O'Toole, PM Trudeau spar over interest rates in heated debate during question period 1

O’Toole, PM Trudeau spar over interest rates in heated debate during question period


Opposition Leader Erin O'Toole and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau debated the issues of interest rates during question period.

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  1. Why did they drop my pension from 1700 to 950 . my rent alone is 1000 then heat and hydro ? Did I work for 50 years for this .

    1. Yes, should have voted better next time, mate. Oh wait, theres no next time since if you believe theres only 1 life.

  2. I think the Prime Minister was supposed to talk about the Bank of Canada and what he was going to do about controlling inflation by negotiating economic plans between the banks and the government. All Justin Trudeau said was he made promises in the past and he was repeating them like childcare and housing but nothing about corporate social responsibility, climate change, and what to do about the inflation crisis.

    1. @Metal Ghost If we stop polluting corporations by taxing them, they will have to stop polluting as well as pay the government more money to spread to the public. That would be stock market losses for the corporation and gains for society. Corporations may oppose, but should not due to corporate social responsibility practices πŸ˜€

  3. If things aren’t working, you can’t β€œcontinue” to be there for Canadians. What an absolute joke this housing strategy is.

  4. Raise the interest rates much higher, flush the overleveraged borrowed money out of the housing market, so prices can actually drop.

  5. These two are the best this country can find we all should be ashamed of ourselves.

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