O’Toole’s popularity sees big surge after first week of campaigning | TREND LINE


  1. Trudeau needs to lose this election for a million reasons but calling an uneeded election , less than 2 years after the last one, during a surging pandemic, out of control wildfires in BC and a disaster in Afghanistan is unforgivable.

    1. Hes going to win u think 20 year olds are voting for o toole? Most of them didnt even hear about the scandals

    1. hes going to win sorry to say , says alot about facists in our country now terrible all vote for him should be ashamed

    2. I’m not so hopeful. We need a lot of votes against him from the 905 and 416 area codes, and I just can’t see that happening!

  2. Trudeau looked like a mess trying to explain that manipulated Twitter video this morning. Week 2 and already in desperation mode!

    1. Remember his promise a couple of years ago about running a clean campaign? He can’t be believed on anything.

  3. One poll is irrelevant. You need to compile all the polling data to find an accurate polling average. 338Canada does an excellent job of compiling data and providing the most accurate numbers.

  4. You can feel the desperation in Trudeau, he’s starting to bad mouth his rivals and raising his voice, not very confidence inspiring behavior.

  5. When do the individual candidate says something shocking stories begin? Every election we usually have at least a couple rogue candidate stories.

  6. The polls are open, I voted on Saturday.
    The hours are 9am till 6pm, except shorter hours on Sundays.
    Find the address for your district at the Elections Canada website.

  7. Well, Trudeau wanted an election, it looks like the Conservatives and even the NDP are giving it to him

  8. O’Toole is very strong in town hall meetings. He takes all questions and gives straight answers. Trudeau has yet to answer a single question with a straight answer.

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