O’Reilly Factor 8/24/16 FULL: Mike Pence Says Hillary’s Obviously Corrupt! Prosecute Hillary!

O'Reilly Factor 8/24/16 full episode: Mike Pence Says Hillary's Obviously Corrupt! Prosecute Hillary! Guest Dennis Kucinich, Donald Trump illegal immigration plan, Donald Trump hispanic vote, Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer talks about the Clinton Foundation Corruption and Hillary Clinton pay to play.

Fox News – The O'Reilly Factor – August 24, 2016 – Full Episode



  1. I want to hear from those applying for legal immigration into the United
    States, why they wait in line while we reward illegal immigrants who the
    FIRST action as an immigrant IS to break the law!

    1. I agreee….I told someone other day if we want to allow all illegals just
      ‘back in a revolving door’ then should give who came here legally a gold
      medal like they give out at the olympics for doing it the legal way (AS A

    2. +Dave Af Personally, they should replace all illegal immigrants with those
      waiting legal entry through applications. Providing they’re vetted and
      properly qualify.

      It shows us the handwriting is on the wall to what they’re trying to do.
      Illegal immigrants will drive down the wages since they ARE illegally here
      and can not negotiate fair wages in the job markets.

      Letting illegals in and offering them amnesty and entitlements , even
      citizenship while the first thing they did coming to the United States is
      break the law while their native patriots wait in line for approval shows
      the world this administrations policies aren’t looking out for immigrants
      only themselves.

    3. I am a legal immigrant. I can tell you the main difference between legal
      immigrants and illegal immigrants is a respect for the law. In many
      countrys the police and politicians are openly corrupt. Illegal immigrant
      carry that baggage with them when they cross the border. But it has become
      a self fulfilling prophecy. These illegal immigrant vote for crooked
      politicians and blame the police for all their problems !

    4. +Micha EL There we have it, a legal immigrant now living here legally as
      one of us.

      We need to hear you all, even from those back home with hopes of one day
      joining us both.

      All the best, TY

  2. Only a Vote 4 Trump & Pence Will ” Put Away ” The Clintons & All Their
    Cronies for All of the The Crimes of Their Lifetimes.

  3. Obviously Mr. Blow is a Bigot, how else would he be so certain of what
    bigotry is? He practices it himself.

  4. Clearly a special prosecutor is called for to eliminte the partisan
    politics and special airport meetings !

  5. i support pence, now that we see him speaking out against corruption. but
    starting to wonder if the govt. and media are going to get away with it.
    will we still be helpless against their system 5 years from now? if they
    won’t relent, we have no choice but to handle it ourselves. if they steal
    the presidency, we go for the blood of the beast.

  6. Bobby Mook is a fucking liar. According to AP *more than half the people
    that met with Hillary Clinton and gave money directly or indirectly to the
    Clinton Foundation were outside government*. The other 1700 appointments
    worked for government, such as the secretary, President Obama, and others.

  7. a coordinated cessation of paying federal taxes, anyone who won’t do it is
    a traitor. how can we, in good conscience, give them our taxes when we know
    they’re doing evil with it, doesn’t that make us willingly complicit? its
    time for everyone to start fighting this system. a corrupt authority is no
    authority at all. I’ve stood up to bullies my whole life and im not
    stopping now.

  8. Hillary for pillory!
    Rotten tomatoes: They’re not just for movies anymore.
    Hillary for prison works too!
    Trump/Pence 2016

  9. Hillary “lost” 6 billion dollars while head of the state department. Did
    she ‘forget’ which pocket she put it in? (Was it a short circuit?)
    Trump/Pence 2016

  10. They need to be indicted enough is enough. we are Americans this is way
    over the top this is corrupt lieing stealing silverware out of the white
    house .🤔 what the he’ll like they don’t have enough money.shes a
    ……………… I don’t even have the ability words what to call this

  11. That Barista/brewin machine spewing hot water?…was so disturbing to
    watch! LOL…our whole family was waitin for KABLUUE

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