Oregon Governor Tweets That Federal Officers Will Leave Portland | Craig Melvin | MSNBC



  1. Over 30 Percent of kids tested in Florida are infected. Governor DeSantis resign now, our state is becoming a graveyard theme park

    1. ​@timandsue legere I did look it up and in this case it was easy to find. Things are not always easy to verify. While i agree that we all have to be willing to do our own research, the consensus among truth seekers has always been that the person who is making a truth-claim carries an obligation to back their claim up with sources/citations. Legitimizing the “look it up for yourself” retort is tantamount to accepting that we can all make whatever claim we wish, no matter how preposterous, and if the other person doesnt believe us we can insist it is laziness or incompetence on their part. In any event, thank you for your reply. Take care.

    2. @Intercat thank you. With all the feedback ive gotten from my comment I also did a search and confirmed the results. Have a nice day 😁

    3. Walter Godsoe the US has the lowest death rate per positive cases in the world. Stay home and keep your mask on, you’ll be ok.

    1. @Kimberly Galanti _”FBI report that just came out”_
      Did you see that other FBI report that just came out titled: _”Kimberly Galanti is a liar, there is no such report”?_

    2. @Heritage Karma According to the governor they are leaving. But I don’t understand, are they going to just let a bunch of domestic terrorists burn down a federal courthouse? The local government has already made it clear that they support the terrorists, so is Oregon leaving the Union now?

      edit: I just read in an actual news outlet that the feds made a deal with the local police that they were going to secure the city again, the area around the courthouse in particular. Which is odd since those uniformed Portland soy soldiers have made it abundantly clear they can’t control the mob. So the onus is on the city and state now, I think this is an excellent plan. If the courthouse does get burnt down then the bums in Oregon can pay for a new one.

    3. @Cartoonishly Inept Not likely and the Mayor has misspoke according to the live feed I watched. Feds will not leave until the riots do no more damage to taxpayer property.

    4. @Cartoonishly Inept Trump will likely refuse these cities any federal funding to rebuild what they allowed to be destroyed.

    5. @Heritage Karma Fox is reporting that Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf has made a deal with Governor Kate Brown for a phased withdrawal of federal agents and the state/local police will take over. But you’re right, they said they won’t leave until they’re confident the courthouse is safe.

    1. @Josef – You’re absolutely right, Trump IS deranged. Well spotted. 👏👏👏

    2. This is the most eloquent assessment of the situation I’ve heard… Not even being sarcastic. It’s on point.

  2. Everything trump Touches, Dies, even the whole United States of America. We are just another failed casino to him.

    1. @Mueller Time inbreeding cultists ROTFLMAO that’s pretty cute coming from you idiots, morons supporting 152,000 dead, racist, txt payer funds finding there way into Trump’s bank account. Like what actually do you support fascism. Think you better find out exactly what Trump stands for but we can see by your comment your on the racist side 🙄

    2. @George Schnakenberg many businesses pretty funny he lost them in his 6 bankruptcy, the guys broke, when you get $2 billion loans you can’t pay back worse businessman on the planet, you idiots are pretty funny

    3. Wait what…? I don’t like trump but how is this his fault?? If a tree fell on your car it probably would be trumps fault too right?

  3. it’s about time the federal government stuck to the Constitution I know they don’t do it much since Trump is in office but hey hopefully they really will leave

    1. I thought that the constitution was almost a sacred document in the US. Previously, doing things against what the constitution spelled out was just about the worst thing an American could possibly do. What happened? Why are these constitutional violations and non-conformances being tolerated?

  4. let’s hope cooler heads are prevailing. now it’s time to start mobilizing all that protest energy into getting out the vote.

    1. Peter Collins
      No I’m serious, who’s happy to wake up to vote for biden. Democrats are in trouble, should’ve chose a different candidate

    2. @Logan McLean Wake up on Nov 4th then and say hello to Trump. That should make you sleep really well. Biden is not a deranged maniac, and he’s not going to be president forever either. There’s time to deal with the rest when you actually have a functioning country again .

  5. Wait, what? 90 minutes ago Trump was saying they’re staying and he’s sending more.
    So, who’s in charge here?

    1. @Kepler Mission trumps base seem to misunderstand the difference between fact and fiction

    2. @Eric Winnick If it’s in regard to handling the State itself, the governor.
      The President is basically supposed to be overseeing national policies and administration for the nation as a whole. They are able to give recommendations to States. But the President doesn’t have the authority to send military forces into a State unless the governor specifically asks for assistance of that nature in a state of emergency.

      It’s the same with the whole “reopen the economy” thing. The President can recommend doing so, but by law it’s entirely up to the governors do decide if, when and how to reopen.

    3. No one. Well no one that is SANE anyway. He reigns by HALLUCINATION and control of a MINORITY POWER BASE of DELUSIONAL MENTAL DEFECTIVES…

    1. Dear President Trump,
      During the 1968 Watts riots, the National Guard was called in and looters were shot on sight. Suddenly all was quiet and the destruction ended. You know what to do.
      Mr. & Mrs. America

    2. Black Democrats like you are the cowards who hate cops yet beg for police to protect your terror mosques and anti-cop rallies.

    3. @Rocco Lore <-- What kind of disgusting racist generalization is the Trump supporter making today? Get your bingo cards, everyone!

