Outrage Grows Over Black Man Killed By Atlanta Police | Deadline | MSNBC

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms calls for police reforms in the wake of another deadly interaction with police. Aired on 6/15/2020.
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Outrage Grows Over Black Man Killed By Atlanta Police | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. So if someone resists and wrestles with the police AND steals a weapon from a police officer, you just gotta let him go.
    Y’know, if he hit the officer with a taser and steals his gun and kills the officer it’s fine.
    Also just let drunk drivers drive drunk, right?

    1. @salmiak k Given that the DA is considering filing charges of either murder or felony murder it’s unlikely he considers the level of force used commensurate with the threat. I don’t believe the officer who fired was in danger so much as he was angry and annoyed. Even if he had been tasted, his partner was available to back him up. Suspects making bad decisions doesn’t mean the police don’t have to continue to make good ones. No one made good decisions here.

    2. @Johnnie The Wendy’s drive thru isn’t a public street. Traffic laws aren’t normally enforced on private property. I agree he shouldn’t have been on the street (or in the drive thru lane) but I don’t think anything he did warranted two shoots in the back and a third stray bullet that hit who knows what.

    3. @Sierra Guru So you are ignoring everything else, also again HE DROVE TO WENDYS DRUNK he didn’t just magically appear there.

    4. @Johnnie And you’re acting like a serial killer was escaping. Where was he going to go? He was impaired and had already told them who he was and where he lived. He was unlikely to be able to hit anything with the taser while running given that they’re a short range weapon when you’re standing still to fire it. Yes he’d broken the law, but it didn’t merit execution. The office lost control of the situation, but his reasons for using lethal force don’t appear to fit the established guidelines.

      And even if you’re correct that he drove there that hasn’t been proven. Police need evidence to make arrests, not “this is how it must have happened”.

    1. @Tubal Cain Lol yea I saw the video. The girl was actually pretty hot too. Gotta be the weirdest analogy though LOL

    2. @Candi Soda It’s widely known that he resisted arrest, that’s not saying that the cop did a good job with the situation.

    3. @abc defg Dafuq? George Floyd didn’t resist arrest lol.. Unless you’re solely going off the police report instead of the ACTUAL video. Which in that case I’m sure nothing would convince you otherwise.

      But I’ll play ball, let’s see he DID resist arrest. He wasn’t resisting when he was dying slowly. It doesn’t take 8 minutes to realize a person STOPPED resisting and still ended up killing him.

    4. You will never understand whitey. Not because you are pure white, but because your white privilege is so important to you, that you insist on living in denial and trying hard not to understand. It helps that you are uneducated, too.

  2. I love how black folks are the center of attention every election year. No white people have been abused or killed by cops, right? No Hispanic people either. But its 2020, so black folks are all that matters. Once again a serious issue is made all about race.

    1. To democrats it is always about race. They have nothing else but sixty years of failure on the issue.

    2. “black lives matter” is racist. ALL lives matter. More whites are killed by police every year, consistently.

    3. @Democrats Areliars He won’t though. We don’t prosecute Presidents and send them to prison. Not over something like that.

  3. What about the black female police officer that was killed in New York???
    She was killed for no reason by another man of color. Who is going to care about this woman???
    Lets hear about it too!!!!

    1. A couple.black retired police officers killed during the riots 1 was 70
      Many cops have been killed during the riots. Someone walked up and shot into a police car execution style wounding a couple officers

    2. @Robin Teigen Of course we are all human and equal, I never said anything otherwise.
      But this protesting is out of hand. People are getting hurt. And the news is one sided about it all. Many black people are angry because they believe the oppression word is being shoved down their throats. I think there are better ways to finish this issue.

  4. “A taser is allegedly taken from the officer” No, you can see security camera footage WHERE HE DID
    The man also blew over the legal limit from alcohol, resisted arrest, wrestled with officers when they were just calmly trying to cuff him, he runs with a stolen weapon, AND HE FIRES IT AT THE OFFICERS.
    Wake up you sheeple, if you complain about Trump (Which funny enough I don’t support) arm yourself with information don’t let ANY BIASED media lead you down a path of misinformation.

    1. Eric Echols Sr. 1. If it was 6-7 strides I would definitely not need to watch it in slow motion as he would have ran about 25 feet away. 2. I wasn’t saying what the forensic pathologist’s job was. I was clowning on you for insinuating just because the forensic pathologist said that it was homicide that it’s a done deal. Stupid andddd 0 sense of humor. What a great combo

    2. @Nessuno Dorme that yes tazer can be met with leathal force. Tazer incapacitate so leathal force is lawful.

  5. 5:47 “until it wasn’t” MSNBC’s way of skirting true reporting that “he was resisting arrest”. Thanks MSNBC for your continuing lack of honest journalism, it’s what we need right now.

    1. Uhh obviously it’s right there on tape, everyone saw it. It’s how they handled the situation that is the problem.

    2. And someone who looks on only one side of the story. We really need that right now. cough cough sp02

  6. “Police officer shoot an *unarmed* black man in the back”…?? Unarmed??? I guess that aging news anchor needs to get stronger glasses so she can actually report on what really happened.

