Over $20m Robbed from Security Vehicle | TVJ News – June 8 2022

Over $20m Robbed from Security Vehicle | TVJ News - June 8 2022 1


  1. This is carelessness traveling with so much money and vehicle have mechanical problems they should have called the company so that another vehicle takes the cash how .They need to be thinking quick and fast in times like these.Smh

  2. Sounds like out of a movie. How convenient that the robbers were there exactly when the car broke down??


    • EXODUS 20:15
    • LEVITICUS 19:11
    • DEUTERONOMY 5:19
    • MARK 10:19
    • ROMANS 13:9
    • LUKE 18:20
    • MATTHEW 19:18
    • JAMES 2:11
    • EPHESIANS 4:28

  4. Them need to get all them phone information for the past few days cause obviously this was well plan nobody no thief like security officers

  5. This story is too incredible to be true I’m sure the guards were armed so my question is this they are carrying so much money and not even one of them was on high alert to their environment while the vehicle was being repaired ? didn’t they call in the problem so additional guards could be sent to the scene ? did all 4 of them have their heads under the bonnet of the vehicle which must be the case in order for a car to pull up and men jump out and surprise you with guns lol utter nonsense if you ask me but it’s no business of mine wish them luck

    1. Government don’t business with people dem just in power to collect taxes and own land etc get rich then retired live wealthy like pj , Portia and Bruce

  6. Wrath of Man part 2 starring the Jamaican version of Jason Statham coming to a theater near you!

  7. There is just too many guns and gangs actively involved in high criminality in Jamaica. Political garrisons and scamming has evolved into this killing spree that has taken over Jamaica. Extortions, kidnappings, rapes, shootings, hits, murders and robberies are making everyone living in constant fear. Yet we still cannot get our elected leaders to upgrade the outdated crime laws. Yet the borders are still loose where guns are imported daily. The security forces are trying to secure communities and reassure citizens but they are limited with the outdated laws plus they themselves are also at risk. When will our political leaders choose Jamaica 1st? No more Promises! Actions now! New laws now! If these politicians can’t make the right decisions because they want to protect criminals in their garrisons then they should resign and let others come in and make them

  8. Well planned nobody got hurt 20 million in the criminals hand to buy more Guns and Ammunition 🤣🤣🤣

  9. ,🤔🤔🤔 well the robbers have real good luck car problem at the right time wow!at least no one was hurt

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