O'Rourke: Texas Paying For Decisions State GOP Leadership Has Made | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

O’Rourke: Texas Paying For Decisions State GOP Leadership Has Made | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Fmr. Rep. Beto O'Rourke, D-Texas, weighs in on the state's current crisis as millions are without power due to winter storms across Texas and says the state's GOP leadership has made decisions now adversely impacting the state. Aired on 02/18/2021.
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O'Rourke: Texas paying For Decisions State GOP Leadership Has Made | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @A M
      More like
      in gold lettering, of course.
      Run by the TNP.
      The head of which is *King-in-waiting* ( Guess who ).
      And at his side,
      none other than …
      (No. No! Not soon ex-wife.
      His loyal daughter!) *Vice-King-in-Waiting.*
      Enough, silliness.
      Everyone knows “King” wasn’t his goal.
      “Emperor” was his not-so-secret desire.

    1. @Will YoujustSTFU when your people are freezing to death it is? But I forget Republicans have one brain cell so you wouldn’t know

  1. Ted Cruz flew down to Cancun last night. Trump is nice and warm in Mar-a-Lago. You have all those guns Texas, and this is how your ‘leaders’ are treating you.

    1. @Spider Taylor And old people. And people who are so inexperienced with freezes, they are dying from trying to use outdoor heat sources, indoors. And people who don’t have water service, so they not only have none to drink/ stay warm with- they couldn’t leave it on, to prevent pipe bursts.

    2. @Judy Corso I live in Rural Canada. We lose power regularly for up two two weeks, most winters. Yes, every person who lives here over a year is ready. Somehow those people in Texas may not be next winter, IMHO.

  2. Texas Republicans need to take a break from the Trump worship for a few minutes to manage the infrastructure of their state.

    1. Republicans have forever beaten the drum that government isn’t the answer, then set out to prove it by being as useless as humanly possible.

  3. People are literally freezing in their homes because state officials want to protect their ideology and not the constituents. The energy industry in Texas is one big grift. There are no good answers for the current state of affairs and state officials are going to catch a serious backlash.

    1. @Margaret Nicol I recommend all Texans tune in to Beau when your able to. He speaks truth. And please think seriously about not voting for these people who don’t care if you live or die.

    2. @Greg Curl sadly, you’re probably right but hopefully not. I already see posts trying to blame “democratic cities” for the issues that stem from the state.

  4. going to share this because Texas media seems to be controled by gop hiding their bad behavior and always pointing fingers at others shame on you teddy cruz and buddies

    1. @Margaret Nicol I’m from Texas, been watching Beau for some time.
      I’m slowly, with Beau’s videos, converting some of the lost, back to sensibility.

  5. They elected those folks, like Ted C.. now they paying the price for their vote.. People want power with no accountability.. He on vacation while they freezing..

    1. @Reggae Fan They were warned this weather was coming and chose to do nothing because they could do because of deregulation and it kept the money in their pockets. They don’t care if people suffer and die!

    2. Some don’t have the resources others do when they are trying to keep a roof over their heads and put food on their tables.

    3. @Insignificant360 he may have been born here but he knew his crap would never fly here so he moved somewhere that had people who thinks like he does..

    1. @mark williams hmmm, kind of like promising illegals citizenship or something for nothing, or a pack of cigarettes for a vote, oh wait, wrong party. Seriously? Are you folks 10? Politicians don’t care about you.

    2. @DrumWild Are Democrats not for Christians anymore, my grandmother, aunts, uncles and majority of my family associate themselves with Democrats and being Christians, so I’m confused with your statement about Republicans only caring about Christians because if that is the case, I need to put my family up on game about the demotic Democrats.

    3. @Tony Smith I could care less about Pelosi’s freezer. Are you stupid? What does she have to do with this? Stop trolling!!

    4. Unfortunately the majority of voters who put these putz fools into positions of power are not wealthy. But they think that somehow these wealthy people are going to make their lives so much better and they are going to prevent the godless commies from taking over. They should take a look at how they live, in semi-feudalism and ask themselves ‘Is this really what I expected when I voted for Ted Cruz?’ Because if the answer is yes, then you should really think about trying to get SSI for the mentally challenged.

  6. Good thing Ted Cruz is dealing with this emergency. He’s on his way to Cancun, finding a warmer place from which to lie.

    1. @Jim McLoughlin TRAITOR Ted when the going gets tough go somewhere warm to make up lies. Who could he of learned that from? Couldn’t have been the most useless ex president in the history of the US. Remember the orange faced fool always ran off to Florida to make up BS to shovel in everyone’s face.

    2. Yeah, the same guy who backed trump and told his followers to take their country back is now on the other side of the wall in Mexico.

    1. A word of advice. Wherever you live make sure you vote in every election, city, town , county and state to vote against Republicans or you could end up Republican controlled and gerrymander up like we are here in Texas.

    2. @Edgardo Rosa you fool Biden has been in office for 1 month, how much do expect him to do in that time you fool? And how many jobs were lost under the orange MURDERER’s watch because of his incompetence and lies? Millions.

    3. @Edgardo Rosa So you 1/6-Tim McVeigh right wing cultists are commies, believing that it’s Biden that creates jobs.

    1. @JB Hahaha! You can’t come up with a valid reason so you just spout absolute drivel. Good luck with that Republican bias that you have. Remember, your state is run ENTIRELY by Republicans, so there is no Democrat to blame for this disaster.

    1. @Will YoujustSTFU Well, that was mean! I don’t mean to be mean, but apparently you want to be everyone’s babysitter and mommy the way you want everyone to view things the way you do and get mad when they don’t.

    2. @Will YoujustSTFU Oh I see. You’re referring to a provision that amounts to .0004% of a 2.3 Trillion dollar bill, which had already passed Congress two years prior and is supported by notorious liberal commie Lindsay Graham. You’re obviously not willing to debate in good faith, so I’m tapping out of this conversation.

    1. Yes that and wind turbines! Amazing my solar panels never stopped pumping out power during daylight. It did take some effort to keep the snow off the panels but I guess you can call that winter maintenance.

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