Outrage, But Not Surprise, At Reports That Trump Called Fallen Veterans ‘Suckers’, ‘Losers’ | MSNBC

Outrage, But Not Surprise, At Reports That Trump Called Fallen Veterans ‘Suckers’, ‘Losers’ | MSNBC 1


Lawmakers and veterans react to a story in The Atlantic and confirmed by The Associated Press reporter about President Donald Trump’s apparent disdain for those who sacrificed lives and limbs fighting for their country. Trump was reported to have rejected a visit to an American military cemetery in France because he feared his hair would fare badly in the blustery weather, and said, “Why would I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” Aired on 9/3/2020.
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Outrage, But Not Surprise, At Reports That Trump Called Fallen Veterans ‘Suckers’, ‘Losers’ | MSNBC

86 Comments on "Outrage, But Not Surprise, At Reports That Trump Called Fallen Veterans ‘Suckers’, ‘Losers’ | MSNBC"

  1. Let’s repay the insult by making him a real loser come November.

    • @Elizabeth White what has Biden done all the years in office .Nothing only draws the wages from the American people and he wants to pull America down with agreeing to put taxes up by 60% trump done more in 3years than any of the stupid Democrats .

    • Elizabeth White | September 4, 2020 at 12:12 PM | Reply

      Cliiff Dalton I believe you meant “them there stoopid Democrats”, didn’t you, Cliiffie? Try actually educating yourself about anything you are spouting rather than just parroting Russian talking points.

    • @Elizabeth White see u can’t answer what has Biden done for America in the past 50yrs. He is just a do nothing mouth like sniff, Pelosi and smurf. I wouldn’t even call them by their proper names. All they want to do is shut everything down. And only open it when it suits them .to use them. Roll on november when i will be laughting at the landslide trump will win by.

    • @Jon Gates sure….hold your breath 😂😂😂😂😂

    • @Rich Davidson unlike president Bone spurs.😂😂😂😂…..isay. Thankyoufor your service to the greatest nation on Earth…minus. Mr.bunker Inspector😂😂😂😂😂

  2. He’s such a low life that I thought it’s impossible to go any lower. Every day, he proves me wrong.

  3. Can’t wait to see how he’ll blame this on Barack Obama.

    • Why would he blame the man who single-handed put the USA so deep into debt it might never recover. Why blame the guy who supported ISIS in the middle east. Why blame the guy who gave Iran the upper hand to pursue a nuclear weapon. You are so right, not sure how Trump will spin this one.

  4. Michael Shapiro | September 4, 2020 at 11:03 AM | Reply

    He’s already forgotten about his loser dead brother 2 weeks ago.

  5. Just imagine what’s going to come out about Trump if he’s not re-elected, he’s a disgrace!

    • @j h
      Actually most millionaires are self made according to forbes. Again the dum. Party can’t even make an argument.

    • John D i’m not a party. the party over the ppl mentality is stupid. also they classify mark Zuckerberg as self made when he’s not his dad was a dental practice owner and gave him the choice to invest and run a franchise or go to Harvard. he created facebook with Eduardo Saverin not by himself and he was given the education and the money to be able to do that. Forbes defines it as someone who built a company or established a fortune on her own, rather than inheriting some or all of it. so with all that being said the numbers are more than likely off.

    • John D BLM is not antifa it is a movement against police brutality. I don’t even know where you’re getting raping and murdering ppl from most BLM protest are peaceful. some of the riots aren’t even from BLM protesters. and even if they want to riot they can because they’re mad it’s literally what Americans did so we can be “free” also the community broke the contract with the ppl by wrongfully killing the unarmed black men and not the giving them justice. they don’t ruin small business just big businesses that have more than enough money to be covered. ik the protesters looted for supplies and stuff because target wasn’t selling them any aid products they needed. also there’s not a BLM leader just founders and they don’t sit here and tell everyone what they should do. each protest is ran by different ppl there’s no set leader. also defund the police and abolish the police are two different things there are some people saying abolish the police but thats not what blm as a whole is fighting for. police brutality happens more than it should because it shouldn’t be happening at all. also if you go and look up the stats for it the cases are under reported so the numbers are actually higher than what they say. also trump is a fascist so of course he’d be against blm and call it antifa when it’s not

    • @j h
      Yeah blm is a movement against police brutality that doesn’t exist, so they burn down black cities and houses. You are trash.

