Over 100 Republicans Threaten To Form New Party 1

Over 100 Republicans Threaten To Form New Party


The day after Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) was removed from House GOP leadership, more than 100 influential Republicans released a call for reforms within the party and threatened to form their own if the GOP doesn't change. NBC's Garrett Haake, Politico's Eugene Daniels, and one of those Republicans — former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman — joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the group's efforts. Plus, Jon Meacham places the current GOP divide in historical context.
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    1. So getting rid of healthcare for all is better for the country? Maybe it’s a good thing they are imploding

    1. 110% agree, Democrats are not perfect by any means, no party is, but they are eons better than the GQP who are TOXIC AF and more interested in absolute power rather than helping Americans and improving lives… Republicans have turned into Republikkkans, they are a disgrace to humanity

    2. Well that and:
      – infrastructure
      – increased minimum wage
      – college loan relief
      – improved healthcare
      – improved education
      – improved diplomatic relations with our allies
      – concern over the environment
      – clean drinking water
      – ending the pandemic
      – getting tax revenue through tax enforcement
      – etc

  1. Back in the days, Lindsey Graham had warned everyone (and himself) that if trump became their leader, he would destroy the GOP: this day has come. Compelling prediction, Lindsey.

    1. Hi I’m joe Biden, I destabilized the oil production in the USA making gas more expensive, I also destabilized the boarder, l also support Iran and letting them grow their nuclear weapons, I don’t support Israel. I also support Taliban killing school girls. Do you want more?

  2. Remember when Lindsey Graham said Trump would destroy the Republican party? One of the only things he’s been right about.

    1. @Damen Rabbitt it’s not our fault we’re insulting nearly half the country. We didn’t tell them to vote for bigoted, misogynistic, fascistisc, greedy, moronic, hypocritical, lying, wannabe-dictator demagogue. Not our fault half the country is a) racist; b) greedy; c) fascist; d) stupid; or e) any combination of the previous four choice adjectives.

    2. Proof that drinking your own toilet water really works and that’s what you do.

  3. It’s insane and because it’s not just “going to go away”.. we’re going to end up having to fight for truth.. mentally, emotionally and eventually physically..

    1. @Michael McDonald .. lots of people have been fascist and killed in the name of fascism and oppression while simultaneously believing they were fighting for freedom..

    2. @M H you’re describing yourself. I believe in small government and that you have rights that cannot be taken because they were not given. That is not what you fascists believe.

    3. We should not even have to think about fighting to keep our rights. The Constitution stipulates all that is needed, and the DOJ should have the power to

    4. @Michael McDonald Wouldn’t expect you to say anything else with that last name Mr. McDONALD. LMFascistAO.

  4. Absolutely!!! This is a marvelous idea and one that is long overdue. The extremist Republican party isn’t the answer for so many Republicans.

  5. It make you wonder, how many times those 124 retired military leaders lied to the soldiers under their charge ,during their active duty

    1. And all you need is for soldiers to be questioning the integrity of their commanding officers while on a mission or on the battle field.

    2. @David Johnson They should be questioning them now before they end up on a battlefield. Look at all who have died over “yellow cake” and the petro dollar in the last 20 yrs. Warmongers should be executed …..just think of how many young German men died for the lies of their commanding officers. If you are going to die …..it should be for the truth…..not the military industrial complex.

  6. Liz Cheney: “republicon party has to be based on truth”
    That ship has sailed when her father was the first time in office.

    1. That ship sailed with Nixon.

      Republican administrations have had over 90 times as many convicted felons as the Democrats since the end of the LBJ admin.

      They have changed from a conservative Christian party to redistributing the collective wealth of the middle class to the rich and tell any lie they have to to get conservatives to let them party.

  7. To refer to the violent mob that attacked the Capitol Building as tourist is an indication of just how far they have become detached from reality and the truth.

    1. I’m pretty sure that there were lots of Germans, in or out of the Nazi Party, who started saying that Kristal Nacht never happened. At least until they were the ONLY political party in Germany, and then they grew proud of their violent deeds on that dreadful night.

