Oregon Rep. Bonamici: Federal Agents In Portland ‘Are Not Welcome’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


  1. Bye Donnie three months tick tock time is running out once Biden wins those troops are gone forever from Portland

    1. @shkspr78 s It seems you, like the NAZIs of the 1930’s they have taken a Trump oath, exactly like the Hitler oath (Führereid). We need to get rid of this aspiring dictator before we have a repeat of what such an oath did to the world that led to 1939-1945.

      I’m sure that the Germans of the late 1940’s were wishing that they had put up a better fight against those Germans that took the Hitler oath in the 1930’s. It’s quite apparent that the Republicans have taken a Trump oath. The Republicans and Trump must be stopped before the world is returned to where it was in 1939 -1945. You are either a Russian troll/bot or a Trump acolyte who has taken the oath and is a believer in the “alternative facts” created and promulgated by Trump and his disciples. Alternative Facts are Lies.

    2. @Borvo sounds to me like you watch too much MSNBC. It has rotted your brain. I suggest that you watch fox news and vote for Trump in 2020. You will feel better about yourself and your self esteem will soar.

    3. @Borvo Democrats are world famous for creating alternative facts. Just ask Pelosi about the asian sector of san Francisco.
      You poor deluded swine.

    4. @MJB For Trump you sad pathetic little troll. Captain America would disagree with everything you just said and stand for.

    1. @MJB For Trump if to fallow a man who rips babies from their mothers arms and throws them alone in a cages a good thing.
      All i have to say to you my friend is , you have my pity.
      Love and light to you and yours.

    2. My friend , i often cross watch many news providers..what i believe is what my eyes and ears and decades of dump’s own actions. As well as my family members who have known him some on personal , some on business levels.,
      None of them had a kind word for him ever…and some of them i like and some i dont. Have a wanderful day , my friend

    1. @Leb Dav it seem to me that police are being told to stand down… they get their orders from the chief and he gets his from the mayor/governor

  2. Grabbing people off the streets is but a step in the many steps to date in total tyranical control..his ultimate goal…and that of the Republican officials..to which they hope to be oligarchs

    1. @Borvo i love their ads..look up daily to see what they’ve come up with…most of their ads write themseves

    2. @Thia wolf Just wait until Agent Orange calls the Lincoln Project ” fake news ” or ” ANTIFA ” then watch how fast they come out with stuff .
      It’ll make Henry Ford proud .

    3. @Richard Hunt lol.. I would say calling dumps own footage fake news…except he does it all the time

  3. #BunkerBoy is trying everything to provoke chaos. He needs to get people thinking on something other than COVID19 and his lack of leadership (over 140,000 people have died and #BunkerBoy is concerned about his cognitive test…)

    1. @Mueller Time You keep trolling the comments section and filling it with GARBAGE. Do you get paid by the post in your troll farm?

    2. Sniper the Nazi SOBs right on the spot . Just as soon has they hop out of their little black Nazi SUVs😉

    1. @Matthew Lauvray
      Oh Jeez… Public Safety 😂
      You clowns are Entertaining,..

      When drumpf can’t even address our troops under Soviet Contract Killings.

      Got any of that all american (failed) drumpf Vodka???
      We can drink it with his Eastern Bloc wife.
      …yes, you may ask if it’s ok with his husband…

    2. @Matthew Lauvray It’s still against the Constitution…
      And by the way, protests have intensified since these goons have arrived.
      Just another stupid moved by the dotard BunkerBoy.

    3. @Matthew Lauvray
      He wants to. Has majorities to make it happen. Butt,.. Waaaaaa.
      I CAN’T DO IT 😭

      I want to fly on the Shuttle.
      I’m an Adventurer. Butt…
      Wish in One Hand. And 💩 in the Other.
      And see which piles up first.

      your boy has quite a pile
      time for a diaper change…

    1. Con Trumpers don’t understand that. They think it will stop with blacks. Tyranny NEVER stops for ANYONE.

    2. True, but make no mistakes it isnt just the richly pigmented hes after. Its any and all who oppose him on any and all levels.
      You are infact 100% right!
      Bet thats the worst 100% you ever got in your life..LOL

    3. @dona van raalte if you are spell checking my friend you are seriously missing the point..if not, kool….my bad !!!!❤

    1. @Nicole Brown sorry, was typing while working and just hit spell check words….besides i didnt say i passed it LOL

    2. @Shin really ? Spell checking ?
      Thats your contribution ?
      When we all know these spelling errors happen to everyone from time to time . an for countless reasons.

