Over 150,000 Doses of Astra Zeneca Vaccine to be Dumped | TVJ News – Oct 31 2021


  1. This does not sound accurate it was 160,000 at first. I understand people came forward yesterday. You guys are so hypocritical when he suggest mandate you all go for the prime minister.

    1. No must something make Dem no turn up u people behaving like a uno a feel the people Dem pain oh please

  2. I wouldn’t advise PM Brogad to enforce the mandate just yet. Enforcing the mandate like that can result in chaos.
    Instead, use data and see what happens (assuming that the data would be accurate and honest). Observe and see if persons will follow the covid guidelines. If the numbers are still increasing then you can start enforcing the mandate. Give the people a chance first to do the right thing or not.
    Remember that countries outside of Jamaica are slowly mandating the vaccine. Very soon even airlines will require you to be fully vaccinated in order to even be on the plane. In couple days time, one won’t be able to even travel to the USA unless they are fully vaccinated. So, Jamaica really don’t need to do any enforcing of the vaccine right now as other countries and entities outside of the country are already doing that for us.

    1. The ones that were to be dumped (though disturbing) would’ve SURELY prevented more people from getting infected. I hope you’ve at least considered getting vaccinated because all those who haven’t are not only at risk, but they’re prohibited from traveling abroad and employed in many places locally.

  3. They were paid for so dump them and let brogad fret about paying the pharmaceutical companies he took their vials

  4. Kmt how u know 4 wave a come..unuh stop force things on people because people’s cannot hold anyone accountable if anything happens to them.

  5. Unfortunately, I think Jamaicans would have greater faith in the Pfizer and that one is currently difficult to aquire. The Government must surely be mindful of this and take steps to address the matter.

  6. Why him no tek the 150000 dose him self. Save you all self like you all really care bout one jamaican, not one of you care. A because it a affect you a pretend like you all care.

  7. what hesitancy? at this point it’s refusal/rejection.. better to start taking an interest into why people are refusing more than calling for mandates, TVJ you need to start covering and or reporting on how citizens in other countries are responding to mandates “Go Brandon”..

  8. All these people who are talking about nandating they dont care if the economy mash up,go and mandate public transportations and see if the operators nuh pull their vehicles from off the road then there will be chaos.

  9. Persons not turning up for their second dose? people are scared because they are privy to what is happening to others.

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