Ottawa details plan for Canada's COVID-19 vaccine rollout 1

Ottawa details plan for Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout


Public health officials outlined how they plan to roll out a COVID-19 vaccine in Canada. Joyce Napier has the details.

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    1. You say you don’t consent, but that isn’t an intelligent, informed decision. No, you don’t know.

    1. Agreed. For those of you that are tired of listing to this bunk and want to hear the truth, I recommend checking out Randy Hillier’s channel on Odysee (YouTube is censoring him)

    2. @Breadbored Theyre truly hopeless. They distrust every competent source, but will jump believe anything that comes out of niche youtube channel without ever contemplating the possibility that the Youtube channel is the real malicious entity. Beyond stupid.

    1. that is .if you trust china to be honest .they only had 90,000 cases .YEAH B S .plus they created the China Virus so easier to fix it .

    2. They’re not free of the virus — they just haddled it well enough that they don’t have to lock down (they also got it first, so it may have lost some steam).

  1. If you come at me with something sharp and pointy, I’m going to perceive you as a threat and respond accordingly.

    1. @Aurelian yeah immune system dont know how to handle it thats why the mortality rate is less than 1% overall worldwide right ?

    1. 99% survival rate WITH modern medicine, 5% death rate without it. 15% SEVERE flu like illness. Get you numbers right your piece of human filth.

    1. @sebastian406 It’s a structural issue and only extreme cold conditions can prevent it from being comprised prior to injecting into the human body. Now, why is that an issue would be your next question I would presume.

    1. @1991Luke No it’s you that doesn’t understand nor do you understand math. 99.99% survival rate means your immune system handles it like a boss. You go first Karen.

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