      And it was Tucker Carlson the conversation started at.
      Not Cell Phones.

      ☝☝👆 it’s all up there 👆☝☝

      Next Contestant 😂
      …troll are fun…

    2. @Anthony Hafciojoni Stop protecting freaking looters and rioters. What they are doing protecting federal property is perfectly legal. Washington State is a total embarrassment.

    3. @Gregg
      You totally IGNORANT TROLL.
      The subject is Portland. I’m in Seattle.

      As to Washingtons Embarrassment.
      Riddle me This 🤡. Where was Remdesivir,..
      Known as a drug against this virus.
      Where,.. and more importantly WHEN, was this known.
      …you may ask any adult or handler for help…
      (you wish)

  4. Why don’t the regular national guard or army come in and arrest the unmarked troops. They are one in the same!

    1. @Tanner 101 Unamerican sniffling little pile of *Night Shade* that needs flushed.
      Trump CULT Ignorance will not be tolerated in this country any longer….100% FACT there little CULT Cupcake😉

    2. I live too give the orange baby collic
      I also see INPROPER OR IMPROMPTU actions can harm the innocent.
      And backfire causing you to loose ground instead of gain
      If ya where familiar with my commenting more perhaps you would have a better understanding of me. But no matter
      Violence begets violence.
      And although there may be a time for it.
      You should think carefully and work towards seeing that it is you who chooses when and how
      This cannot be achieved if you do not stop and think steps ahead..
      Thats all my friends

  5. These so called “Federal Agents” provocateurs sure are acting very Gestapo like & tRumpian!

    1. If you support and condone a creepy pervert’s disgustingly depraved behaviour, then you are a depraved creep yourself, it’s that simple.

    2. Speaking of the creepy pervert, what is the major difference between a bean and a chickpea?

      The major difference between a bean and a chickpea is of course that Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin doesen’t own a video of Donald John Trump watching a bean.

    1. Portland Oregon is our tRumpian/Putinese Reichstag Fire attempt by CadetBonespurs tRump! Very Nazi like.

    2. @Rocco Lore You are so stupid….how are the liberals “hiding” and “destroying cites” at the same time?

    3. Clark Kent/Jared Kushner & Ivanka Barbie Doll : Stephen Miller aka Pig Pen is the Jewish Nazi. Fascisto yourself perhaps?

    1. joeb ham A brilliant two word reply. Perhaps three words were not in your vocabulary or it was too difficult a mental process. The world is full of mental giants but clearly you were not one of them. Thanks for the post you made my evening.

    1. @Dante Pearl Civil War? It’s the same people in each city doing this. Maybe 500 people at most. Watch posts. Same group of people in Washington, Portland, Seattle, The next city might be yours. It’s a joke It’s going on this far.

  6. This Trump army is just warming up for election day when they are posted near every poll station in many cities to intimidate voters.

    1. @Mac-Daddy oh.
      Perhaps you should relax and watch Blazing Saddles.
      You will feel better about yourself and your self esteem will soar.

    2. @Dani Mother of Dragons still laughing at the interview at Fox!! He will harm you all 😂 be safe 🙏

  7. So, to sum up what this REP is saying, the Fed’s are “helping” in only a very negative way.
    A positive way the Fed’s could help would be helping with the Corona Virus problems.

    1. Yeah, Fox News is hypocritical, unlike the NYT, CNN etc…

      People like you shouldn’t even exist if the theory of evolution is to be believed.

    2. @The FPV Life May I call you “The” as that is the first word in your name ? You’re correct, trump has exposed many flaws and loopholes. Hopefully that will be rectified soon.

  8. interesting how a global pandemic is a state’s responsibility to deal with on their own, but a weird ocupy-style hippy camp in one city apparently “requires” federal intervention.
    looks to me like a test run…

    1. It can’t happen here is a great Frank Zappa song from 50 years ago. I been checking it out,baby. Who could imagine?

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