Over 425K Immigration Records May Have Been Exposed on Jamaica's Covid Portal - February 19 2021 1

Over 425K Immigration Records May Have Been Exposed on Jamaica’s Covid Portal – February 19 2021


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    1. @Training Notes All this country needs is economic development, and educated work force and the capacity to produce all the goods and services we need, NIDS has anything to do with this.

    2. @Genchfa Manfunzi You are right however im answering the NIDS statement made by Nicole Gordon. If NIDS was anything good it would still be bad in this Government’s hand cus dem naave nuh sense. That was the point im making.

    1. Even countries are vulnerable to hacking, Prior to Trump leaving office, the Russians pulled off a big one on the US.

    2. Even whaday in the UK the Immigration Minister lose all Criminals details on a database, all these governments are up to something

    3. @Empress Jade Simeon Ellis These governments are powerless, you have an army of professional hackers on the job 24 hours a day , stealing information to sell to the highest bidder, and you have anti immigration forces at work, working with organize crime to clean government databases.

  1. Andrew Holness and Horace Chang is incompetent and should resign simple…who are they investigating themselves which would be the right thing.

  2. I hope they plan to contact those individuals whose information was exposed. This is highs of carelessness. kmt.

  3. Am really piss off with that stupid travel authorization Jamaica have to come Jamaica , Mr government pls cut it out , jus request covid test like any other countries

  4. It true we can’t believe it.that ment we wasn’t safe coming in covid then.jesus a what we hearing. I am so disappointed with Jamaica so we information out there for everybody to see. Wow

  5. Just wAit til NIDS is implemented then its gonna be the personal data of 3million Jamaicans!! But in that case govt wont care cuz we are not valued “tourists”

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