1. Where are you from? Gas dipped to that price for a short while when oil was selling at below zero. It’s back up to a dollar CAD a litre now where I live.

  1. The public inquiry is not binding. It should be a judicial inquiry and then it would be binding.

  2. The only public official that an RCMP agent cannot lie to under oath is a judge, so this “full public inquiry” must be judicial and Canada’s Attorney General knows that as a fact..

  3. I guess by now the RCMP must have burried any negative facts about how they handled this and I am sure the Turds liberals helped them bury these facts.

  4. Ottawa is quite glad to stick its oar in. Perhaps it will take a little bit of the WE stench away.

  5. Funny this happens on the same day Junior’s friends give a testimony almost as if the government is using this as a distraction

    1. @Sally Evans his two buddies testified if you can call it that more like lied their way through the committee

  6. Seeing the RCMP are the ones to be questioned and looked into, how is justice going to be serviced?

  7. There was a hesitation to investigate the worst mass shooting in Canadian history? I’m sorry the community needed to raise their voices to make this happen!

  8. They’ll try to “defund the police” but, defund the police’s ability to help you, but still help crooked politicians…

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