1. Imagine instead of wasting money on protesters. Place a camera near the school zone and crosswalk for violators to get ticketed for profits.

  2. I guess Trudeau should at the very least showed respect and listened to all canadians (this includes truckers) met with them and come to a solution. Instead Trudeau was spiteful and arrogant. Trudeau cost all this. Trudeau knew they were coming and could have mitigated a lot.
    Trudeau is to blame!

    1. A protest, is like a Union Strike. You make awareness, of a disagreement. You solve that, by going to a bargaining table. This is where you talk, and try to ease tensions. Possibly come to a solution.

      None of this, was considered…

  3. maybe the PM should of talked to the legal protesters, the fault of one caused the problem but it united canadians together and that was wonderful.

  4. Blame Trudeau, he’s the one who incited it and then refused to speak with them. In the states they saw his error and they met with the truckers, no issues.

  5. Send a bill to Trudeau … but he just gonna use my tax money as his own piggy bank anyway …

  6. Trudeau should have to work this off, after he pays for those who lost jobs, and compensates those who couldn’t visit family members.

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