‘Out Of Control’: India Experiencing Massive Covid Surge | The ReidOut | MSNBC

India reported a global record of more than 314,000 new infections Thursday, with the country’s health care system ‘breaking,’ per Sky News. Aired on 04/23/2021.
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'Out Of Control': India Experiencing Massive Covid Surge | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. A clear example of how this country would’ve looked like had we not gotten rid of the last circus for an administration

    1. @Don m What is your point? Trump was warned by U.S. Intelligence way back in November, 2019! Trump mainly lied, denied, deflected, and blamed other’s, even blaming Obama. Trump: “Obama just stopped testing, right in the middle, just stopped.” How did Obama stop testing for SARSCOV-2? He left office Jan 20, 2017. SARSCOV-2 came out in November, 2019, or earlier. Trump blamed the democrats, calling it another hoax. Trump said… man, that’s enough. If you don’t know the facts by now, you seriously need counseling.

    2. @Mortfores Rejerja SEE THIS: *_”Also, besides traitor trump having blood on his hands, by causing thousands to die due to his severe lack of action, that inaction will make it much more difficult to formulate a general vaccine, because the virus has already been mutating.”_*

      I posted that months ago. And, that is exactly what happened, and is happening. Yes, Trump is mostly to blame.

    3. @Don m “in my area” … Where exactly is _your_ area? It does not escape me that you purposely left that out. And, you cannot prove your so-called personal stories.

    4. @Scahoni yea more than half a million preventable deaths, Attempt to destroy democracy by strong arming election and state officials, lying about the true numbers by funneling hospital data thru his corrupt administration, collude with Russian agents, bargaining for dirt on political opponent for tax payer funded aid to Ukraine. Other than these he was great for this country. Hate has blinded you from seeing all this that happened in plain sight not to mention the other criminal acts currently being investigated.

  2. Sad..there was a news article on those machines that help you breathe…a bunch of them in the dump…brand new never used…in florida…

  3. Good Lord! ☹️

    We knew this mess would happen and it’s sad to see it come to fruition because governments are still not totally onboard, including some stateside.

    1. @reality
      Stop looking at the mirror…it’s alright, you’re soul’s ugly.

      But, work on that…I believe you can change. 😊

    2. @Black Lies Matter You need look no further than an entire country ran by a fake Republican to see what a mess looks like

    3. @Red Dwarf Democrats are like rats. They infest wherever they go and they bring crime. poverty, blight and misery with them. Stay in your cities Democrats.

    4. @Black Lies Matter Good. You’re learning well – progress is being made. Soon, you will be able to accept your new overlords. How does it feel?

  4. This sounds past out of control. Inhumane almost. People already knew that this should have been acted on sooner. What are all these world agencies for? What is the breakdown in these systems? Failure shouldnt be an option when it comes to lives.

    1. I don’t know what preventative measures were taken in India early on, but whatever they were, they must have gotten lax about it over the last year.

    1. @Louis Tully you must have been in fox cave all of 2020. More than 450k preventable deaths on his watch. Highest cases and death per-capita, far worse than even developing nations. All this despite having all the tools and scientists available to you. Gets his vaccine secretly behind closed doors like all the other shady criminal acts and yet people don’t see it. Hate must be that powerful enough to turn a person blind

  5. People are selfish and only care about themselves. You are going to destroy humanity since you only care and think about what’s good for you.

  6. A cautionary note on the possibilities of variants running amok. Make no mistake 💥 we are the extinction level events.

    1. @Black Lies Matter imagine trying so hard to be edgy. It’s just not a thing anymore mate it’s cringe and no one likes you. Your family must close you out of so much you say edgy things to get attention because you hardly get recognized by your own. That’s just pathetic man

  7. Mpg my grandparents live in the state with most of the deaths and I’m praying for their health and wellness 😞

    1. I’m hoping for the same, and I very much fear since it’s so out of control the actual death numbers won’t be fully understood until much later. We need to push hard for the suspension of the trademarks for the vaccines so the whole world can get them ASAP. This is a world problem.

  8. Anyone who is eligible for the vaccine and refuses it will be responsible if America has another big surge in cases, but everyone will suffer from it.

  9. Situation is really worst now
    1)99.99 percent of hospitals beds are full
    2)The demand of Remdesivir is not fullfilled
    3)The demand of Oxygen 10 to 15 times less the patient’s
    4)Doctors and Medical staff are also tests positive
    5)Police and Traffic department officers are working sleepless nights
    6)Real number are 3million cases per day
    7)Dead people are used for black marketing now
    8)Politican are taking rallies
    9)PJB party states are safe other state are in danger
    10)Only less than 1% of Rich people are helping rest of them are Enjoying their lives
    And many more …

  10. And yet, while this is happening, someone in Florida has thrown away unused new and still boxed ventilators into the Miami-Dade dumps!

    Check WPLG News.

  11. Got my first shot yesterday, the shot itself I didn’t even feel, might be used to the pinch from the big blood donation needles.
    We’re so close to returning to normal for a big eventful summer people. Get your shots and continue to practice some safe manners.

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