Over 150 Hospital Workers Fired Or Quit Over Refusing To Get Vaccines 1

Over 150 Hospital Workers Fired Or Quit Over Refusing To Get Vaccines


More than 150 employees at a Houston hospital system who refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine have been fired or resigned after a judge dismissed an employee lawsuit over the vaccine requirement. The Morning Joe panel discusses.
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    1. @Yung Cris people who don’t want the vaccine are not anti vaccers I’ve had all the vaccines it’s just most people don’t wanna take a non fda approved vaccine that was made in less than a year and makes people’s heart swell

  1. Comment section like these are one of the few situations that help me keep faith that not all is lost.

  2. Newsom is giving away $50,000 for prize money for a vacation lottery… but he will not get vaccinated himself! Hhmmm I wonder why not?

    1. @vertigo20001 …and just today a link has been shown between vaccinations and heart inflammation in men under 30.

  3. Why do people need to be bribed? This doesn’t make sense. Medical professionals are skeptical of the vaccine and you are still trying to make it sound like ignorance. For shame.

    1. @CptUnderpantz conspiracy theory is a word used by liberal democraps to describe people smart enough to use critical thinking

    2. @CptUnderpantz conspiracy theory is a word used by liberal democraps to describe people smart enough to use critical thinking

    3. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ It is still possible to get it and spread it although less likely- that is why.

    1. @Viktor Boyko Funny how you idiots think only democrats get abortions- 70% of Americans are ok with it under certain conditions. When YOU get pregnant then YOU decide!

    2. @m karas Murdering someone goes far beyond just “putting them at risk.” Talk about not understanding basic facts. Ripping a child apart limb from limb and taking their life is less risky then potentially getting someone sick with a virus that has a 99% recovery rate? Lmbo Wow. Mindblowing. And hey, smartypants, the shot doesn’t prevent you from getting or spreading the “scary” virus. It only give you a chance of getting it less severely if you do get it. Basic facts!

    3. They have the right to say they don’t want the vaccine and the hospital has a right to fire them. It’s that’s simple

    4. @commonsense not so common I agree 1000%. Hospitals have almost always required employees to have certain vaccines etc. This is no different.

    1. @vertigo20001

      Who cares what you think, lady. Health care workers are in high demand. They’ll literally walk across the street and be employed.

      I hope this keeps you up at night.

    1. @ross meroe free cheeseburgers free cars free marijuana is very strange to me especially the marijuana part because at one point it was illegal now they’re giving it away for free but what really disturbs me is them giving out free guns

    2. Thank you for having courage and wisdom to follow your instincts. A nurse from Las Vegas confirmed that this was not as the media was portraying it, like empty beds when media was saying hospitals were full and covid swabs coming back positive when they had not been swabbed on anyone!

    1. @dodgeplow they can lie about statistics. Show an article from a proven source that can back your statistics

    2. @dodgeplow ah yes because msnbc is known for having actual polls and always telling the truth right

    3. @The future Is my lead is it too difficult for you to actually listen to the story? They’re quoting the ama stats

  4. You got to ask yourself why medical professionals are refusing to take a “vaccine”

    1. If someone who swaps out bedpans for a living is a medical professional, then sure….medical professionals.

    2. @dodgeplow I don’t listen to any mainstream media source because it’s filled with nothing but lies, including that one. Any real medical professional that doesn’t bleed the colors of “the party” know that this vaccine is poisonous, so needless to say, I’m highly skeptical.

  5. “We need to destroy the lives of 99.9% of the population to protect the 0.1% that are vulnerable!”
    “If 0.1% of people die from the vaccine, that’s a tiny, irrelevant percentage.”

    1. Soo getting a shot destroys your life?? MY what a drama queen and baby you are. Plus the new variant is much more contagious and deadly than before..

  6. I’m not REAL enthusiastic about going to a hospital where the Doctors are soooooo weak minded that they GET vaccinated

  7. “People don’t have all the facts about it”
    Yah! So tell us ALL the facts. Educate us. Please.

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