'Outrageous!': Dems Blast Reported Data Seizure By Trump DOJ 1

‘Outrageous!’: Dems Blast Reported Data Seizure By Trump DOJ

A stunning New York Times report reveals that Trump's Justice Department subpoenaed data on House Intelligence Democrats, along with their aides and family, while searching for leaks. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Katie Benner who co-wrote the Times report – plus Frank Figliuzzi and Jeremy Bash.
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    1. @Al Jirou too easy. i can do it a number of ways.
      lets’ just go with this one:
      IF the election was rigged, that means:
      -every state, and every state election official
      – every major media outlet, from MSNBC to Fox to all international outlets,
      -the last administrations DOJ and other agencies involved in election security
      -all local law enforcement
      -every judge that’s looks at the matter,
      -every other group that has looked into it
      -and 45’s own lawyers, who repeatedly claimed they were not alleging fraud…
      ALL of them either missed the fraud or are engaged in a massive cover up.
      that’s thousand sand thousands of ppl, many of them die hard 45 supporters.

      every allegation that has been looked into by everyone has shown no proof of widespread fraud, and many if not most of the above looked into almost all the allegations.

      so, why is the ENTIRE COUNTRY lying to you?

      you should ask yourself that.

    2. @V for Wombat And stop with the 60 judges crap. Many of those cases were dropped by the local RNC chapters in favor of the pursuit on a federal level, and the rest never saw the inside of a courtroom purely at the discretion of judges who insisted they had procedural issues. They didn’t. What the gutless and probably threatened judges knew was that if they allowed the cases to move forward, the discovery process would blow the lid off of everything.

      As far as “other groups that have looked into it,” who were these mythical “other groups”? LOL.

    3. @V for Wombat YOU need to ask YOURSELF why the leftist media is lying to you along with the Democrats. Biden is unfit for office, and they hid his agenda from the American people. If that isn’t a total lie and con before an election, I don’t know what is. The left lies outright in a manner destructive and divisive for our country starting with the lie that Trump is to blame for our divisiveness. He merely exposed what they’ve been fomenting for a decade. How many examples would you like?

      * very fine people
      * asked people to inject bleach
      * called the virus a hoax
      * ordered the Proud Boys to stand back and stand by
      * embraces white supremacy
      * losers and suckers
      * kids in cages
      * tax cheat
      * stole from his charity
      * Russian collusion
      * told supporters to storm the Capitol

      …then in general…

      * Biden hasn’t been selling his influence around the world for years through Hunter Biden
      * laptop story was “Russian disinformation” (that lie alone stole the election forget all the fraud that occurred)
      * systemic racism defines America
      * blacks are being shot by police disproportionately and unjustly (that one led to riots and looting causing over $1 billion in damage, lost businesses/livelihoods and over 30 dead
      * Derek Chauvin “murdered” George Floyd (as if there was any intent)
      * armed insurrection
      * no evidence for election fraud
      * global warming is leading to our destruction in 12 years
      * the old racist KKK and Jim Crow Democrats became Republicans in a party switch
      * CRT isn’t racist and should be taught to our children
      * BLM deeply cares about the black community
      * Al Sharpton. Tariq Nasheed and a host of other “black leaders” aren’t complete race-baiters and grifters (fun fact: Booker T. Washington was complaining about race baiters all the way back in 1911).
      * CNN (and the rest of the liberal media) doesn’t have a political agenda
      * systemic racism is holding black kids back from achieving whatever they like
      * white European settlers committed genocide to found America and therefore we should all feel guilty rather than proud of our country
      * FOX and other conservative channels are the true purveyors of fake news

      …and on and on and on.

      They’re the real liars and con artists who try to shift the blame to President Trump for overestimating crowd size.

      Give me a break. Go ahead. Try to name a solid five lies told and retold by conservative media, and of those, name ONE that divides the country in a corrosive manner.

      The leftist lie that systemic racism is causing police to gun down blacks in the streets at disproportionate rates caused over a billion dollars in damage and resulted in 30 deaths. Not to mention the lie of systemic racism hurts black kids by telling them the deck is stacked against them.

      They also swung the election to Biden by claiming the Hunter laptop story was “Russian disinformation.” Meanwhile, Tony Bobulinski had already held a press conference the night of the last presidential debate and confirmed that not only was Biden lying when he said he knew nothing about Hunter’s business dealings (a lie he repeated at that debate), but also that Biden was the “big guy” receiving 10% as his share for selling his influence around the world including to enemy China.