    2. @Killah K don’t forget the police officer died of natural causes and wasn’t killed that the media claimed

  8. It’s not that “Power corrupts”. It’s more like “Power attracts the corruptible”.

    1. It is proven fact that the vast majority of positions of power are filled by sociopaths. These individuals will do whatever it takes to achieve, and maintain, their status – without remorse. People often stereotype sociopaths as the maniacal, dangerous, criminals portrayed by Hollywood. These are accurate characteristics but they are also intelligent and cunning. There are particular professions that are predominantly filled with sociopaths: CEOs and politicians.

    2. @PJ Celeste
      A proven fact?
      Do tell.
      But I get your point.
      I would add the defects of 45 in there as well,
      A narcissistic Psychopath and pathological liar.

    1. @Brett Salter Meaning many Americans don’t know the definitions’ of those words and/or don’t know how to properly interpret actions and plans to fit those definitions. They give ridiculous media talking points as if they are the gospel.

    1. She also can afford to give Dump’s cultists the middle finger. By virtue of her corrupt daddy, she has a lot of support behind the scenes, outside of congress. I don’t have any sympathy for any Rethuglicon. They created their Frankenstein, that includes the Cheneys.

    1. @Conner RS Mainstream lied for 5 years when it came to Trump. This same media CNN that is now anti-conservative was happy to promote the Iraq war. You think leftwing media isn’t doing the same thing with catering to emotions and knee jerk reactions? This is how out of touch with reality Americans are. And if you think the world just looks at the right wing as having something wrong with them you’re in for a rude surprise. Its too easy for me to go month by month from 2015 till now to point out the lies of leftwing media, very easy to prove. But then people on the left will say stuff like “I’m entitled to my opinion” lol I’m not too impressed with Americans intellect. They seem to have massive amount of ego and pride to not look at a different point of view, even one that breaks the illusion of 2 choices or binary thinking. The binary thinking is what gets Americans into trouble.

      BTW right wing media isn’t always incorrect like people want to think.

    2. @J C Ok, give me an example. What are they doing in particular that you don’t like? What exactly are they lying about? The Iraq War ended 10 years ago and I don’t recall left-wing media supporting it. Please provide examples of what you aren’t enjoying about it.

    3. @TrollKing9001 Hi I’m joe Biden, I destabilized the oil production in the USA making gas more expensive, I also destabilized the boarder, l also support Iran and letting them grow their nuclear weapons, I don’t support Israel. I also support Taliban killing school girls. Do you want more?

    4. ​@TrollKing9001 You should know better than to try and strike up a conversation with me with that user name. LOL BTW if you don’t know the leftwing media lies you’re not very informed or you love the lies.

    5. @J C Please, tell me what exactly they are lying about. I want to hear what’s on your mind.

  9. “If we elect Donald Trump our party will be destroyed and we will deserve it” -Lindsey Graham.

    1. @Jaws TrockVoter id ensures one voter, one vote; and thus roots out millions of improper votes

    2. @Ivan Castillo There’s only been three people found to have committed voter fraud in 2020, and all three were Trump voters. Also tell me how many past presidents were actually invalid because we didn’t have photo ID’s back in the 1800’s.

  10. For some of those people, what happened on Jan 6 truly was a normal day for them. They need psychologists to undo their dementia

  11. All of the ones who had anything to do with the riot have to be held accountable for their parts in the riot. NOW!!!

    1. @Upper 90 More than 95% of those protests were peaceful. Yeah sure, there were some that got out of hand, but you can’t just label them all as rioters and looters because a few of them turned violent. Nobody’s denying what happened. It’s just that Fox News and other right-wing networks are overexaggerating it.

    2. @TrollKing9001 95% of the people that went into capital only tresspassed..
      Yes your denying what happen when you dont point out those that create violence, used manipulation against local government and citizens.. thier domestic terrorist..

  12. I’ve been saying this for YEARS. We need fresh viable options on both sides. And we need a middle. Lord do we need a middle.

    1. I completely agree… I’m really surprised that more people don’t get behind independents. People that are truly centered. Those that can say we don’t want extreme government oversight but understands the federal government must be in charge, fair taxes, less foreign interference but knows keeping a strong hand abroad keeps us safe at home, believes in climate change but knows we need certain resources etc. I think once this person is elected both sides will start having dialogue instead of arguments.

  13. I always love the line from Captain America… “People forget the first country the Nazis invaded was Germany.”

    1. @AJ Rimmer
      Way, way off topic of the news briefing
      I believe
      Captain America = Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans)
      Do you agree?
      I’m a big fan of superhero movies. Most of them anyway.

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