    1. lmao imagine trying to justify what that guy did, maybe next time don’t take a cops taser and try shooting at him

    2. @Raymond Shotwell
      “pausing???” hahahaha, he never broke his stride, just fired wildly, you must be watching the Disney version.

  7. Cops now will have to be shot multiple times before they can shoot back. Any new cops should be thinking of looking for a new line of work.

    1. Abu Moutasim sorry but racism isn’t as big a problem as you and others are making it out to be. Bigger than racism is the Black on Black crime and killing of each other. Guess that’s okay though because at least it’s a brother killing a brother, right? Sorry, shouldn’t have wasted my time pointing that out because your mind was made up a long time ago I am sure.

    2. @fre mo Ah, the classic two wrongs cancelling / first stone rights argument. As always, irrelevant.

    3. @UC_MRa6BfKnfEipMz4SqggIw Chasing whether it is highway patrol chasing cars or police shootout in public is strictly forbidden in many countries. It is so easy to eventually arrest someone afterwards when they realize the futility of getting away with a crime. What the heck is the hurry?

    4. @UC_MRa6BfKnfEipMz4SqggIw The way it works in other places is the police ask the person to come quietly, then they will attempt a physical arrest. If they are losing control they let the person go, call in assistance to locate. If not located, they use identification from body or surveillance to make an arrest at a later time. Where is the public danger posed by this man? Why is it so urgent to control when identification is so easy:

  8. LOL never in the history of DWI arrests have the cops ever just let a person go and go pick them up later.. that makes them liable for anything else he does while under the influence.

    1. @Fire Chicken They may be required to do it but they don’t always do it. I watched on youtube a story about a cop actually helping a woman who caused a fender bender. The woman was crying with her face in her hands. She told the cops that she was having a breakdown because of her home situation. Instead of arresting the woman the cops helped her and her grandchildren. Like I said before some cops are simply more empathic

    1. It’s genuinely outrageous to me. Not the cop’s fault. It’s the wild west policing strategy of immediate and violent apprehension that is unnecessary and not part of policing at all in most countries without the sky falling in.

    2. @Bradley Smith I think where we differ is that I know cops are authorized to used deadly force when their lives are in danger. The police classify a taser as “Less than legal weapon”
      Look and LISTEN closely at the video, he was cooperating, they started to handcuff him and he was cooperating and then they tased him, that’s when he jumped.
      I can’t say I wouldn’t have jumped and pulled away if they tased me while I was cooperating. But I understand and being human beings I’d expect the same out of the cops.

    3. I’ll agree with you, he was armed.
      He didn’t bring arms to threaten the cops, he took their less than lethal weapon from them.

      They had other none lethal weapons to equalize the situation, not to mention there was more of them. And of course, they knew who he was, they could have picked up later.

    4. @TeleComDog We are not going to agree on this. If you watch the dashcam footage the 2nd officer doesn’t have a taser drawn until after the scuffle starts. That sound is the result of a small camera between 3, 200+ pound men fighting each other. I think it is a huge stretch to say he took the less deadly weapon deliberately, he was acting belligerently.

  9. Watched the WHOLE video. Looked 100% justified. OUTRAGE GROWS??? because they want it to. WTF is going on here?

    1. E P they shot him in the back! They could have diffused the situation and picked him up later. They had his car, address, and dui.

    2. Bethesda Gamer7 So cops are supposed to fight fair? When someone points a taser, (considered a deadly weapon under law), at an officer, it can serious injure them and leave them defenseless. Allowing the suspect to grab the officer’s gun. Cops can’t just allow that to happen. They respond with greater force to an immediate threat. Which is exactly what happened. Hence why it’s justified. Cops can’t take risks. If someone aimed a taser at me and I killed them it would be legal. Lawyers and cops probably know that stuff better than most people, including you.

    3. @Bethesda Gamer7 if a man was shooting a taser at you from a distance and all u had to defend yourself was a gun and a baton which would be useless from a distance what would you instinctively do to defend yourself from being tased in that split second? Would u stand there and let yourself be tased?

    4. Jessica Parola yes rather than deal with the guilt of killing someone for the rest of my life

  10. headline black man.. how is the color part. he was drunk committed a crime got arrested then attacked two cops and took his taser then hit the cop. ran away a shot the taser at the cop.. all of this is undisputed its on video. you attack a cop you shot a taser at them you are the cause.. the cops did not pull out a random person and shot them in cold blood.. he was going to jail his actions now hes in the morgue hes fault. the cops were doing their job.. if he did not fall a sleep and killed someone with his car you would ask why did someone not stop him.. but none of this is about color. stop trying to paint every issue as racism

    1. there are a lot of videos of white men taking tasers away from cops and living to tell the story. shooting someone in the back makes you a coward.

  11. Why did Brooks run? Simple answer: he was on parole for a previous conviction of domestic abuse and knew he’d be sent back to the slammer for more than just one night in the drunk tank.

  12. The only outrage I see is towards the fake news media for irresponsible reporting. Justice was served for this thug and everyone knows it. There needs to be justice for the cop who lost his job and for the Wendy’s employees who lost their jobs.

  13. Still shot a man in the back.
    Humanist: “This did not have to happen”.
    Deplorables: “He shouldna fought the cop”.
    Those with souls never miss the point

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