Ottawa admits they will not be able to eliminate all drinking water advisories in 2021 as promised 1

Ottawa admits they will not be able to eliminate all drinking water advisories in 2021 as promised


Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller says the government is working to end boil water advisories by spring of 2021

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  1. shamefull. btw the water of Montreal QC smell and taste like javel in the water it’s disgusting. So what the HELL are we waiting for to get CLEAN waters

    1. Maybe stop dumping trillions of gallons of sewage into the ocean. Mother Nature is getting even with the hypocrisy of Quebec

  2. Throw our money away on ” charities” and ” foundations” outside of Canada and let Canadians suffer.

    1. Trudeau didn’t create the problem of being a 1st world nation with a wealthy, free and thriving middle class, but he sure is solving it.

  3. This government has been a dumpster fire!!! I can’t believe this has been allowed to continue for over a decade!!! Reconciliation is dead

  4. Over $1,000,000,000 of new debt every single day ,but still won’t make sure reservations have clean drinking water what an absolute failure of government.

  5. He sent 159 million to international partners for covid this year alone. You think Trudeau cares about any Canadians problem.

  6. But the liberal government has the resources to supply bought drinking water for the illegal immigrant camps from the illegals crossing freely at Roxham road.

  7. Trump just made what he calls “the most important speech he has ever made”.
    Why are you not reporting on that?

  8. Why is this still an issue in Canada. All these communities are asking for is clean drinking water. Why is this controversial?

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