1. @Mr Curly No. its military chain of command and the President is the Commander in Chief of the military.

    1. @Graeme SYDNEY the markets are a reaction by real people buying and selling. It’s not just some contrivance that governments use to sell policy. It’s real money being traded for mostly real products and services. And it shows real time confidence in the leadership. It rises on speculation of positive conditions and it falls when there is bad news or uncertainty.

      It’s clear you don’t understand how that works but it does work.

    2. Frank King it’s funny because you people say you are the smart ones and he still whooped your behinds in an electoral LANDSLIDE Remember the road to 306 everyday until you lost then it went to blah blah popular vote

    3. @EnuffSaid You all are just mad because Trump doesnt cave like most Republicans to your sides every insane demand. Then he calls you out for it…thats when the tears and violence from your side comes out

    1. @Bruce Boring LIBERALS are Weak minded and engage in GROUPTHINK and PROJECTION…. The great IRONY here is that they are LOW INFORMATION VOTERS… but they THINK they are smart… its the classic DUNNING-KRUGER Effect in action.

  1. I disagree with Trump on this one. If the SEAL’s say their brother committed war crimes, I would definitely side with them. They should know!

    1. @YouWillbe Mocked so youre saying that 2 wrongs do make a right? and our soliders are no better then the people they’re fighting?

    1. The whole entire trump administration will be in jail eating bean soup, still talking about hillary clinton, and barack obama!

    1. Trump thought on these issues for quite some time before pardons. If you popped out of the liberal bubble, you’ed know that. You should anyway and get some fresh air.

    2. @Charles McSorley yes he has filed bankruptcy 6 times he has stiffed companies working for him he has had his university declared a scam by the courts he has had his charity declared a scam by the courts he is named a co conspirator to campaign finance violations by the courts his administration has had more people resign while under investigation for ethics and corruption violations than any other you are a fool

    1. @looes74 looes74 no they wouldnt. Putins puppet gave us a great econony,lowest unemployment, huge tax cuts for everybody and sanctioned itself more than anyone ever has. Putin rules and is a MAGA man obviously by your own logic. Enjoy you braindead tard

  2. Trump siding with a war criminal & dismissing advice from Military leaders. Reckless decision by Trump. A feckless President.

    1. @Lana Kahl He loosing his marbles. The GOP is using like crash car dummy. Why do think the made him try to repeal “Obama care” first. That something you give to a freshman congressman do all s**t work. If I were him I would have push the “infrastructure bill” first. He would have been given out kick backs left and right. A trillion dollars can buy a lot love.

    2. Ok dammit.. u made me have to google the word… “FECKLESS”.. damn u.. For using bigger words than my mind can wrap around while reading the comments.. DAMN U FOR EDUCATING ME.. ! DAMN U.

    3. He was acquitted and not found guilty of any war crimes. He is like all Americans that he is innocent until proven guilty. Remember that!

    4. Advice? Puhlleeze.

      1.) Specer first slow-walked Trump’s order to leave Gallagher alone by insisting that Trump would need to issue a formal order to get him to do anything (fill out a form in triplicate?) instead of tweet his very clear sentiment, and second that he’d fix things to make both the swamp and supposedly Trump happy by forcing Gallagher to retire, but allowing him to keep his prized Trident pin.

      2.) He somehow didn’t bother to tell Defense Secretary Mark Esper of his offer to the White House.

      3.) Trump’s tweet as CIC hinted to leaved Gallagher alone.

      4.) The New York Times initially reported that Spencer threatened to resign if he didn’t get his way on how Gallagher was to be treated since his nearly total acquittal and his pardon and restoration of rank on the minor issue he was convicted of.

      5.) Spencer then denied it, but got weird in insisting that he’d only do what Trump wanted if he issued a formal order, and he made that public.

      6.) Spencer didn’t go quietly through channels, as if to humiliate Trump. If he had any brain at all, he would have paid attention to the broad sentiment being conveyed by the commander in chief.

