Oscar Diversity Has Increased, But Our Experts Say Exclusion Still Rampant | MSNBC 1

Oscar Diversity Has Increased, But Our Experts Say Exclusion Still Rampant | MSNBC


Our Oscars preview focuses on the diversity of nominees, and includes an analysis of ongoing exclusion in Hollywood. Tiffany Cross is joined by experts in media, politics, and film production.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Oscar Diversity Has Increased, But Our Experts Say Exclusion Still Rampant | MSNBC


  1. Award Shows do us no good as we cannot afford any of the streaming platforms. I feel that it is wonderful that there is more diversity, but I do notice with what I can see on TV or free on YouTube the actors are still very stereotyped. Why is it that most of the bad guys are Asian or Black or Latinex? Loose women are often portrayed by women of color. I think we need more films & shows available for free to watch. I think there has been improvement, but there is so far to go.

    1. 1) Race is a human social construct. It’s an illusion.

      2) Color of skin is no more significant than color of hair.

      3) People may not believe the above, and hate you, but you can defeat them using justice and logic, not by becoming a racist yourself.

    1. @Make Racists Afraid Again The most rewarding society is an egalitarian meritocracy, based personal liberty, freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. Think harder son.

  2. please just stop trying to put people of every ethnicity and disability into every frickin movie
    it’s embarrassing and ridiculous

    1. Humanity’s greatest strength, yes. A society’s greatest strength?… Kind of…. only up to the point where social unity is upheld. After that, the society breaks down and everyone looses.

  3. OK, I don’t get this. What is this idea that non-White people need to have half of the nominations? I don’t give a crap about any of the rewards shows. I don’t even watch movies. But if I did, I would want the absolute best to be nominated. I wouldn’t want the pool marred by the need to include minorities. If the white guy has a better performance than the black guy, the white guy should be up there. If the opposite, then the black guy goes up there. That’s how it SHOULD be. And I have no problem, if the Academy deems it to be the best performance, with a black or an Asian or a Hispanic winning. I just don’t agree with the idea that they have to win everything. This is silly.

  4. So do you think Tyler Perry will include diversity in his movies anytime soon? How about the BET network?

    You’re moving goalposts again. Black people bullied Hollywood until they gave you what you want. Now you want more because it’s no longer enough.

    I am all for diversity, but you need to remember that white people are a part of the diverse equation. You keep asking for disproportionate numbers for minorities.

    Stop it.

    1. White: 60.1% (Non-Hispanic)
      Hispanic: 18.5%
      Black: 12.2%
      Asian: 5.6%
      LGBTQ: 4.5% LGBTQ most over-represented in movies, but half and half for white and visible minorities would be over-representing minorities, as well. But this is not actually about representation; it is about re-distributing power.

  5. It would really hurt to get nominated and then realize you probably only got it because you’re a preferred minority.

  6. Keep the politics out of films as it is not who makes the films that matters what matters is who the audience is and what they are inclined to buy.

  7. Easy solution : particiption trophies.
    Now, where is the investigative journalism from the border and its economic costs present and future ?

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