Outrage Over Increase for Parliament Salaries – Dr Nigel Clarke | TVJ All Angles

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    1. The only other countries I have heard of where the government operates like this is in some poorly governed African countries and not to say all of them are like that but it’s similar. Where the government takes the most for itself.

  1. Asual Jamaicans will not do anything about it, just pure talk for 9 days, and that’s it.

  2. Every time I hear about it a heavy piece a pain just rushes across my body. In a poor country like Jamaica with so many debts??? No matter what you people say there’s no way you can justify such an increase

  3. Wow… That’s embarrassing. This man single-handedly made a bad situation worse by trying to further insult the intelligence of the public!

  4. How disingenuous can a man get. The adjustment/restructuring of public sector workers salaries was done because it was found that they were being paid below market value. Politicians were not being paid below market value hence their salaries can be justified in the same way. Jamaican politicians are well paid in comparison to their Caribbean counterparts.

  5. I just love Mrs Miller an educated woman willing to fight for the people of our country.. you feel like making comparisons justified anything smh not all of us are uneducated

    1. is she fighting though or she just bringing the issues to the fore while benefitting from it?

    2. At least she is doing something about , the rest of us are just sitting by while the country burns

    3. I wish Nigel would have asked her how much she got paid and how much she paid her employees, there and then we can compare mangoes and mangoes

    4. @Jovaun Codner That would not be relevant though as she is in the private sector. Public officials should not be dealing with the taxpayers’ purse like they are operating a business. If the journalists and general media houses in the country would press the government without fear or favour they would be more circumspect and respectful to the Jamaican public at large. My hats off to the host for pressing Nigel as she did.

  6. I knew they were gluttonous but this….this is beyond redemption. How can a government be this shameless???

  7. The politicians are not serving the people; they are serving themselves. And the die-hearted will still vote for their party when the party is not looking out for them. What a shame

    1. “The politicians are not serving the people; they are serving themselves”🤔🤔🤔… You just come to that realization??

  8. I can’t understand why TVJ never upload All Angles full broadcast on YouTube like they do their news and other shows? 🤔. Kudos to Dion for her usual sherp mind and brilliance of cutting through the politician filibuster and distraction from the question. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  9. If they were losing their job when they do these nonsense, they would have not been so bold, politicians are taking advantage of the people for so long, and never once any one of them, ever lost their job or held accountable, this is disgusting to say the least.

  10. Mrs Miller I love you, no one can take you for a fool. I totally understand Mrs Miller what you were asking. It is a shame what they are doing to the people of this country

  11. This is why many teachers are not putting out the effort, nurses and doctors are not pushing themselves. Police just doing the basic. There’s no need to invest in our jobs and positions. What for? To be disrespected…? Come on….lead by example. I am appalled. This is outrageous.

  12. This is the best interviewing that I have seen for a while. Nigel came with smoke and mirrors😂. Damn she destroyed his act. Well done. Stand up Jamaica. Enough is enough!!

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