Oscars 2021: Chadwick Boseman snubbed, Frances McDormand howls 1

Oscars 2021: Chadwick Boseman snubbed, Frances McDormand howls


From Daniel Kaluuya shocking his mom to Glenn Close's dance to Frances McDormand's howling tribute, we break down the big moments from the Oscars.


You can always count on the Academy Awards for some good TV.

Although many categories were seemingly sewn up going into Sunday's show, the Oscars are famous for their surprising wins ("Moonlight" over "La La Land" for best picture) and shocking moments (Eminem popping in to perform "Lose Yourself" last year, much to Idina Menzel's bewilderment).

This year was no different, with the reimagined Oscars ceremony held at Los Angeles' iconic Union Station for the first time ever. The host-less, mask-less event featured nominees in person in L.A., as well as remotely from "hubs" such as London and Paris, for those unable to travel because of COVID-19 restrictions.

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    1. Omg I know “snubbed” makes it sound like dramatic fighting words… no its just called not winning.

    2. And they’re not even using it right lol. To be “snubbed” is when you don’t even get a nomination. Chadwick got the nomination, just didn’t win

    1. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t good

      We don’t rate the quality of the movie based on if you watch it or not

    2. @Utti Siseppe

      Ok 75M Americans are just like me.

      They too dont know at least half the actors or actresses. Or ever heard of the movies.

      So, that leaves liberal making movies for liberals.

    3. @Brody McCain so what?
      No need to bring politics into cinema

      Let the professional make movies
      If you don’t care about cinema just shut up

      Why do you care

    4. @Brody McCain you don’t know anything about Japanese or Indonesian music

      Is that makes it a bad music?

  1. When I seen that the Oscars were on a went
    “Yippy I dont need to waste space on my DVR.”

    I always love it when that happens.

  2. It’s Anthony Hopkins, one of the greatest actors of the last 50 years. Name one movie Chadwick is in where he gave a better performance than Hopkins.

    1. Exactly! I’m confused people are actually blown away that Chadwick didn’t win? Just because a person passes away suddenly they become the best. Didn’t he win last year? Sir Anthony Hopkins deserve any and every award! Rest in Peace Chadwick.

    2. @Shannon Marie Exactly, being dead is not a pass for an award… By the way heath Ledger’s posthumous Oscar was 100% deserved, not just to pay homage.

    1. because everyone is sick of the wokeism that’s infected the United States that Hollywood continues to push, probably. It seems almost every single award went to a black or Asian person and while I’m sure some were deserving of their awards, you can’t help but get nauseated as these out-of-touch charlatans preach their politics and continue these narratives that innocent black people are being slain in the street at the hands of police. And now the manufactured outrage over the fact that Chadwick Boseman was “snubbed” of “his” post-humous Oscar, as if he is entitled to an Oscar because he’s black and he’s dead and also the fact that Anthony Hopkins one instead while there’s an obviously disturbing level of hatred against white people in the US now.

      All people want to do is watch good movies and television and be ENTERTAINED. No one wants to be lectured and forced a narrative that everyone knows isn’t true. It isn’t shocking that everyone is getting sick of this kind of stuff.

  3. We need to distinguish between preference and deserving here, otherwise the Oscars will lose credibility and respect. If not already.

  4. Hollywood is tanking folk.
    It’s gettin so bad that even contestants on American Idol are like…”Yeah can we get a ticket to Disneyworld Florida instead”

  5. Frances was brilliant but I think she didn’t do many bold acting in this one (I.e Three ebbing).
    Carey deserve to win because her performance in PYW is very transformational.

  6. Anthony Hopkins is an amazing actor. He deserved it. The Oscar is given based on the merits of acting, and definitely NOT about emotions. Boseman is a good person and his death was tragic, but it should not be a reason to deprive someone of something they truly deserve.

  7. It was soooo strangely shot. Most boring thing ever without the movie clips. The whole reason I watch is for the movie clips to see what movies I want to check out and also to see the speeches. Steven Soderbergh should never do that again.

  8. Meryl streep: good job, congrats.
    Frances: come oon, im sword, you are sword. Its not about me, its us together, all people around the world they need voice.
    Meryl streep: I just wanna say congrats and thats it.
    Frances: Humans right, im everywoman.
    Meryl streep: okey have fun
    Frances: I can be a fun, but its not my spiritual behaivor.
    Meryl streep: Why you always deep?
    Frances: I can fly, did you see me.

  9. I think it’s high time we officially started having 2 categories that will eliminate this issue with African Americans getting either snubbed or ignored altogether. There should be an all white academy awards and an all black academy awards. Almost like segregation but this time with honorable intentions. The entire show takes place over 2 days. One day for whites and one day for blacks. Hey, what could possibly go wrong with this idea?

  10. you know, I realize that the stars and the glamour of the old Hollywood movies are gone. But Frances couldn’t even got her hair done before winning an Academy Award???? Come on! You ‘r great actress but please – this is not just anything. These are the Oscars!

  11. It’s Anthony Hopkins, one of the greatest actors of the last 50 years. Name one movie Chadwick is in where he gave a better performance than Hopkins.

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