O'Toole rips Trudeau over 2021 federal budget, says it's 'reckless' 1

O’Toole rips Trudeau over 2021 federal budget, says it’s ‘reckless’


Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole reacts to the federal budget and is asked if his party will support the new spending.


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    1. @Tim Ber this PC party isn’t really the same though.. just like the Liberals aren’t the same as the Chretien Liberals. O’Toole wouldn’t have the faintest idea on what to do.

    2. @C. H. and trudeau is too busy trying to figure out ways to enrich his friends. I’d take otoole of that criminal any day

    3. @Tim Ber I don’t disagree that O’Toole is the lesser of the 2, but let’s be honest here. We all know Pierre is the future and he easily could beat Trudeau.

  1. Absolutely it is reckless. We are crippled by debt already. It is nothing more than sinking Canada in order to buy votes. Trudeau just has no spending filter.

    1. His filter is, spending 100k on vacation within Canada instead of 100k outside of Canada. And he will tell Canadians that he is support locals.

  2. The Prime Minister is a former Drama Teacher, our Finance Minister is a former Journalist and our Health Minister is a former Graphic Artist, you know the country will be ok (said no one ever)

    1. Right Steve, more like the three stooges. Except their incompetence is full of self serving, self patronizing, arrogance meant specially to buy votes at any cost. There really needs to be criminal investigations into their dealing. They are flushing this country down the toilet, and Canadians need to wake up.

    1. He’s just happy the PCs are giving him air time for once, even though we all know Pierre is the true voice of reason and the face of the party.

  3. There were no child care spots for my kids. Throwing 30 billion at this is not going to find more child care workers. My kids don’t need child care now, so I say screw it.

    1. You get nothing. I don’t mean this in an offensive way, but no government is going to put serious effort behind taking care of seniors of any age. They view seniors as an expense that time will take care of.

  4. TRUDEAU is replacing 190.000 Canadians for 190.000 cheap labourers to profit from it. Canadian Salaries are to high right now can’t compete with other countries.

  5. National Day Care = Hire more government workers = more government bureaucracy. Funded not by taxpayers money, It’s borrowed and printed money. Period.

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