O'Toole makes pitch to seniors on pensions while calling out 'corporate elites' 1

O’Toole makes pitch to seniors on pensions while calling out ‘corporate elites’


A day after throwing a line to private-sector union workers, Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole is digging in against what the party calls "corporate elites" in a pitch to Canadian seniors and working-class voters.

O'Toole is pledging to give priority to pensioners over companies and most other creditors during bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings.

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  1. Translate: If Alberta and Ontario want to provide fully private healthcare system, I don’t care and I won’t push against it. Their premiers are my buddies.

  2. Desperate is Erin O’Toole. Obviously he has missed what cuts his colleagues have made to education and healthcare. Seriously this guy is a complete liar

    1. @Bob Marley I would draw you a picture so you could understand but YouTube doesn’t allow it. Sorry you will have to get an adult to explain it to you.

    2. Nothing compares to Trudeau’s power grab and continuous theft of Canadian citizens taxpayers money..including our freedoms and liberties

  3. Hey Mr otoole what are you going to do about the septic problem that you have created. From all that **** you have been talking.

  4. Now a Toronto billion dollar company is buying homes and condos and rental buildings on Vanvouver Island
    Also PM Trudeau brought in 350000 immigrants to Canada July 2021 and they had to have money to start businesses in Canada buy real estate and be skilled workers. We know of one that bought my aunts property a private residence and the business is renting a room out. It sold instantly they purchased sight unseen from Toronto my aunt lives Rural alberta Trudeau wanted an influx of money into the economy. So rental units are full and real estate unattainable and no training put towards the almost 2 million unemployed Canadians. And non of these 350000 were refugees or refugees from Afghanistan who helped keep our troops alive for 20 years.

    1. Please tell me how he is like trump because if otoole was an American politician he would be a democrat

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