Now that violence from these so called officers is being looked at we notice you don’t have to be a criminal to be beaten in the streets. Now it is more believable that people can be beaten or even killed by officers in broad daylight just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. For a black person any time and place could be the wrong time and place. It has never been fair. Let’s do something about it now.

  9. Why can’t Oregon state police go and arrest the “federal agents” for operating outside of the requirement to identify themselves as federal agents and produce a badge when asked. If the cannot they should be charged with suspicion of impersonating an officer.

  10. “When a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent is frankly when it’s rapidly losing its moral authority to govern.”
    (Stephen Harper, Canadian Press, April 18, 2005)

  11. It’s especially sad to see the far-right “patriots” coming down on the side of the federal jack-booted thugs in black SUVs

  12. It’s just like when Hitlers brownshirts ‘cleansed the streets’ of Nürnberg. This is a precursor of a second Trump term. Watch the birth of a new dictator America!

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