    1. Juandisimo Biden dodged the draft, just like Trump, just like Clinton, just like I would have done if I was an 18 year old man in 1968. They all had support for their draft dodging even though Clinton did not have a wealthy family. Thanks you to the whining baby boomers lucky enough to have been on campus and not in Cambodia, and thanks to the women’s liberation movement. Yes. Thanks to them there is no draft. If my son had been drafted to fight in Sarajevo or Kosovo or almost any of the ridiculous places the U.S. had intervened in since Viet Nam I would have moved my family to Canada or Australia. Gallagher was demoted because of his war crimes. He might have been a decent person before he became a warrior. He is not a hero. The Seals don’t want him. The military tribunal that decided Gallagher’s fate — we have to believe they knew what they were doing. Trump should stay out of things that he knows nothing about. But that would be everything then. Wouldn’t it?

    2. AND yo Skank Hoe of Mama spread her legs instead of closing them resulting in hiving birth to a loser like you. What else is new Clown?

    3. @say no to socailism say no to socailism your master has told over 14000 lies since taking office and you have swallowed every one of them tell me which one tasted the sweetest

    1. @Kiflaam It is a perfect example even Fox news said he wouldn’t win until the very end all the rest of the state run media had Hillary 98% winner the day of the election. Alex called out their lies and fake polls from day 1 and on election night when Trump won Alex also predicted exactly what you losers would do and guess what you all been doing it since day after election. You are the stupid one being brainwashed by MSM. Admitting it is the 1st step towards recovery you loser

    2. @bantayan island life individual1s university declared a scam by the courts his charity declared a scam by the courts he is named a co conspirator to campaign finance violations by the courts wake up moron

    3. @Censored 1 No, Alex is not unique in claiming he would win, and CNN is not unique in saying he would lose. These are predictions, not factual assessments. This is a pathetic example of which is more factual as a news provider.

    1. @THE CONFEDERACY WAS THE ORIGINAL SHITHOLE COUNTRY Mate, you can’t even understand the point I am making – I can tell when your argument against has NOTHING to do with the point I am making.

      You are too busy being 1 side against the other to recognise a nuanced point.

    2. @David Aspinall and despite everything you delineated, brave souls decided to serve. 45 exercised his family’s wealth and position to avoid serving. He wasn’t a conscientious objector. He just felt he could get out of it by lying. The political implications of the war have no bearing here, but nice try.

    3. @Val Combs I am not going to argue with that…as my view on the issue you raised has NOTHING to do with my initial point made against the comment I replied to

      You appear to have got a bee in your bonnet based on a mis interpretation of my point.

      Ironically, you actually helped me make it with your latest comment. Thanks.

  3. Donald Trump gets his foreign policy from watching television – the Cartoon Network. -Lindsey Graham

    1. @Michael Antoniotti sorry? Triggered? I am just stating a fact..lol. Do you remember Lindsay Graham comments prior to Trump being elected?

    1. Your comment hands down should be the 2020 election slogan!!! Priceless! I’ll be cleaning beer off my wall for the rest of the night !!!!!!!LOL

    1. @Censored 1 Obama, Clinton constantly INSULT VETS, STEAL FROM VETS?

    2. Atleast Trump will never pass Obama’s record for killing the most browns peoples at war for his entire 8 years in office

    3. @ROB112 PROUD LYING GOP POS trumpturd.
      One MILLION+ dead Iraq civilians WOULD (GWB) disagree with you.
      But THEY’RE DEAD……keep TROLLING and LYING….its sooooo GOP

    4. ROB112 Well let’s be sensible here, the majority of modern wars are set in vicinities where those on the ground are brown. I don’t see how you find Obama responsible for the that? Maybe they should have attacked Sweden, Russia, Finland or white areas of the USA. I’m sure you would have been happy with that. Your silly sound bite is exactly that silly

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