Outrage Over Cruise Ship Visit in Lockdown | TVJ News 1

Outrage Over Cruise Ship Visit in Lockdown | TVJ News


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    1. @Grim Grimy when you can’t say something substantial against a person for what they are doing, then you take the low road and attack the person’s features. So Sad, I see you have self hate. I hope you know no matter how you appear/ look, you are beautiful in God’s eye, it’s your character that matters most.

  1. So if one person on the ship has a new variant, all they need is one staff member to catch it and go home and Jamaica will suffer and our time in our cells (curfew) is in vain. Vaccines do not prevent the spread of the virus

    1. New variants is already here since ATI Negril friends got sick bad still in Falmouth unit ……… any questions????????

    1. Politics again every day Andrew and his friends that’s all you hear but no responsibility for individual actions like hide and party people pack up in bars and hide party that’s why Westmorland is so high on infections

  2. Really could have fooled me so you don’t want them to mix so let me understand them workers who a interact not going home to them family ????

  3. But I’m sure hungry, fearful of crime, covid,unemployment people will still vote…but again as muta says “no better barrel “two headed dragon..

  4. Yes …and the tourists said that Jamaica looks like ghost town because they saw no one. Why some persons are free to go to work and some are under house arrest .

  5. Whoever was talking and said that Jamaica’s benefit from the cruise line coming is a hypocrite and Andrew holness is a hypocrite to

    1. Woman go sidung wid you lie benifit weh ..a onuh give impression like di whole a jamaica hav covid onuh galang yah

  6. Your very response substantiates the white man day narrative as you have now revealed to us that you only included ordinary Jamaicans to provide the help (janitor/security/guest services) for the day!!

    1. Yes, subservient Jobs to the white system has always been essential and has always been in their interest no surprise here all must be reaveal and is revealing and it is down to the masses to respond in an organise and revolutionary manner

  7. When the virus broke out poor people get the blame, but unu same one a make Andrew lead unu into Destruction, kmt look pon unu to

  8. KIMBERLY no one is asking whether it BENEFITS …the QUESTION is… ITS a NO MOVEMENT day designated by the countrys GOVERNMENT…of course its a WHITE MAN DAY…colonialism was definately apparent .Privileged ones benefited and the SERFS do the tidying up…

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