    • @Roman Ward Roman Ward? More like Mental Ward !!!!!

  6. Everything Except Shoes | September 4, 2020 at 12:13 PM | Reply

    I love how the “magazine” is terrible because he doesn’t read it. Classic Trump.

  7. donald the 5 time draft dodging coward called John McCain a loser because he was a captured POW. I didn’t agree with most of McCain’s politics but I respect the man’s honor

  8. I feel nauseous every morning dreading what has he done now

    • Angie me too & I dont even live in America but I watch more American news than my own country as I cant believe this is happening to a once great nation. Hes brought America to its knees with his boyfriend Putin & nobody is stopping them..crazy

    • @Kate I do the same & ask every time: How long, how long…
      But storys about Agolf Twittlers latest uglyness is not really “news”.
      During the time from lifting restrictions in Hungary, to Monday-Demonstrations in Leipzig, to the opening of the Berlin Wall I was watching the news twice a day too….
      That is entertainment with a deadly serious backround – like Trump & Corona/BLM/CimateChange…
      It has a certain fascination because of the collision of things with common sense.

    • @Angie, regarding what is happening in Trumps head – here we have a Proverb.
      I can not eat that much that I want to vomit, when I listen to Trump.


  9. Trump: “It’s a terrible magazine; I don’t read it, but I just heard about it”
    SO HOW DO YOU KNOW IT’S A TERRIBLE MAGAZINE? You can’t make this stuff up.

    • 4 keys to preventing Trump from rigging our votes:

      1. Check your voter registration status NOW.

      County clerks in Republican districts across the country fraudulently purge voter rolls of legitimate Democrat voters prior to each election. In the 2014 mid-term election, I arrived at my local polling station only to discover I was no longer registered to vote, even though I had been a resident of my county and living at the same address for seven years. I was forced to cast a “provisional ballot,” which I suspect was not counted in the final vote tally. Since then, I have always verified my voter registration status well ahead of upcoming elections to ensure I have time to re-register in case of any Republican shenanigans.

      2. Vote early.

      In Republican states, there will no doubt be attempts to suppress voter turnout in Democratic districts by limiting the number of polling stations and reducing polling hours. This will likely be under the guise of protecting voters and polling workers from Covid-19 exposure.

      Laws no doubt vary by state. In Texas, voters must vote at their designated polling location on Election Day. However, during the early voting period, voters can vote at any open polling location in their county of residence. This makes it more difficult for Republicans to target Democratic districts for poll closures and restricted hours. Find the early voting laws for your state, and vote as early as possible. This will point you in the right direction: https://www.ncsl.org/research/elections-and-campaigns/early-voting-in-state-elections.aspx

      3. Use no-excuse absentee voting in states where it is available.

      “No excuse absentee voting” means you can request an absentee ballot from your state or county election official for any reason. Currently, 29 states offer no excuse absentee voting, including the most important swing states: Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin. If your state is on this list, request an absentee ballot and mail it no later than October 20th to ensure it is received and counted: https://www.ncsl.org/research/elections-and-campaigns/vopp-table-1-states-with-no-excuse-absentee-voting.aspx

      Mail in ballots can be dropped off at your local election board in most cases, or authorized ballot boxes at various locations in your state. That will lighten the burden on the Post Office that Trump has kneecapped.

