O'Toole questioned on Conservative Party's commitment to fighting Islamophobia 1

O’Toole questioned on Conservative Party’s commitment to fighting Islamophobia

Omar Sachedina asks Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole why there are more references to puppies than systemic racism in his platform.

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  1. I thought he answered that divisive question quite well. We’ve had enough of a leader of is nothing but talk, I’d rather one that actually leads by example.

  2. OMG they are more concerned about O’Toole’s answer then Mr. BLACKFACE Trudeau commits about Canadians be racist and calling any one who does not agree with his views a racist. Trudeau use’s the word racist more then any other MP. The real racist here is Trudeau.

  3. A politically tailored question to smear and distract. This journalist should ask a similar question to the PM, sure all Canadians are ear to what has he done, or even tried, so far.
    Manipulated Journalism.

    1. @sloppy seconds
      Mr. O’Toole would make me proud by not getting involved with the Ethics Commissioner and continuous Parliamentary committees investigating him.
      He could also not use government aircraft to fly 3,000 kilometers across Canada to go surfing in Tofino for a weekend.
      Just a couple thoughts. I have more.
      Sorry you can’t think of any.

    1. Right. It is similiar to smartophobia, intelligentophobia, jobphobia, workphobia, creativityphobia. And if you ask the right question you are told STFU, IST.

    2. Considering around 22% of Canada are visible minorities it seems like it is a worthwhile question to ask – hardly irrelevant- especially if you want/care to have that sizeable chunk of the population as voters. Just to let you know- puppies can’t vote. You can, however, vote for puppets!

    1. Pussified…easy 6 pack and steak, hockey, Brewsters chicken wings night NHL. See, if you do not have a portable carpet and a compass?

    1. Never heard them ask about his socks. But interesting to see how O’Toole is trying to look like the hip, cool dude.

    1. I remember when politicians used to say that Canada is a Christian country. Erin O’Toole is a sellout.

  4. Who said anything about GABRIEL! I will have no MORTAL speak a word about ARK ANGEL GABRIEL, SLAYER OF INFIDELS…, EVER!!!

  5. Vote NDP, Canada needs a new beginning! Conservatives will destroy healthcare and education like they have done in the past.

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