Ottawa details plan for Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Ottawa details plan for Canada's COVID-19 vaccine rollout 1


Public health officials outlined how they plan to roll out a COVID-19 vaccine in Canada. Joyce Napier has the details.

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65 Comments on "Ottawa details plan for Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout"

  1. Wʎ 0ʇɥǝɹ ɐɔɔ0nuʇ !s sɥɐp0mqɐuu3p | December 4, 2020 at 8:06 AM | Reply

    I do not consent.

  2. Horrible news network. Some of the weakest reporting around

  3. Canadian Civilian | December 4, 2020 at 8:27 AM | Reply

    This is your daily reminder that Covid is a means to an end, freedoms end.

    • Agreed. For those of you that are tired of listing to this bunk and want to hear the truth, I recommend checking out Randy Hillier’s channel on Odysee (YouTube is censoring him)

    • @ArkOfAges It seems every other video is off limits to the public according to YouTube.

    • @Fat Cat Because he’s purposely spreading misinformation to make money off you delusional morons.

    • Try bitchut. For Google phones I think its bitslide…

      YouTube has no control of that platform

    • @Breadbored Theyre truly hopeless. They distrust every competent source, but will jump believe anything that comes out of niche youtube channel without ever contemplating the possibility that the Youtube channel is the real malicious entity. Beyond stupid.

  4. China recovered without vaccines why must Westerners get vaccines?

  5. Tanya Plamondon | December 4, 2020 at 10:58 AM | Reply

    If you come at me with something sharp and pointy, I’m going to perceive you as a threat and respond accordingly.

  6. Keep your snake juice, with a 99% survival rate I’ll let my immune system handle it.

  7. Xavier Harding | December 4, 2020 at 1:10 PM | Reply

    Forced Vaccines for a flu that has a 99.9% survival rate. Doesn’t sound suspicious at all.

  8. Everyone needs to understand why they need these freezers colder than the Arctic and or Antarctica?

  9. you first, if it turns out ok, maybe

  10. Look into Pfizer’s criminal activity.

  11. Remember immune systems? I remember.

  12. The CEOS of these drug companies and their wallets will get so fat.

  13. No thanks. Save that poison for the politicians

  14. Propaganda

  15. “Say hello to the bad guy.”

  16. what the hell is in something that has to be stored at -91C

  17. Roll out whatever you want to. Just don’t bother trying to get me to take it.😐

  18. This is insane

  19. Drama and more drama, no thank you, I prefer my immune system and I’m not joining your scary march.

  20. All of these news anchors look like they’re straight out of the hunger games… ironic

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