O'Toole says carbon price ruling confirms climate change real, but levy isn’t the way to fight it 1

O’Toole says carbon price ruling confirms climate change real, but levy isn’t the way to fight it


Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole reacts to the SCOC ruling on carbon pricing, saying that the Liberal plan makes Canada uncompetitive.


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    1. @Horatio Jones He’s liberal lite anyway, may as well keep Trudeau and let the CPC fall apart

    2. @Our Family Outdoors

      No one can afford that in this country

      The massive corruption needs to end

    3. @Joe Montana

      That’s why I started posting a different style of the on look in our politicians

      Just dropped a new one…. go

    1. @GNR Forever I didn’t see it in my returns last year. It must be in the fine print, or I just didn’t earn enough last year to qualify. Tax the poor to feed the rich!

    1. Judges are the arbiters of truth, apparently. Judges are renowned for their scientific knowledge and accuracy. And I’m a 10 story apartment building.

  1. Honey bring my popcorn , we have another political guru getting ready and he has all the solutions of all the problems.

    1. How is that different than all the YouTube commenters here who think they have all the solutions to all the problems?

  2. Poor fool, he is making the same mistake several wanna be politicians have made in the past. Don’t ever promise to reverse policies until you see the books and analyse the costs. We understand his need to score points with the oil industry but he should tread carefully. That can be a costly faux pas.

  3. Oh jeez… he’s answering questions the same way Liberals are right now. Repeating the same pre-written response. Useless.

  4. What a nonsense interview from both sides. Especially from O’Tool who wants to be a prime minister. It is time we get rid of politicians and select qualified candidates to run the country. Politicians says whatever to get the party in power and leave a mess for the next set.

    1. That’s what they all say ……time to take our Power back from the Power hungry that are only after our money then our life

  5. What a joke Evan so rude he answered you 3 times clearly yet you still wouldn’t accept his clear answer which he asserted he wouldn’t use a tax approach that punishes the wallet.

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