O'Sullivan And Haass Argue It's 'Wrong' To Withdraw From Afghanistan | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

O’Sullivan And Haass Argue It’s ‘Wrong’ To Withdraw From Afghanistan | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Meghan O'Sullivan and Richard Haass join Andrea Mitchell to discuss why they argue that it's wrong to pull troops out of Afghanistan. Haass believes that "the risk of leaving is that you will see the country descend into civil war at a high level." O'Sullivan says that the withdrawal will jeopardize the gains she believes the U.S. has helped achieve for women and girls in Afghanistan "because the probability of a Taliban takeover is very high." Aired on 04/21/2021.
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O'Sullivan And Haass Argue It's 'Wrong' To Withdraw From Afghanistan | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. Damages done to the worldwide reputation of democracy, by the American democratic party, is nearly irreversible.

    2. America is disgusting. Nothing but hypocrisy. America did accomplish one thing though, by being a consistent hypocrite, they ensured no nation will have faith in any of the free world nations. Good job ruining it for everyone.

    1. @Harry Johnstone …. let me know when you’ve developed a legitimate excuse for you and your Communazi party.

    2. @darena12 …. you are a communazi and you will be stopped. Don’t let your temporary communazi success fool you.

    3. @Jimmy Olsen
      1 hour ago
      @Jasmany Foch you are a fascist. You conservatives tried to destroy our democracy and install a dictator

    4. @Jimmy Olsen are you serious? Democrat, Republican, Tory, Whig…those are simply names of political parties that represent a set of ideals shared by the members. Belonging to a political party is not the whole sum of a person, it is simply part of who that person is. I know many members of both parties, am friends with people from both parties, we don’t always agree with each other on political points, but have many other things in common. I don’t want to see anyone criminalize a person for believing in a party, any more than I want to see anyone criminalized for religious beliefs, or any other factor that is used to “other” groups.
      Back away from the small picture you are focused on and look at the rest of the picture. We all have more in common than we disagree on, but closed minds are a terrible waste of the talents that mind may contain.

  1. “Bush is deeply concerned”? Oh please. Maybe the kids today don’t mind Bush, I remember all the crap Bush did when he was in office. I still remember the protests across America over the war in Afghanistan.

    1. Yeah, bringing the boys home in the dark of night so nobody would see the coffins. Herding us into “free speech zones” so the cameras wouldn’t see us protesting. We should have gone straight into Afganistan and invaded Pakistan if we had to and got the job done – NEVER should have entered Iraq. We would have been in and out of AF within months imo.

      Speaking of women in Afghanistan. In the last defense budget all of the bleating sheep complained about money going to Pakistan for “gender studies”. Why? Because they are illiterate. GENDER PROGRAMS is part of the defense budget under foreign aid. The money went to encourage womens rights in Pakistan. To do everything from save young women from honor killings to training and licensed driving. TO DRIVE A CAR, not lookat their private parts and decide which bathroom they want to pee in. UGHHH

    2. Bush should’ve been deeply concerned when he said there were Weapons of Mass Destruction, that is what start this.

    1. BUt, like everything else, trump failed at stealing the election too. So, what’s your point?

  2. Poycott any and all business that require a “Vaccine Passport tracking app system World ID” even if you do get vaccinated… Useless you want to help split society even more…. Airlines can easily have vaccinated and non- vaccinated flights they just don’t want to … And they shouldn’t be getting anymore (payoffs) I mean bailouts for running of their own customers ….eithe

    1. Airlines are under no obligation to pacify your selfishness, no matter how many times you copy and paste this. STAY HOME.

  3. “On the board of Raytheon” These are exactly the neo-con, war-hawk, military-industrial complex swamp creatures that President Eisenhower warned us about in 1961.

    1. Pres. Eisenhower also wanted to throw Trump’s dad into jail for defrauding Veterans Housing. B.S runs deep in that family.

  4. While the U.S. is “exporting democracy” around the world the Qanon Shaman is delivering the State of the Union address in the Senate chamber.

  5. Meghan O’Sullivan and Richard Haass can suit up and become mercenaries. I’m sure Afghanistan will welcome the help.

  6. Hold on richie, you briefly mentioned several billion a year, at that lvl your saying spending +1 mil on each soldier
    each year is money well spend, you both must be war machine folks. Well the well has run dry and your whine is

  7. They’ll never leave Afghanistan. They got that puppet Hamid Karzai as “president” of Afghanistan I remember seeing him in America at this college lol smh

  8. our country has already lost so much credibility, if Biden does not follow through on the withdrawal that TRUMP promised would happen May 1 (Biden extended it to Sept 11) there would be more trust in the word of the US lost. Trump did a lot of damage to the US reputation in the past 4 years, backing out of agreements, dropping treaties, reversing policies, Trump’s negativity toward the UN and the World Health Organization did even more damage.

  9. “We can’t leave Afghanistan… we haven’t stolen enough opium and natural gas yet! This opioid epidemic is making us a fortune!”

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