Over 300 Nurses in Jamaica Call in Sick | TVJ News - August 25 2021 1

Over 300 Nurses in Jamaica Call in Sick | TVJ News – August 25 2021

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  1. So much for the nightingale oath for nurses, and the hypocratic oath for doctors is now a big hypocrisy , shame on them all.

    1. Shame on people like with you a poor mindset. Nurses are not robots, they are humans too. Calling in sick is a stance against the injustice . Would u like to work 12 hours a day not taking a break, putting patients needs before your own , playin the role of nurse, porter, secretary and housekeeper? Doing so many jobs and only getting a base pay of 78k to 80k? And if you want to make ends meet you have to do overtime. Overtime that most managers dont want to approve. So you go home with a few thousand dollars and expect to work with a smile. Just ridiculous! Not to mention not having working beds. Have to be taking restraints to tie up a bed. Coming to work no gowns, no gloves not even hand towel! And then you say shame on nurses? Being constantly overworked and disrespected. It needs to stop now

  2. They deseved to be well paid, use some of the money that taxpayers paid and pay nurses .their jobs are very challenging plus they hardly.have any family life. They have to be on frontline at all times.Dont let oppressors cause the highly skilled nurses that you trained here be taken away from you . .. Minisrry of Health and Govt… Pay The nurses in. Jesus Name.

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