Out Members Of Biden Communications Team On The Importance Of Diversity

Karine Jean-Pierre and Pili Tobar, the first out members of a White House communications team, explain to Jonathan Capehart the importance of having LGBTQ voices “around the table” and how the Biden administration is making sure those voices are part of every policy conversation, not just LGBTQ-specific ones.
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  1. I once had rats running up and down my fence in the backyard… Before the association decided that we need trash cans… They took no responsibility, so I put rat bait out. And the neighbors began to complain because now the rats were going to their house… Republican rats… They’re everywhere.

  2. Just the fact that we have a POTUS who wants a diverse administration speaks volumes about his character and humanity. Talk about a 180! God bless Joe Biden!

    1. @N 827 But, he didn’t cheat. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The people with the real power, who really run the world, control both parties, and your getting the same scraps handed to you no matter which party they let be in power. They don’t care about joe biden or donald trump, they control what goes on in the world, they start wars, release viruses, etc etc. But, still, there is 0 evidence anyone cheated in the election, so its just a dumb thing to say, cheating joe.

    2. @mistatk I’m sorry but I’m going to have to disagree just because you have diversity doesn’t mean you have quality. And I’m black I’m not going to sit there and hire a group of black people who are insufficient or purposely be diverse just for diverse sake

  3. Denying people opportunities because of arbitrary factors like race, gender and sexual orientation means we lose out on a huge swathe of the talent in the country. Embracing diversity is not just morally right, it’s common sense and in the best interests of the country.

    1. It’s one thing to accept diversity, it’s another to propagate it at the expense of another’s liberties. The most intolerant people are those that demand tolerance from others.

  4. Everyone: Seriously, who has a problem with America being a diverse and welcoming place to live? We are the land of equality, right?
    Maga cult: **raises hands**
    Everyone: 🤦🤷

    1. America is already diverse and welcoming…short bus. It has become more racist since osama bin obama was elected and Biden has said more racist things than any other politician in the last 30 years…you could find that out but that would require you turning off msnbc and actually doing your own thinking and investigation and that isn’t a what a good democrat does.

    2. @Steve F Speaking of doing your own thinking….how’s that “Stop the Steal” thing coming along. Y’all find that election fraud yet?? 😂🤣
      Stop embarrassing yourself. 😅😂🤣

  5. The last administration was diverse. It had witches. It had warlocks. It had demons. That’s diverse isn’t it 🤔🤔

    1. @PJ Celeste beware of Winnie the warlock because he will take over the Republican party in the near future 🤣🤣

    2. @PJ Celeste I only said that because of those that can’t understand deeper thinking 😏😏. Ike was president when I was born and this version of the Republican party is definitely not what I grew up with.

  6. Diversity means nothing if the people who built the country don’t benifit! LGBTQ gets more consideration than native black americans!

    1. Yea, like those clowns walking around with “Don’t tread on me”-flags whilst trying to overthrow the government.

  7. Humanity needs to stop all this petty infighting amongst ourselves and come together as one race (human race) and just be proud about what humans are capable of achieving!

  8. the Biden co workers, here 2 inelligent ladies are (not just in the average) so much smarter, than the people who worked for Trumpeltrampel.
    Let s hope the best for the republic and democracy in the USA!

  9. Diversity of skin color is not important. Diversity of thought is. Otherwise you’re in a cult filled with multiple skin colors.

  10. 78,000 illegal children have crossed the border so far this year, and that’s just the children! biden you chowderhead!

  11. Diversity ONLY COUNTS when you BLINDLY look for THE MOST QUALIFIED person, NOT when you hire based on SKIN COLOR. Then, it just becomes RACIAL DISCRIMINATION.

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