    4. @John O Racist blacks like you hate cops yet beg for police to protect your terror mosques and anti-cop rallies

    1. If it wasn’t for democrats we would have no place to riot ! They vote in the democrat politicians,then go back and riot against the democrat politicians they put in office.It’s like watching someone punch themselves in the face over and over.What’s the definition of insanity again ?

    2. @John Carter Americans realize that you right wing extremists, including Trump, are just claiming every protest is a violent riot. That gives the federal government the excuse to trample states’ rights, and lets white supremacist groups sneak in and murder people and then blame the violence on good citizens. Most of the violence has been incited by right wing extremists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFz6JtV5Bxg&list=PLeSacqIe81twggUL-G3_nWQB2qxbxUJzp&index=189&t=1s


    3. @Alic4444 Yes white supremacists are under your bed at night.. Geez gimme a break. Take ownership for what you guys are doing out there. Stop burning and destroying things and the cops will go home.

    4. @Bob Bobberson “Stop burning and destroying things” I’ve never burned or destroyed any public property. Again, just making things up is pretty transparent. I’ve also seen scores of videos of peaceful protests made violent by attacks from the US army or federal agents. On top of that, you responded to my post linking multiple videos showing right wing extremists inciting the violence you’re complaining about, but you continued to try to blame it entirely on me, or whatever group you think I’m associated with.

    1. @Roland Sturm what about the secret police in Portland that are kidnapping people and taking them into unmarked Van’s not telling anyone who they are or what department their from and all the police killings of unarmed minorities?

    2. I know that but it shouldn’t be used against peaceful protesters exercising their right to freedom of speech

    3. @Roland Sturm omg bruh I look so dumb I thought you were talking about the “mobs” lol sorry

    4. @Sam Timberlake Of Course, it’s no Question that Kidnapping from Protesters by unknown Members of an unidentified Squad is not tolerable

  6. Just this morning the FAKE president announced “we’re not leaving Portland.” Bottom line – playing strong man didn’t give him the bounce in the polls he so desperately needs. What a loathsome cretin…

    1. The president stated they won’t be leaving. DHS announced they will relocate nearby to assist state police who will secure the building.
      If riots occur again tonight, there will be TWICE the police response.
      Trump is a genius.

    1. @Jeremy teed Admits President Trump is his President. Sure thing, another 4 years too. HAHAHAHAHA

    2. @Jeremy teed is a secret kkk member. He gave the super secret code. FBI reports from 2018. No, you racist, I am not a liberal Democrat.

    1. Well the Steele dossier showed that the Democrats where the only ones working with Russia Soo. Not sure what you mean by that

    1. Lol… it’s unbelievable they had to do all that to enforce what’s already in the constitution. 
      What is America coming to??

  7. What about the federal buildings?
    So, they were just props?
    Like a bible? Like a casket? Like a hospital clinic? Like a factory? Like a wife?

    1. Yes. Naturally.
      I mean, considering most of the damage done during “riots” is carried out by police and other hired instigators, it’s not really surprising.

      Fake Twitter account created by Trump’s cronies claims they will destroy federal property. Trump sends in the goon squad to kidnap innocent civilians practicing their Constitutional rights because he needed SOME sort of excuse. Then the fake accounts get deleted, and he’s gotten nothing but bad press from the whole thing, even from many of his supporters. So now they just scurry away to figure out the next terrorist act he can have them do.

    2. lily and murphy Exactly, everything Trump does is a calculated political move as he cares nothing about the actual Rule of Law. This was a political stunt that he thought would help him win re-election and he cared nothing about the Constitutional rights of citizens that he violated or the Constitutional rights of the State that he violated!

    3. Trump is a conman. Everything is a prop. Smoke, and mirrors. A shiny package, once purchased, the buyer finds an empty box. JUST LIKE TRUMP. EMPTY. HE’LL NEVER BE HAPPY. HE IS AN EMPTY VESSEL WITH A HOLE IN IT. TOO MUCH, NEVER ENOUGH.

  8. Trying to use martial law to take over a city to try to impose his wannabe Facist Dictatorship. Yet another Trump stunt that has backfired spectacularly in his face. 🤣

    1. Guess his test failed….. My question is did he really think that was going to work or was it a distraction from bountied and shtty virus response 🤔

    2. @Jesse watched the Barr interview yesterday, did you? News flash moron, Portland wasn’t burning to the ground like they were trying to have us believe. Research, plenty of residents from Portland saying it was only a couple of blocks and the federal agents escalated the violence.

    3. I’m looking at this from Canada, and to me, it looks like the…..ummm….Trumpsters? MAGAs? (let’s be kind)……..it look like THEY are even starting to catch on that Trump is 99% bs and the remaining 1% is lies.Would somebody in the USA confirm or deny this observation? I could be wrong, but that is the way it looks from here.

    4. Edison Moore
      Dude, those couple blocks got destroyed. I’m just happy Portland police can resume using riot gear. They’re now gonna protect the courthouse. Not a win for democrats considering police will be all over the city, not just a courthouse😂

    1. @Bob Bobberson bingo! What’s gonna be funny is when they look into bidens background and his sons dealings with oil company’s in Ukraine, I’m sure theirs some bread crumbs to follow there.

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