      Then there’s the whole “no evidence of election fraud” lie parroted by all the “journalists” in the fake news.

      Just to name a few fake news lies with dire consequences.

    4. @V for Wombat So go ahead. The left had motive and opportunity to steal the election, and that’s exactly what they did. Prove me wrong. All you did was raise questions to cast doubt without investigating which is EXACTLY what the MSM did. They also anointed themselves as the arbiters of who wins a presidential election. They lied calling Biden president-elect before the electors had even voted. Until then, the rest of us are as much “president-elect” as he claimed. They called all of their detractors crazy, refused to allow us to examine the machines and, my favorite, censored all opposing views. Nothing screams confidence in your result quite like censorship.

    5. @TruthSeeker08 Right, but unfortunately there are plenty of people who through hissy fits when things don’t go their way. And then when they do the “something wrong”, they ignore it because it helps their strawman argument.

    1. You do realize that the guy Trump “spied on” was the guy caught red handed banging actual Chinese spies right?

      Which makes that the single most valid phone tapping in the history of phone tapping

    2. Just because you don’t know and can’t « recall ! » doesn’t mean it is not so. Use what’s left of your muscles.

    3. @Ben Shapyro their children? Please tell me who got caught banging Chinese spies? Did you actually listen to the story? Smh

    4. @Christopher Hughes What’s genuinely pathetic is that you don’t know who the person is.

      talk about a fcking cult lmao good lord

  1. It’s almost as if the patriot act has flaws and should be removed with bipartisanship support.

    1. @OkammakO Is that why Biden got rid of America first? what a bunch of hypocrites you demwittedcrats are, go take your CRT pill

    2. I can see the fix now; Continue doing this to the citizens but we must stop doing it against government officials, well republican officials at least.

  2. Who was the JUDGE that sign off on these subpoena’s, ?
    what evidence did they have or created they gave to the JUDGE ?
    investigation even after they found nothing ?

    1. hhmmmm are you saying the courts are biased? no way !!! we were told questioning the courts decision was out of line and an attack on democracy!! whats the change of heart for?

    2. An honest judge who had enough to sign the subpoenas lol!! Turnabout is FAIR PLAY. What are you worried about? The truth? Didn’t Fauci’s coverup teach you anything?

    3. @someonewhoknows1000 The people in this entire comment section are all under 18. You can’t be 30+ and be this freaking dumb. I think the intentional dumbing down of an entire generation is worthy of the death penalty, and a complete wash of all Democrat politicians. Say what you will about the GOP, but they’re not trying to sexualize our K-12 children, and teaching them to hate their own home or color.

    4. @Justin Ott What in the world is the level of your reading comprehension? I’m not against the GOP. I said TURNABOUT IS FAIR PLAY!! Democrats lodged one false claim after another against Trump – now you have the Democrats crying and Polosi saying outrageous, egregious, wrong ???

      Try reading posts before jumping next time buddy. BTW, I’m well over 30 years old and a former ABC and BOD member.

  3. The stack of sealed indictments must be close to the ceiling by now, just wait until that sh*t pile starts to slide…karma.

    1. This wasn’t and won’t be an indictment.
      The video even says it was legal under the Patriot Act

  4. In other news, senate officials start following each other’s every move to try to find dirt on each other

    1. @Jay Tuff The IG report found sufficient evidence of wrong doing by Hilary and the report and evidence was turned over to Ken Starr. It all disappeared afterwards just like Whitewater, Benghazi, and so many others. I have insider info about her complicity on Benghazi, but that is all I can say about it.

    2. @Joe Dead Thanks for your comment, but there is plenty of classified info on Filegate and Benghazi that the public does not have access to or the press has subverted

    3. @Len Wilkinson LMAO…so, you have no evidence except your BELIEF. thanks for proving you have a child like mentality…they tend to operate on blind belief too. eventually most grow up, seems you never did.

    4. @Joe Dead No need to make it personal. I don’t fault you for not knowing what you don’t know because you have access to only the redacted reports and not to the full reports. Others do, and they know that the truth. Regardless, further discussion is irrelevant just as H. is.

  5. “Eventually accountability …” I’m getting skeptical if this will happen in this present world before the Last Judgment. Hope to be proved wrong.

  6. Why is Brian Williams on TV?
    He was suspended for half a year for lying.
    Google it. He said he got off a helicopter in Iraq or something and he was taking heavy fire from Al-Qaeda.
    What a tool

  7. Bumbling bully Billy Barr: “I’m very concerned that the DOJ must never be allowed to become politically weaponized!”

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