1. @Dog Poo Fairy Do you have kids? Would you want to be separated from them for 2 months. Not knowing where they are or who is doing what to them. For a parent that is pretty scary. I think you miss the point that America needs to get it’s own house in order before we start telling others what to do. Remember America first right.

    2. @Mike Bond Now it’s the 6th and orange dumbo’s trying to take over the gQp’s finances and donations He’s not back on his throne, though.

      I heard something about him making his comeback on April 1.

    3. @Nathan Sutphin Don’t forget he colluded with the Chinese president to lie and downplay the pandemic, and owes them hundreds of millions in personal loans.

    4. @SkyGemini Love that! I think we should have a National Trump Supporters Day holiday… but only if it’s April 1st.

  1. These are the same people who supposedly worship a God who got angry at his people for building and worshipping a golden statue? You really can’t make this stuff up..

    1. @Ford Prefect Please educate yourself it’s embarrassing, actually I’m more embarrassed for you but you will never know!

    2. @Ford Prefect
      Give it a rest, don’t pick on perfect ten, because he was talking about his own IQ which is somewhat lower than Minus120!

  2. How is this statue not a parody?

    It’s wearing thongs and boxers, and holding a fairy wand. It’s got the proportions of a cartoon character.

    1. @Happy Dance Lots of Trump memorabilia and MAGA stuff D the things in his hotels you mean. They’re all from China!! China, China, China…. Someone said that awhile back.

    2. Oh the irony.
      Golden falae idols
      And narcissistic psychopaths
      My grandparents must be thinking… we told ya so

    1. @Frederick Stobe he’s working out awesome! So much better than the orange dump! Thanks for asking!

  3. China certainly has middle-aged GOP men figured out. Can’t say the reverse is true. Not even close.

    1. Clinton’s, Feinstein, Swallwell, Ford, Pelosi, Hirono, I could continue for a while but the DNC has been invested openly with Chinese money since the 90s.. Biden even said China just has cultural differences when asked about the Uyghur genocide in Xinjiang..

    2. @Dazed & Confused Are your trying to pick apart the subject of the matter using some tire old tactic that amounts to turning a blind eye to fill in the blank?

    3. @Oblivion Light I’m pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of the democrats. Their party has been publicly funded by China since the 90s, and they’ve kept electing them ever since. Democrats should stop worrying about Republicans and start looking critical at their own absurdly corrupt party for once before pointing to others.

    4. @Dazed & Confused So you are pulling that tactic and turning a blind eye as if Republicans can do no wrong..

    5. @Oblivion Light I’m not ignoring the fact that people like McConnell are corrupt as they can get. Neither is any Republican. That’s why we all voted for an outsider. Democrats never address their side. After 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq it looked as if democrats were finally joining the fight against the corrupt establishment. Unfortunately they’ve been dragged back into their totalitarian bubble by the establishment propoganda media.

  4. Thou shall not worship false idols. He fashions he’s the “chosen One”. God help us when a lowlife like “the former guy” is still sticking to our shoes like SH_T

    1. I’ve come to make a distinction between obedient (authoritarian) Christians and compassionate (embracing the heart) Christians. And, the ones that are the scariest are the obedient ones who think their version is the authoritative version and everybody else are the infidels. They act in blind faith and hide behind that obedience so that they have no personal accountability. The compassionate ones are in harmony with Christ (by their nature, not obedience) but take personal responsibility to ensure that their compassion is a constructive and healing force in the World.

    2. Evangelical “christians” are the most anti-Christ sect of Christianity that there is…their god is money and status, and Jesus would not be welcome in their “churches”, as he’d be flipping tables and chasing out money lenders in the first few minutes after arriving and seeing what they’re all about.

    3. @Justin Gates “Evangelical ‘christians’ are the most anti-Christ sect of Christianity that there is…” Yes, but I’ve been pushing the observation that they treat faith as the greatest of all things (which it’s not), and I see this as arising from an authoritarian perspective. And, because faith is not the greatest of all things, they are indeed contrary to the teaching of Christ if not out right anti-christian. So, what’s the greatest of all things? I think you already know: charity (KJV), love (NIRV, etc.). Funny, they place all that emphasis on faith in the Bible but don’t fully embrace this aspect of the Bible. It’s no wonder they’re so eager to get behind someone who… Oh, the list is so daunting.

  5. Looking at the state of today’s Republican party it’ll be appropriate if that ‘statue’ replaces the elephant as the party’s emblem.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em Oh wow. I hate youtube got me going to Google stuff. I didn’t want learn a lot just a little.

    2. @Deepak D’Souza Yeah, it’s pretty disturbing when you think about it. That’s the kind of stuff you expect to see in a comic book villain.

  6. How fitting. The makers of “The China Virus” send a gaudy statue to a former president with a gaudy lifestyle and his worshippers display it for the whole world to see and laugh at.

