1. The rest of the country is sick of being robbed and pilfered. Ottawa’s turn to get what they have been handing the rest of the country for too long. What goes around comes around.

    1. Being subject to blocked roads and a hundred big rig air horns blasting all night ?
      Unable to drive on our own public roads?

      That’s as naive and delusional as the drivel some of the protesters were yelling.

    1. There’s no “talking” to most of these lawbreakers. They’re not in the slightest interested in listening to anyone’s point of view but their own. They, for some reason, think that a few temporary restrictions during a time of a pandemic that’s already killed 35,000 Canadians is a tyrannical assault on their democratic rights to be as ignorant and stupid as they want.

  2. “That thug mentality to get what you want” … exactly what justin did . Their hypocrisy is absolutely amazing

  3. Those hurled prayers are pretty harmful, eh? Try telling Trudeau to talk to the protesters about dropping the mandates.

  4. Mayor of Ottawa just wait when the state of emergency will be deamed unlawful wait for all the lawsuit from the peace full protesters then you will be crying

  5. Why don’t we ask all the bussiness that had to implement mandates they didn’t want to how much business they lost?

  6. Trudeau’s insults on national TV is the biggest reason for this insanity. I’m running away from the Liberal party as fast as possible. We have an out-of-touch wokester as a prime minister. Shameful.

  7. A drop in the bucket compared to what the lockdowns cost Canadians.

    Also a drop in the buck compared to what the government spending money we don’t have is costing in inflation!

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