      To New Yorkers: New York State has Republican districts. Due to COVID-19, the legislature recently passed several bills to make it easier to request an absentee ballot. The date was moved up so you can request one today. You can use COVID-19 as a reason. For more information see: https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-signs-law-sweeping-election-reforms#_blank

      4. Do NOT waste your vote.

      Yes, my fellow Americans, I am also frustrated by the two-party system, and I understand the appeal of underdog third-party candidates. You must realize, however, that a vote for a third-party candidate is effectively a vote for Trump. Don’t believe me? Just look at the numbers. Two states, Florida and Wisconsin, tipped the Electoral College for Trump in 2016. Trump won Florida by 113,000 votes and Wisconsin by a mere 23,000 votes. The top two third-party candidates, Gary Johnson and Dr. Jill Stein, captured 271,000 combined votes in Florida and 137,000 combined votes in Wisconsin. According to exit polls, the overwhelming majority of these votes were from disenfranchised Liberal voters who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden is not my preferred candidate (“Bernie/Warren 2020” was my dream ticket). Nevertheless, *we must be united in taking back our country* and make America thrive again. Please share this message as often as possible from now to Election Day. Say “NO” to another four years of fascism.

    • @Z. Deutch Yep — true all that. My only addition would be another suggestion from poll watchers: double and triple-check your registration status online as the election nears, to combat it disappearing. Only a couple of states have disallowed the use of Kris Kobach’s favorite disenfranchisement tool ,”CrossCheck”, which compares and ruthlessly deletes supposed “duplicate” registrations from the voter rolls. TOTALLY COINCIDENTALLY (!!!), most of those deleted are Democrats whose names “sound black”. Golly gee, I wish I knew how and why that happens …. :-/

      ALSO that, some states (like Iowa) will now allow EXPATS and Military Members living abroad to vote **via email**. These voters abroad will have to sign a waiver of confidentiality, because of course your ballot (i.e. your identity) cannot be secret when voting via e-mail. There are some restrictions, so please contact your county auditor to get registered and help decide which is best for you.
      Be safe everyone, but if you love your kids and family: VOTE!!!

    • @Z. Deutch Agreed. Especially #4. Not this year FOR SURE.

    • Or maybe he cannot read!!

  10. “It’s all about me,” Mr Bone Spurs, “nobody’s done what I’ve done.” Well, here we are, kiddies, the truth is in plain view.

    • This is clearly an election year smear against Trump. Look up what John Bolton said. He was there and said he didn’t hear Trump say that. The Atlantic cited anonymous sources. This is obviously a hit piece.

  11. The best thing that Trump ever did for the military was to claim that he had bone spurs.

  12. If anyone is surprises by these remarks, then they haven’t been paying attention for the last four years.

  13. remember DT and the republicans are defunding alot of the vets medical care

  14. “I don’t read it. . .” We know, you don’t read anything, ever.

    • He doesn’t even read his PDB.

    • @javiercarlos rodriguez how would you know that? You never heard of it. Russian troll.

    • @javiercarlos rodriguez is showing his pathetic Trumpster ignorance — or maybe they don’t have that magnificent magazine The Atlantic, in Moscow where Boris Voroshilov, a.k.a. “javiercarlos rodriguez” works in Putin’s propaganda office.

  15. “Outrage, But Not Surprise” sums it up perfectly. What else would you expect from a sociopath?

    • Please remember that not all sociopaths are bad people, they just have a very serious mental illness. Trump however, is beyond saving. Hes pure evil.

  16. Jason Stephens | September 4, 2020 at 2:19 PM | Reply

    Nobody has done what he has done! That is the only truth I have heard from him. Nobody has tried to steal the election, or stomp on the constitution like you Mr. Trump!

  17. Biden: “Duty, Honor, Country!”

    Trump: “Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV!”

  18. And now we know why trump doesn’t ban confederate flags at his rally’s because he doesn’t love or respect this country

    • @Kay Wish more people use this approach. I also vote according to policies and what I perceive to be the needs of my country. How can you be either liberal in all things or conservative.

    • Peter Chase exactly. I feel like if you’re liberal/conservative in all things then you most likely are blindly supporting. I’m more towards left but I choose to not identify as either parties. I think people associate themselves with the parties so much that they forget what is actually best for the country and not just “I’m right you’re wrong”

    • @Kay

    • LotWizzard pardon? I don’t get it lol

    • @Kay you rang the bell. you won a trophy

  19. “He has no principles and you can’t trust him, and the lying !” – Retired Federal Judge, Maryanne Trump Barry, Donald Trump’s eldest sister

  20. ,,Sucker” and ,,Loser” – is this what his father said to him?

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