OUTRAGE in Kingston 11 | Spike in Jamaica's Covid-19 Cases | TVJ News - May 17 2021 1

OUTRAGE in Kingston 11 | Spike in Jamaica’s Covid-19 Cases | TVJ News – May 17 2021


There's now outrage in Kingston 11, Jamaica after a controversial police shooting in Belrock this morning which has left one man deceased.

0:00 – Introduction
4:31 – Concerns About Rising Covid-19 Death Toll in Hanover, Jamaica
9:44 – St. Ann Teen Changes Story in Court
16:06 – The Business Minute

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    1. I would like to know if the government of his country waiting for everyone to get covid-19 because the case is still going up under your plane still coming in the country rapidly I would like to know what’s happening and again the guns are killing more people more than covid sooner or later is all building and trees I do not understand

  1. the hotels are keeping parties thats why plenty people going there. and when they do they dont wear mask..

    1. The mask is not and has never been the solution in slowing the spread of this thing. It doesn’t matter which mask is worn. Many of my peers wear a mask on the job and some still fall ill and overcome.

    2. @Living on Purpose !! Truth! Masks, distancing & hand sanitizer all lower your natural immune system & leave you more vulnerable to illness! Everyone admitted to hosp with covid are Vitamin D Deficient esp dark skinned ppl! The Gene Therapy doesn’t meet criteria for a vaccine, its only approved for Emergency Use b/c they refuse to acknowledge these proven life saving drugs like Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin! If you take this untested poison YOU ARE THE GUINEA PIG! Once its injected its only in you for life!

  2. JPS just want to collect and dont spend nothing back into Jamaica system, how terrible this is.

  3. This 13 year old girl was probably influenced to change her story. Maybe the family was threatened. Maybe she had consented to one man and the others joined in. Whatever the case, we know that she is under the age of consent so that does not make much difference for the men. Carnal abuse.

  4. So true…JPS need a competition…they are so inconsiderate…there is no office in Clarendon…residence has to travel to Mandeville or Kingston to speak with a customer rep…

    1. U see why the Mayors of the Parishes make no sense. Some people say, if 13 mayor cant do th he Job, how iz 1 Mayor gon do it. Thas how much they mess up unnu mind. New York got 1 Mayor, who answer to 8 million people.

  5. If you look on all the workers at the jps you wouldn’t take their pictures in the middle of the night it may end up in a blackout

  6. Are someone told her they are going to kill her and the family something is wrong this needed to look in from all angles

  7. JPS service is atrocious. I have tried dealing with them several times and it is disgusting the way they treat people.

  8. Everyone knows that JPS is a wicked task Master who takes great pleasure in fleecing the people.

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