Over 900,000 Acres Scorched By Fires In OR, Half A Million Residents Evacuated | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Over 900,000 Acres Scorched By Fires In OR, Half A Million Residents Evacuated | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


Jacob Ward of NBC News brings the latest from Oregon where wildfires have burned more than 900,00 acres, says “it is unprecedented fire behavior in this region.' Aired on 09/11/2020.
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Over 900,000 Acres Scorched By Fires In OR, Half A Million Residents Evacuated | MTP Daily | MSNBC

63 Comments on "Over 900,000 Acres Scorched By Fires In OR, Half A Million Residents Evacuated | MTP Daily | MSNBC"

  1. 22 Veterans A Day | September 11, 2020 at 3:15 PM | Reply

    Ashland is 10 minutes from me. It is a disaster zone.

    • 22 Veterans A Day Be safe, please.

    • And Yet Trump refuses and does not even acknowledge the people of America that are suffering from the fires. Not one word, not one sentence from his mouth about the fires. All he cares about is himself. The people following him and supporting him are “losers and suckers” in Trump’s mind. He is just using them as sheep to obtain his objective to win the election. He does not care about his supporters. What a Con Man. So sad…

    • @Jackson McNeil Yes, and that goes for all of us up and down the west coast. Our reality is hot, dry winds, flames, and in the areas where fires are not immediate there is smoke that makes the air hazardous to breathe. Everywhere. It is inescapable. And Trump has no idea nor is he interested.

  2. When’s the last time Trump has talked about climate change? Or any congressional Republicans?

    • 89% of fires are man made…

    • BLM and antifa have been chanting “if we can’t have it, we’ll burn it down, ” for over 100 days…Antifa and BLM have lit fires in so many cities, especially in WA, OR, and, CA. Seeing how they firebombed police vehicles with maltov cocktails, attacking police with commercial-grade fireworks, tried to burn down federal buildings, burned downed businesses and apartment buildings, and, even burned down a police station, setting many more on fire, would it be illogical to be suspicious that it very well could be they who started these wildfires? It seems that there are an unprecedented number of wildfires burning, SIMULTANEOUSLY, in so many places…

    • It’s over Bud. Greta Thunberg killed it for you.

    • @warpedjaffas1 Donald Trump told people in March an interesting development could save lives. He was crucified by the media who wanted the crisis to get worse and worse. Trump was right. HCQ gives a 99.3% cure rate. HCQ is the treatment YOU told YOUR own parents, “don’t take that!”

  3. The planet is on the ballot this November.

    • @Jeff Gibson sure when we’re in a pandemic, the economy is crashing, and we have the most corrupt, least effective government in our 240 years. Hungry worried people don’t think ahead much.

    • @Linda Scott The pandemic is over. The economy in red counties is recovering. Only blue counties are locked down. The economy in July was STILL 4.8% bigger than the Obama ECONOMY IN 2016. 13.5%-8.67%=4.8% BIGGER. Donald Trump has cured 62 problems I thought could never happen. Joe Stinkyfingers will collapse in the debate. Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and is cruising to reelection. I made tens of thousands when I spotted the market turn-around on March 18 and I am immune. Are you?

    • @Jeff Gibson tell that to the 1000 families who lose their love ones everyday

    • @ismokhfosh 112 Why did their families fail to provide them HCQ treatment in the first 5 days? We’ve got 56 studies that tell us it works. People who refuse to believe cannot be helped.

  4. Rebecca Roseland | September 11, 2020 at 3:22 PM | Reply

    Mai are your friends and family in CA impacted by the fires

  5. Human Made Global Warming
    Yet stupid people saying is a hoax

    • BLM and antifa have been chanting “if we can’t have it, we’ll burn it down, ” for over 100 days…Antifa and BLM have lit fires in so many cities, especially in WA, OR, and, CA. Seeing how they firebombed police vehicles with maltov cocktails, attacking police with commercial-grade fireworks, tried to burn down federal buildings, burned downed businesses and apartment buildings, and, even burned down a police station, setting many more on fire, would it be illogical to be suspicious that it very well could be they who started these wildfires? It seems that there are an unprecedented number of wildfires burning, SIMULTANEOUSLY, in so many places…

    • Tell me how many degrees warmer it is.

    • I asked YOU, how many degrees warmer is it?

    • “Four Arrested for Arson on the West Coast, One a ‘Regular Attendee’ of Anti-Cop Rallies in Seattle”
      https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/09/12/four-arrested-for-arson-on-the-west-coast-one-a-regular-attendee-of-anti-cop-rallies-in-seattle/ 12 Sept 2020
      Four individuals — two in Washington, one in Oregon, and another in California — have been arrested for arson as firefighters battle dozens of blazes across the West Coast. One of the arrestees is reportedly a “regular attendee” of anti-police rallies in Seattle.

