Outdated Laws in Jamaica | TVJ News – April 11 2022

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  1. Laws dem a protect gun man . law abiding citizen in danger in jamaica. Only tourist life matter in Jamaica

  2. Minuscule fines leave the police with no power and encourages criminals to ridicule them. That’s one of the reasons much of the population doesn’t respect them.

  3. t’s not only Jamaica that goes through this; with these antiquated laws. Here in North Carolina (USA) it’s illegal to wear thong panties on the beach. A woman gets a ticket if she does.

    Also illegal to let your Chickens out on your front lawn, in YOUR OWN YARD. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Foolish governments need to review, and delete a lot of legislations every 20 years

  4. These Politicians in Jamaica πŸ‡―πŸ‡², really don’t care about law and order. Where is the new crime plan? My God, they are just dragging their hands and feet. What a set of baskets 🧺 of deplorable people dem. It’s because they are not being affected by the outdated laws on the books πŸ“š.

  5. The fine and laws only their for bad people to let them laugh at the good people. The government is a waste a time in the country

  6. the laws need changed so they do not list a fine but list a fine class- so that you go to a page that is easily able to be updated without requiring the whole law to be rewritten… kind of like building a web page where you simply update a price list and the web page is up to date compared to a web page that needs totally rebuilt every time the US dollar changes- write the laws so they refer to a fines section such as misdemeanor class 1, class 2, etc– or major fines class 1 etc– jail sentencing class- etc.. with ranges that judges can use as well, minimum and maximum within the classes-

  7. Lazy, incompetent, reactive leadership. Jamaica has only politicians, not legislators. What a sorry bunch.

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