    1. @Duane Megonigle that’s some rant, MAGAt. It’s a shame everything he touches turned to s#*t, otherwise he might have a case. He’s going down cos he’s a criminal. He should be charged for what he did to America and the world, but democracy, what can you do. The republicans that gave comfort to that enemy of the people, that’s a different matter. Watch this space.

    2. @My friend Jimmy You should start therapy to help curb your fantastical thinking. Nothing he touched turned to shite, he’s not going down as a criminal anywhere, He did nothing bad to the world or America. and Republicans gave comfort to no enemies. What planet do you live on? Oh Planet of Fanke News Propaganda CNN

    3. Duane Megonigle What the heck is “fanke news”, your glorious leader used it many times and you still can’t get it right. There are many outstanding court cases against Donnie and in the law of averages he’s bound to be found guilty on at least one of them, although when I think about it when he does go to gaol no doubt you and your cohorts will cry Fake News.

    4. @Dog Poo Fairy
      !n 1780, Benedict Arnold was given command of West Point, an American fort on the Hudson River in New York (and future home of the U.S. military academy, established in 1802). Arnold contacted Sir Henry Clinton, head of the British forces, and proposed handing over West Point and his men.
      On September 21 of that year, Arnold met with Major John Andre and made his traitorous pact.
      How then were the actions of Benedict Arnold any different from tRump’s?
      When he (tRump) sold out the U.S to Russia, during his sexual liaison with President Putin in Helsinki?

  7. The fact that a statue made to honor him is indistinguishable from satire is all that you really need to know about Donald Trump

    1. @Flâneur who feeding you that bull?? If you think trump is a racist, then it’s clear THE true racist is in YOUR heart. TRUMP did more for African Americans then any president. Biden just wants to push the agenda of keep people dependent on the government wake tf man

    2. @Kurt Vanderleest Trump did nothing for anyone except give massive tax cuts to the already very wealthy. He played golf, watched TV and ate burgers in bed – all the time treating the presidency like a reality show, only caring about symbolic photo ops. Birtherism was intrinsically racist. Racists throughought America regard him as their man with good reason, he courts their support. The whole ‘dependent on the government’ schtick collapses with a cursory glance – billionaires have spent good money promoting that nonsense and buying your obsequious opinion.

    3. @Flâneur before this virus.. this economy was booming.. explain to me why trump had the Best black unemployment rate ever, explain to me corporations who left America came back.. oh yeah he because he was going to tax them 500 percent if they chose to do their business in America from their foreign location of operation. Explain to me how this business man took out 17 career politicians who have been responsible for oppression in this country for the last 5 decades? Explain to me why for 4 years politicians who have been banking on special interest groups, “billionaires” fyi the the “one percent,” why did they spend so much money and time to take this outsider out? He was an outsider to them. Not your or myself.. go do some research on joe biden in the last 30 years and then go do some research on trump for the last 30 years.. politicians have lied to get your vote for decades. Everything trump said he was going to do. He did. Look at your boy biden.. taking care of all his COMMY PALS for helping his agenda. Taking care of them by sending “special interest 100s of millions ” that’s why 1.9 trillion dollars is so challenged by the Republicans. Because it’s dirty. Your mind has been compromised.. wake up

    4. @keith2092 Let’s give Kurt Vanderleest a break. It’s those small straws that Trump’s brainwashed have left to grab at.

  8. The irony is so delicious!!! So much for the claim that everything the orange baby stands for is made in the USA. Just more proof to his lies and hypocrisy!

    1. @Dr. Poncho btw the “edited” video of dems saying “fight” was real and yes when you put up actual clips of dems saying fight you have to edit a video. If Trump is guilty then dems are DEFINITELY guilty of inciting hundreds of riots. Dems fucked themselves because they’re guilty of everything they accuse Republicans of! The fucking irony is palpable.

    2. @Duane Megonigle …and he didn’t stop it from being there in all its HILARIOUS glory..or make any kind of statement saying he wasn’t a fan and had nothing to do with it…HOW IRONIC….it looked just like him – phony, ridiculous and ORANGE..! ” Libtards”..?? lolol ffs, child.

    3. @mel rankin You win the non-critical thinking award of the year. Now it’s Trumps fault because he didn’t do something about something he had nothing to do with. Guess It’s your fault for all the murders in Chicago because you didn’t do anything about them either. The stupidest fish in the lake is a Dum bass

    1. @Jose Lopez GTFOH, Biden hasn’t sold out to China, who told you that? FOX News? We still need to trade with China, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to buy all your MAGA merchandise, would you?

  9. The irony of this is lost on his evangelical supporters I guess I’m sure half of them haven’t read the Bible cover to cover

  10. If China made this ridiculous statue of Trump to embarrass and make fun of him, they succeeded 100%!

  11. Whenever Trump accuses others of doing something sheisty, he’s usually telling on himself.

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