O'Toole: 'We're not your dad's Conservative Party anymore 1

O’Toole: ‘We’re not your dad’s Conservative Party anymore


Erin O'Toole says he 'knows his party has ground to make up' and hopes undecided voters will look at the Conservatives differently.

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    1. Actually we need more conservatives that want to protect our long tradition of liberalism and enlightenment ideals in western society. My “dad’s” conservatives were a bunch of religious bigots that wanted to impose their religious morals on others and ignore scientific findings.

    1. @Adam The Confused so your strategy, rather than be involved and try to change or influence politics like most would, is support the parties that will never have a chance?

    2. @Samnad Adomra By voting against O’Toole, you’re waste of a vote helps the liberal party and in turn helps elect Trudeau. It’s common sense. When you throw away your vote, the Liberals win.

    3. @Unova Yellow You must be brave enough to vote based on your principals, not the team who may win. The Conservative Party don’t stand for anything. They compromise themselves based on what they think will get them votes which makes them corrupt.

    4. @Clovemartin the Otoole conservatives are really a liberal lite version helping grow the PPCs numbers and popularity is not a wasted vote I’m in for the long haul when things go south with Otooles party PPC will be a beacon of hope

    5. @Dennis Cane The conservative party are actually moderates. If you want to win an election in Canada, you have to appeal to moderates and swing voters. Right wing parties can’t ever win in Canada. That’s why O’Toole had to move to the center. Your PPC vote was a vote for Trudeau.

  1. you never were my dad’s conservative party…
    my dad never voted for you, or anyone like you…
    he believed in helping, not hindering

  2. Erin O’Toole has no principles and A-B tests every policy he shares. Depending on when you check he opposes and supports everything.

    1. O’Toole did that when couldn’t give a coherent answer on guns!! Ever since then it looks like the Liberals have the momentum.

    1. @Persia Yeah, the PPC spoiled the vote in more seats than last election. If erin O’toole does not survive a leadership vote then Pierre Polieve can make a strong bee line populist surge touting the economy.

    2. @Blackfly Canada the alternative is a bustling political party in the UK with widespread support from all social and economic classes. The UK Tories are forward thinking, they’ve accomplished so much more than the Liberals here in Canada.

    1. well yeah but atleast we know what we will get if they win but last 6 years were a let down -housing, healthcare, affordability

    1. I’m fond of the saying “Conservatism is simply progressivism with a speed limit”. That’s why I consider myself more of a traditionalist these days.

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