Over 200 Lawmakers Call For Trump's Removal From Office After Capitol Hill Riot | MSNBC 1

Over 200 Lawmakers Call For Trump’s Removal From Office After Capitol Hill Riot | MSNBC


NBC News' Sahil Kapur reports on the efforts from lawmakers to have President Trump removed from office either by the 25th Amendment or impeachment after a deadly pro-Trump riot takes place in the U.S. Capitol.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Over 200 Lawmakers Call For Trump's Removal From Office After Capitol Hill Riot | MSNBC


    1. @Steve Gooden Take your twisted conspiracy theories back to your OAN/News Max safe space. No one is going to believe your lies.

  1. Mitch McConnell is always thinking about his own personal political concerns over and above the safety of our country. No change there. Typical treasonous Republican.

    1. @Terri Burnett ………Too late for that, plus, his corrupt wife resigned before an investigation was called on her axs. They’re all in on it. If MM ever gets investigated it won’t go well, and this is in addition to his obstruction of justice for the last 12 years for sure. No man turtle should have that much power.

    2. @Shawn Tipton ………As is satan at his job. What’s your point? I knew you were not American talking that crazy mess. You just need to worry about what’s going on over there. You do not know our politicians like we do. McTurtle needs to go so we can really get to work.

  2. He does Not have to be’in office’ to be impeached. There is precedent. Impeachment would assure that he cannot run again.

    1. He uses the I will run in 2024 as power..he is losing his power and it is a fate worse than death for his malignant narcissist personality ..he can no longer feed the beast with in him with his twitter fix..all apps are deleting ,if it is a platform for hate. He will now go into total meltdown …wonder if he is moved out of the Whitehouse ..or will they just toss his belongings out on the lawn?

    2. @Marlon Barlow hardly !!watched to many live mic videos with what they really think of trump and putin..one senator said he believe trump is being paid by Russians and the others laughed. Then he said swear to God..was told to not repeat it.. he was a former speaker of the house on the video Paul ryan

    3. @charles beaudry Watch “The 2016 conversation Paul Ryan wanted to keep private” on YouTubehttps://youtu.be/eFAugsKExNI. On Putin and Trump

    4. This is proof the Republicans know Trump is in tight with putin caught on hot mic..Watch “The 2016 conversation Paul Ryan wanted to keep private” on YouTubehttps://youtu.be/eFAugsKExNI

  3. I am watching this and i still can’t get my head around Americans doing this to their own country and democracy.

    1. They aren’t. And they are charging the terrorist traitors who attacked & tried to overthrow our government with trespassing. Not treason, or sedition, or terrorism. TRESPASSING.

    2. Yes, but about the media which was also complicit in propagating and promulgating the lies to the public which at the end incited them to act criminally and violently.

  4. Mitch had to get one last obstinate “Grim Reaper” action in before being busted down to minority leader.

    1. Trumps best friend lndias Presldent K0di advised trump to invade congress. https://youtu.be/IDWlMctDkVY watch at 1.10 .. lindian flag waving along c0nfederate during the ri0t. ….. & that guy is inian spy directly taking order from inian presldent kodi to ignite a civil war in the US
      .. just watch …. https://youtu.be/27Rs88zURVk .. all the inian people in the USA should be charged with esplonage & should be dep0rted back to their ancestral land which is Afrlca for trying to start a civil war in the USA mof0.

    2. “A beautiful sight to behold.” – Nancy Pelosi 2019 June on Rioters storming the Hong Kong Parliament with US & UK flags funded by CIA / NGO

    3. He’s just scared and when he’s scared he pulls his head in. When he’s VERY scared, though he gets mad, even though it’s just for half an hour.

  5. “Be you ever so high, the Law is above you” If America is to heal, justice must not only be done..it must be SEEN to be done.

    1. @uppgrayyed
      I would Imagine, that the FBI has seized all that information, pending all the things that took place…
      Just a Quess, but who knows ?

    2. @uppgrayyed
      Actually no. Heaps of people, news organisations etc., archive all his correspondence, including twitter itself.

    3. @AKJV1611 AND Received Text
      Thanks. I just subscribed and see he only has 1.37k subscribers. Word needs to get out because this man knows his stuff and puts it across so well. Even idiots could understand it. Though idiots probably don’t want to do so.

    4. @annakeye
      Your Welcome,
      Yeah, Dr. David Adler is a very knowledgeable Constitutional Scholar…
      After all the thing’s going on all at once.
      I needed to find a source, that will cut through all the disinformation.
      As for the number of Subscribers he has ? I agree. He needs more recognition.
      All the best…

  6. After everything he has already done in the past 4 yrs they are only now figuring this out? I cant believe this is reality.


  7. Mitch McConnell should be charged with obstruction of justice. His whole career has been nothing but obstruction along with miscalculations and failures.

    1. Exactly agree charge turtle neck with obstruction of Justice this is absolutely insurrection sedition of Democracy and Constitution incited by 45

    2. Mitch is a lobbyist.. his whole existance is to make big companies rich in face of moral judgement.. like most republicans .. they keep voting him back thinking he’s doing them good not knowing that he’s the one polluting their drinking waters.. don’t expect much since they think Trump is Jesus too.

  8. Mitch needs to go too, He should face charges of Obstruction of Justice if he continues to obstruct ousting Tonald Dump

  9. Schiff warned everybody, when the last impeachment failed in the senate, that they were leaving the door open for something very bad to happen.

    1. Yes he did. No one wanted to listen to Adam. He gave his all in researching and investigating all the corruption of djrump and his cronies and it seems like they all just tried to sweep it under the rug. There was no reason he shouldn’t have been impeached and FIRED right then when the opportunity was wide open, but noooo. There are so many people who have been complicit in all that’s happened during this administration.

    2. @Randy Moran where do we lack merit on this? and insults only show you have no merit, they are not an argument nor display sound reasoning.

  10. As the republicans decide again what is best when Adam Shiff asked them, “…how much damage can he do?!” “A lot!” That blood is on their hands and litigation wise they are also opening their doors. Wink wink. SMH. That party are fools & those who follow them who define themselves with them are just the same.

  11. He is a criminal he’s not fit to be in office little step foot on the grounds he needs to be arrested now

  12. They have to impeach and convict him and ban him along with all the criminal Republican traitors and seditionists. Those people pledged their loyalty to Donald J Trump not the United States.

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