1. “act earlier, and wrote a letter to PM a month ago requesting such action”. It was a pretty clear answer.

    1. @Yves Arsenault He gave a clear answer: “act earlier, and wrote a letter to the PM a month ago”. A politician doesn’t give the military or security services tactical direction. A politician provides objectives. That would have been the difference, per his clear answer.

  1. Would have, could have, should have … Trudeau was slow. So was Merkel, Johnson, Biden and just about every leader of countries who invaded Afghanistan. That is why there is a crunch right now. His beloved predecessor started this adventure and also forgot about the Afghans who collaborated. I suppose Erin would single handedly re-invade Afghanistan to rescue everyone of Canada’s friends. Would Erin welcome those refugees in his Riding?

    1. Doesn’t excuse them from criticism. Their are plenty of Canadians who worked to avoid exactly this outcome, and now here we are having abandoned allies.

    2. @Jim Trainor Agreed. But what politician or government functionary would disregard Immigration legislation to allow these so called “Canadians” to jump the immigration line? I understand that there are rules to enter the country. Or do we simply allow anyone who claims they are in peril? You know that line will never end right?

    1. Reporter: Please be specific about what you would be doing differently than Trudeau.
      O’Toole: Generalities, generalities, generalities

  2. O’toole hasn’t offered any solution and it is not up to Canada to find a solution for Afghan. Get all our soldiers/citizens back and focus on the economy of Canada. It is not Canada’s war to fight nor Canada’s reponsibility to take mass refugees to build another new “old country” for anyone.

    1. @Blunderbuss They probably did. That`s how they qualified for Social Assistance, which is remitted straight to their bank accounts regularly. Which they can access when they return to the homeland. This happened to the “Canadians“ caught in Lebanon when Israel invaded in the early 2000s.

  3. The real problem is that any army navy Air force has to call home before they can react in Bosnia couldn’t carry loaded weapon w let’s put politicians up front see how they respond answer is your job is to loose your life for me I don’t have to do my own dirty work shameful as always

  4. Thank you O’Toole for completely avoiding the question and providing nothing of substance… why do all the political candidates suck?

    1. The military already had plans drawn up. They simply needed a “go” order from government. O’Toole’s answer was perfectly clear and answered the question. Simply act earlier.

  5. Reporter: Please be specific about what you would be doing differently than Trudeau.
    O’Toole: Generalities, generalities, generalities

  6. Interviewer: “What would you do specifically Mr. O’Toole!
    O’Toole: “We need leadership and I will act …. …. …. ”
    Everyone Watching: “Oooooooooook … waiting for specifics” FacePalm

    1. it is hard for him to determine specifics without the specifics of what a PM would have.

  7. Everything the O’Toole said Trudeau & other leaders are doing just that . O’Toole simply spewed a whole lot of nothings .

  8. Canada’s Afghanistan veterans were pushing for government action when the Taliban started winning. Trudeau wasn’t interested & now it is too late.

  9. this is canada we have our own problems we cant be the saviour of the worlds problems time to think about this country and only this country!

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