‘Our Country Deserves Better Than This’: Doug Jones Announces He Will Vote To Convict | MSNBC

Sen. Doug Jones, D-Ala., announced on the Senate floor that we will be voting to convict President Trump for both articles of impeachment. Aired on 02/05/20.
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'Our Country Deserves Better Than This': Doug Jones Announces He Will Vote To Convict | MSNBC


  1. In a state that could easily swing against him this is what integrity looks like. Not his greatest fan but on this day, respect Senator!

    1. The Roman Empire lasted 1000 years. And how did it ended? ” Failed to enforced its rule and its vast territory was ‘divided’ into several successor polities.” Keep it on!

    2. @Dave Schultz Trump is great at exposing people and bringing forth the hypocrites and spineless Republicans like McConnell and Graham. Additionally, these spineless traitors and cover-up minions don’t really deserve to be called Republicans as they’ve perverted all that Republicans stood for; it’s really more like they’re Trumpists.

    1. @MrAlphagolf regular intelligent people would not and will not vote for the con man and traitor in the White House! Shame on any regular man that would stand by and put this monster back in the White House! It has degraded the White House our Democracy our Constitution sad day when good men stand by and allow evil run rampant!

    2. @Z P
      It’s what has ruled the world since the beginning of time and whenever you find someone bemoaning THAT reality and mewling about some fantasy nation where everybody agrees on everything and there is no crime and no need for armies, run.

      Run hard.

      Do you know what the word Utopia means?

      The British monk Thomas More coined the phrase by combining two Latin words that when combined mean ‘nowhere.’

      I believe it was Al Capone who said, “you can get more done with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone.” Or words to that effect.

      I pity progs and Millenials. Poisoned by Howard Zinn and the Frankfort School infected University system in America, both sad types got all gooey when ALL the dems in the second democrat debate raised their hands in support of the idea of the American taxpayer paying for the healthcare of illegal aliens.

      Keep saying stupid stuff like that and there will be no more democrat party.

      Right now Trump’s numbers are shooting skyward.

      The people love him. Don’t agree. In 2016, we spoke and maybe you didn’t listen.

      Maybe you will listen next time.

    3. @gce2308 Elwood
      Despite the Democrats’ fervent attempts to see him removed from office, President Trump has succeeded beyond all expectations for the good of the nation.

      This is what so enrages the left; the man has done in three years what they have promised their voters for sixty-plus years but never accomplished — on purpose.

      The left has always promised what they never intended to deliver. Their plan for decades has been to keep us all down, begging them, the federal government, for sustenance.

      Their plan has always been to convince us we cannot thrive without their intervention in our lives and by intervention, they mean they will tell us how to live, breathe, eat, drive, work, etc. Our left is authoritarian, fascist.

    1. @Sherrie Nale lol.

      Please tell me what witness testified he said to do it for that reason?
      No one . All opinions heresay from haters. Lol

      Or should I just trust your hatred to guide our nation.

    2. @niecers Oh, I’m sorry…did I miss the statutory crimes Trump was accused of violating…? Trump was not accused of any actual, written, *crime*.

    3. Yet, it seems appropriate if the Senate process was a sham, Steven, because the House process that precipitated it was an unConstitutional, party-line penny carnival.

    1. @꧁Cat G꧂ Lol…Canada is a joke. Go play dress up with Justin, and leave us be. We’re fine down here, thanks.

    1. @Pearl Barkley Pardon me, every vote cast or opportunity missed by not voting. Right Pearl. Do you vote or do you sit on your hands and do nothing

    2. @Jeff Nickel rubbish its the American people who are to blame, not looking at voting without taken the time to see if who you voted for deserved the job and not voting a 6 time bankrupt, at what time would say not a problem well if he cant run his business properly wtf do you think he could run the country Americans have 1 more chance to right it by voting this criminal and his party out

  2. Jones and especially Mitt Romney showing courage. Most are spineless: Susan Collins and Lamar Alexander come to mind.

    1. Asswipeme Balicka ….You made him more famous. He looks better for it . The Dems just killed their party.

  3. Very well said. This is what a real man looks like – honor and integrity, country before party.

  4. “With my vote I will tell my children and their children that I did my duty,” Romney said. “What the president did was wrong. Grievously wrong.”

    1. @donna kohl Research it. You’ll find what I’m saying is true. . He’s pro-life. , They pray and have Bible studies in the White House.. He’s done a lot with Christian leaders around the country and world. . You just passed a bill last week to allow. Christians to pray in school if they want to.

    2. @donna kohl research praying in the White House , praise and worship in the White House. Christian leaders praying with Donald Trump. And so on and so on. Do you even know what the criteria is to be a Christian?

    3. @Kaboomnz Just a small point but English is always begun with a capital letter. Do you grammar?

  5. Much respect for Doug Jones. Being a Senator from Alabama that is a vote of conscience. Much respect.

    1. Don’t show respect, they know their votes won’t matter and he’ll be acquitted anyway. They’re all crooks who should be immediately fired from office.

    2. @Bill Mortimer tribalism doesnt restrict on republicunts. It happens in dems with the emergence of bernie bros

  6. A powerful speech, sir. A good day to remember JFK & his legacy of doing difficult but right things. Thank you and God bless you.

  7. trump BOUGHT HE’S WAY OUT

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