O’Reilly Factor 8/30/16 Full: Huma Abedin Divorcing Weiner, Clinton Corruption, Kellyanne Conway

The O'Reilly Factor 8/30/16 full episode: Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway interview, Hillary Clinton supporter and ex advisor to the Hillary Clinton campaign Richard Goodstein looks ridiculous avoiding the fact that Hillary Clinton broke the law and lied under oath over and over again while deleting evidence during a criminal investigation by the FBI, John Kerry makes another stupid statement, Charles Krauthammer says the Clinton Foundation is corrupt and was selling access to the State Department, Donald Trump talks about Huma Abedin divorcing Anthony Weiner and the fear of access they have to classified information.

Fox News – The O'Reilly Factor – August 30, 2016 – Full Episode



  1. Goodstein is a mouthpiece, and his mouth is offensive, just like those of
    Hillary and Obama. The People are sick of the lies, subterfuge, and
    backdoor policies of these power mongers. Their agendas at becoming public
    instead of being hidden behind the curtain of doublespeak.

  2. The polls are owned by the AP and Rueters which are owned by the Rothchilds
    “Hillarys America” A Must See Movie – Before its banned !!

  3. Did you say Gates and Rockefeller? Dont trust them either…they are all in
    this together! They are all on the same side!!!

  4. Mr Goodstein we have to inform you that Hillary has found an illegal
    Islamist that she feels can do your job better than you.
    Hillary when she has time will have a letter of reference written for you.
    It may not get written until after the election.

  5. We need to know Trumps’ position on cannabis decriminalization! I’ve heard
    him slam drug use which bothers me severely. Everyone with any knowledge
    knows the FBI, DEA, and militarized police are screwing communities and our
    children countrywide. We must stop the lies and bullshit. We were all
    Bernie fans until he screwed us by backing the corrupt Clinton campaign. We
    are leaning to Johnson/Weld because we KNOW their position but WOULD
    consider Trump if he supported us!!!!

  6. Hussein Obama doesn’t want the press to cover the fact that he is importing
    tens of thousands of Islamists to be his ISIS army
    to kill America with !

  7. Listen the Times can’t tell Hillary which lies she can tell ! She has spent
    a lot of time practicing these lies and with the brain
    problems she has she can’t learn new lies ! You will just have to start
    believing these same lies ! Is Huma moving in with Hillary and kicking Bill
    out ?

  8. Debate Clinton ON THE ISSUES?! Really?! The Trump campaign can’t stop
    brining up Hillary’s health, Anthony Weiner and past scandals that went no
    where. Wait till the actual debates. Trump doesn’t stand a chance.

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