Over 800 Vaccinated at PSOJ Blitz | TVJ News - August 30 2021 1

Over 800 Vaccinated at PSOJ Blitz | TVJ News – August 30 2021


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    1. History gives proof that this is a serious issue, nothing about Babylon, the same people that talk about Babylon use Babylonian things everyday, days of the week, zodiac signs, even the month, loads of these festivals etc, the black death wasn’t no Babylon crap, over 100 million people died…mek people think fi demself

    1. @MerZenary Don couldn’t be more correct i guess we are just experiment to see but with no plan in place the lock down without and further plans won’t work the people a suffer me sure him and him members have them dinner everynight and people who live under the poverty line can’t eat or manage a lock down

    2. MerZenary Don Here are some facts:
      1.) People who are unhealthy or have underlying conditions are more vulnerable.
      2.) People with natural immunity have more chance of recovery.
      3.) Lockdowns, vacs passports, and vac, don’t really work.

      And here’s another fact: isreal did all those things in the 3rd example that I showed you, but nothing changed.

      But you have countries like Sweden that have all the cases, but no deaths.

      So, maybe there’s something wrong with the way things are going.

    3. @Marv antony long time me q preach it but nuh baddy nah hear England death count low sweden the same thing because if you have a lock down and reopen the plane thats grand market fi 3 full day as me say if you have all the conditions u just mention then your chances are limited bless up

  1. You think you will be safe,think again it will never get better never not in this life,trust in the God of creation use wisdom

  2. So angry it makes me want to both scream and cry how these workers have been exploited shamelessly
    I cry for my people the main targets of this genocide unfortunately in life there are 3 types of people those who can see it those who see it once it is pointed out and those who will never see it
    I ask that before anyone put this concoction in their body to at least research the content which is deliberately being hidden by “non-disclosure” but they were all tested recently by independent doctors/scientists and suffice to say the findings whilst not surprising is shocking
    Absolutely despicable and disgusting that the number of deaths following these jabs are deliberately being down played so by the time the genocide is exposed for what it is the deed would already have been done and the usual apology surface whilst compensation takes decades to be sorted if ever since the makers and the pushers have immunity and the recipients consented not sure if coercion is a defence but I do know that ignorance is no excuse in law

    1. @Rojaunn Jones Even if that were the case didn’t they still make the decision to take the vaccine . You see a lot of us like to make it seem that because we do not like the other option we say we did not have a choice.

    2. @Jaemie Lee_mc The sticky point here is that responsibility is by default being shifted to Employers who if not mindful is sleepwalking into a legal minefield where they are open to be sued under their Public Liability Insurance
      I note that Trade Unions are eerily silent on making clear employees rights legally and thus like illegal deportations the legal field will no doubt figuratively speaking make a killing financially from those who become disabled or die as a result

    3. @Marv antony Yeahman and I agree. We are on this forum just having a discussion and that’s cool but we do not know why each individual made their personal decision . It’s quite plausible that they did their research and came to their own conclusions.

  3. Hi hope you come talk six months later to tell us how you feeling after you take this vaccine. When ppl sickout them hide. You need to come out and let others kno it sick u. We want to learn from your mistakes. Alot will rest in peace soon. U fulish

    1. There is something “dotish in the jab” lol I spoke to a woman at length who took the AstraZeneca had a blood clot on both lungs spent some time in hospital is now being monitored regularly but need to be on blood thinners for the rest of her life (she is White I have no doubt if she was Black she would not be here to tell the tale) that aside most right-minded people would ascribe their demise health-wise to the newly administered jab since she was fit as a fiddle previously but no they are programmed to find an alternative excuse because “the doctor said”
      Another acquaintance took the Jab now having problems with his legs excessive swelling etc and the same denial because “my doctor said”
      Another went into hospital with asthma and 2 weeks later we were planning her funeral

    1. Cancer does not affect the company/country generating money like COVID does.
      That the big difference. AIDS, cancer, gun violence… they don’t cost those in power money.
      When they do, they will then be focused on and you’ll see the same push to get those problems “solved”

  4. The Bible says because of lack of knowledge my people perish. Please watch this video and be informed about the jab

    1. the person who made the jab advised nobody should take it
      the government just wants to decrease the population .

    2. The word of God will prevail. But He saveth the poor from the sword from their mouth and from the hand of the mighty. I would like everyone to go to Brighten and look up God is in your DNA don’t change it

    1. More importantly they are not aware that the “trap to replace them is afoot”
      Historically we are being “replaced by Genocide”
      The Chinese have control of our Port of Entry and in part our food supply so it goes without saying once all our service providers and governmental workers including our police force are jab and depart over say 3 years for argument sake have we not left the gate open to be replaced and become “powerless minorities” in our land why do you suppose the Maroons are being “antagonised over their sovereignty”?

  5. Jeremiah 46: 11 go up into Gilead and take balm o virgin, the daughter of Egypt: in vain shalt thou use many medicines for thou shalt not be cured…put your in Jesus Christ not in men not into your prime minister you’re all liars and wicked men

    1. @omarnumbawan Hosea 4 verse 6 my people are destroyed because lack of knowledge because thou as reject acknowledge.

  6. why people or destroy because lack of knowledge because though has reject knowledge Hosea 4 verse 6

  7. lord why’d i take the shot if only someone could do something.

    vaccine is causing this
    tragedy in the country /world .

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