1. Predicted something like this would happen. You can’t slap a Twitter apology, and hope everything’s going to be hunky dory

  2. Poor service and sky-high prices for 20+ years, Canadian Government: “This is fine.”

    Single-day outage that affects politicians, Canadian Government: “SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! I COULDN’T RECEIVE BRIBES!”

    1. “I’m Justin Trudeau and this is my government, I work here with my dumb band of misfits. Everything in here has a story and a price. One thing I’ve learned after 7 years, you never know what is going to come through that door.

  3. The only thing that will happen is price increases. Anything this gov’t will attempt will result in more problems.

  4. Quit crying Rogers subscribers…You voted for the liberals who didn’t allow any competition in this field… Live with it

  5. Switched to Telus over a decade ago after Rogers internet outage lasted weeks without an answer.

  6. And what is the Liberal clown going to do about it? Same thing they did last year when Rogers had a similar outage. NOTHING.

  7. Have the CRTC auction off 85% of your towers to two companies that can only afford them. Geez who could have seen this coming.

  8. These big 3 telecommunications monopolies MUST be broken up! Long over due, Canadians are tired of their price fixing market manipulation tactics.

  9. If you’re still with Rogers after this, at least call & get some compensation (other than the 2 days of service they’re crediting 😂) They gave me unlimited data on all the phones on my account, lowered the bill by 30%, and free Disney + for 6months.

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