Outrage in Jamaican Parliament - A House Divided | TVJ News - May 12 2021 1

Outrage in Jamaican Parliament – A House Divided | TVJ News – May 12 2021


Outrage in parliament this afternoon after the speaker of the house Marissa Dalrymple Philibert said she would only entertain a divide in certain circumstances. According to the house speaker the rules of parliament make it clear that a divide should only be recognized when there is uncertainty about a clear majority but the opposition took issue with the speaker's position.

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    1. The Jamaican Government is a failure current Jamaica finally become the 2nd to poorest caribbean nation again, the economy grew an average 1% for 40 conservative years ,I thing that they are all in drug ,because they make the same mistake over and over again.

  1. Why is Mark wasting time? With the government having a very clear majority where is the uncertainty in the voting unless I’m missing something.

  2. This two parties system don’t work for Jamaica Abolish it run the country like like a corporation CEO president and board of directors and each respective municipalities in such manner, we need a new constitution one that works for Jamaica and not for outside influence one that lifts the people out of poverty and creates prosperity for all on an equal plateau educated or uneducated.

    1. @Hugh Porter I should say look for job creators, the Jamaica stock exchange, would be a place to start people who have built actual revenue producing company’s
      Economist, physicist , scientist, mathematicians, statisticians, lawyers, engineers , mostly PhD holders mostly, no more try a thing politicians we make dictions based on Data not on argument debating get things right the first time around we need leadership that think jobs, jobs, jobs .

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