      Michael Jarrod Bakkela, 41, has been accused of arson, partially sparking the massive Almeda fire, according to the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office. Oregon Live reported that he has been arrested on “two counts of arson, 15 counts of criminal mischief and 14 counts of reckless endangerment”:

      The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release Friday afternoon that on Tuesday evening, a resident of Phoenix saw a person, later identified as Bakkela, lighting a fire behind their house on Quail Lane. Because there was an impending blaze, the residents who saw him set the fire had to flee their home.

      Bakkela was arrested and initially lodged in the Jackson County Jail on Tuesday on a charge of possession of methamphetamine. He remains in jail on the arson and criminal mischief charges.

      The Almeda fire has destroyed at least 700 homes and resulted in at least two fatalities.

      Elsewhere, authorities arrested two individuals in connection with the fires in Washington. One of the suspects, Jeffrey Alan Acord, has been accused of setting a fire along Highway 167. He live-streamed himself on the scene of the fire and reported it to police, claiming that he “literally pulled over to call it in.”

      Cops arrest four for arson – including man who LIVE STREAMED fire he is accused of starting – as death toll from wildfires climbs to 29 and Oregon officials warn of ‘mass fatality event’

      Two men in Washington state, one man in Oregon and one woman in California are facing arson charges accused of starting blazes
      Michael Bakkela, 41, was arrested Friday over a blaze in southern Oregon that merged with the Almeda Fire – that has so far killed at least two
      In California, Anita Esquivel, 37, was arrested Friday for fires on Highway 101 near Boronda Road
      Jeffrey Acord, 36, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly starting a fire on State Route 167 at Meridian, Washington
      Acord posted a Facebook Live video of himself at the scene of the fire saying he reported the fire to cops after stumbling across it
      In the footage he says he is ‘so glad he called it in when I did’ and tells cops he ‘wish[ed] he had a fire extinguisher’
      Jacob Altona, 28, was arrested Thursday over a fire at State Routes 512 and 7
      At least 20 have been killed in California, 8 in Oregon and 1 in Washington state
      Authorities in Oregon and California expect casualty count to rise
      Dozens are missing in Oregon’s Jackson County and Marion County, where fire continues to burn near Salem

      “Other drivers, however, told police they watched the 36-year-old Puyallup man walk into a field carrying a lighter and cardboard,” KIRO 7 reported.
      The outlet added that Acord is a “regular attendee at Seattle ‘defund police’ rallies.” He is also facing charges for allegedly breaking into a gas station.

      Jacob Altona, 28, has also been arrested in connection to arson.
      Additionally, Anita Esquivel, 37, has been arrested for deliberately setting fires in California, according to the California Highway Patrol.
      The news comes as Democrat politicians continue to blame the fires across the region on climate change. Politicians, such as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), are largely using the devastation to push for a Green New Deal but continue to ignore the reality of poor forest management and environmentalist policies that contribute to the massive wildfires, such as putting an emphasis on “fire suppression” rather than prescribed burning.

      Despite that, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has used the tragedy to declare the debate around climate change over for good.

      “The debate is over around climate change. Just come to the state of California, observe it with your own eyes,” Newsom said with a grin. “It’s not an intellectual debate, it’s not even debatable”:

      On Saturday 12 Sept 2020, the National Interagency Fire Center reported that 97 fires have burned 4.7 million acres across the west.

      “More than 29,000 firefighters and support personnel are assigned to wildfires. Evacuation orders are in place for 40 large fires in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah,” the agency reported.

    • Pelt Down Posse | September 16, 2020 at 9:18 AM | Reply

      It’s called ARSON and you know it!

  6. Crickets from the White House. Must be blue states burning.

  7. We may not see a year this bad for awhile, but bad fire years will keep getting more likely with climate change.

  8. Trump calls climate change a hoax, like he did with COVID.

    • @SEBASTION HAWK”Trump never called covid a hoax- his words were taken out of context”
      That is objectively false! FFS all his enablers at Faux N fiends repeated it for almost a month. Were you in a coma this spring? He said it on several occasions as well, if he at one point was feed some spin to limit bad press that would not change the other times.

    • @Dean Martin Actually rather good link.
      As long as you ignore all posts and comments since they seem to be tinfoil nutters almost all of them.

