O'Toole on Pride month, conversion therapy and LGBTQ2S+ rights 1

O’Toole on Pride month, conversion therapy and LGBTQ2S+ rights


Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole says he's pro-LGBTQ2S+ rights following questions about Tory MPs who oppose a ban on conversion therapy.

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    1. Conservatives are becoming way too Liberal. That’s why real Conservatives refused to vote for Scheer in 2019.
      Scheer is just another Liberal. Leslyn Lewis should be Canada’s next Prime Minister.

  1. Anything can be considered conversion therapy but no matter what seeing a psychiatrist is a form of conversion therapy the minute you start talking so yes I am against this bill because it is political theatre not really addressing real issues

  2. We do not need a weak person as Prime Minister of Canada which is what we would get if it were O’Toole.

  3. Homeless problem anyone? Tent cities everywhere. Affordable housing anyone? Guess its not important. 240 000 homeless in Canada. Who cares!

  4. Where can we find your “Pride Video”? I can’t find it on your EDA website or the party website or on YouTube.

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