    • @Lars Gadell nope. you are a dope. I watch all of the news networks, all of the political spectrum. Trump enacted travel bans in the end of January, and, the progressive voters, pundits, politicians, and, the leftist MSM all said that Trump was xenopohic, “racist,” and fear-mongering to do so. At his rally, where the leftist MSM misquoted him and took him out of context, he said, in response to those on the left that said that covid spread because he was inept, and, did little or nothing, that, that narrative is a HOAX, just like “russian collusion” with Trump. Tell me, sherlock, where is the “pee-tape?” LOL!!!!!

    • He is right.

    • @Jackson McNeil Those fires were lit by your people. The brown shirts of the Democratic party. Antifa and BLM Marxists. Problem is your horribly run states and cities on the west coast were given ample funds to prevent these types of disasters. However they saw fit to give it to illegal aliens and fund BLM murals and protests.
      You reap what you sew. Idaho not burning. Utah not burning. Wyoming not burning. Montana not burning. Dakotas also not burning. You are the reason Trump wins 2020. We may keep him in office for ever!!!

  9. It’s sad that people have to look at this as Red/Blue and not humans…

    • sb no, it’s on both ends. Read the comments . and you are part of the problem just by saying that.and for the record, you guys seem I automatically mean a certain side.

    • Tonguee The Chosen One | September 12, 2020 at 6:42 PM | Reply

      no this is antifa tards they are neither red or blue people are to caught up in team think to see a third group is destroying our country

    • All you have to do is read the comments below. We are a nation divided. Which is ok. We can do this one of 2 ways. Cut the nation down the Mississippi River left on the left. Right on the right. ( dont think left will go for it, they need rights tax revenue). Or, lets go to war and winner takes all. I think the right is fine with either and left not so much. One problem the left brought us here. There ideals are not what this nation is founded on and the right is not interested in their bs. So flip the coin and lets get busy.

    • @Dean Martin We are nation that has been engineered to be divided. It’s OK. Truth will prevail 💥

  10. Minerva's Magical Emporium | September 11, 2020 at 4:51 PM | Reply

    Thank you to MSNBC for *finally* focusing on the people of this country for five minutes, instead of the election. How are people going to vote from addresses that don’t exist anymore? Focus on this, the american people, instead of the politicians.

  11. I live in Wilsonville, OR. We just got an alert on our phones, about 5 minutes ago, that have upgraded the town 3 miles from us to Stage 2 Evacuation orders, and us to Stage 1. Stage 2: Get set to go at any minute, Stage 1- Prepare and pack essentials, Stage 3: Go NOW.
    This is the first year in the 45 yrs I’ve lived here that we really didn’t have a winter. At least, not winter in any way we’ve been used to. Global warming is real. Our state is on fire. This is no hoax.

    • @Dean Martin Actually, that was the year after my family moved from Woodland Hills to Sweet Home, OR. I was in the 4th grade. To be honest, I really don’t recall what the winter was like. What I do know tho, is even then, there were concerns about factory and auto carbon emissions wrecking the ozone layer. Also HFC’s. That was around the time they got rid of the old aerosol cans with HFCs. And looking back historically, science was warning of climate change even earlier than the ’70s. So it’s not like this is anything new.

    • @Elizabeth Nash Do you feel you answered the very simple question, with that rambling diatribe? You see, I live in the desert. We have had record breaking heat this summer. Daily recorded highs not seen since the 1930’s. We are about to break the no measurable rain record 166 days. What do you presume they called it in 1939? When the bought and paid for climate hoaxer scientists werent being run out from every corner of the map?

    • @Dean Martin I suspect that there is nothing anyone can say to you to get you to understand that climate change is a real, and urgent thing.
      For what it’s worth, Popular Science and other publications were writing articles back in the 1870’s about climate change and how the industrial revolution would impact the climate in years, decades, centuries to come in substantial ways. And they’ve never stopped sounding the alarm. This isn’t something new, it’s just becoming more pronounced.
      You can’t claim that the polar ice sheets melting, or the glaciers in Greenland melting, is not a sign of global warming, man assisted or not. Even without man’s help, the planet has gone thru these cycles many, many times. This time, science has ample reason to believe that man has accelerated the process. Regardless, it is happening.

    • @Elizabeth Nash No it is not. It was just a hot summer. Its only popular in your head.
      You have violent political activists committing arson. That is why the west coast is burning.
      Honestly. Most of the nation is really really tired of the constant sky is falling bs from the left. Only thing that needs to change in this country is Liberalism. It needs to go.
      If I get rid of 100% of Liberals. I get rid of all this nations problems. All its stupid social justice causes all of its violent crime. All of the ridiculous taxation.
      I get a really nice country back that can go 5 min with out some politically charged disaster.
      And…. That is where we are headed. Its time for the left to go.

    • @Dean Martin Wow! You are one seriously messed up individual!
      Your statements, and your mindset, are so wrong on so many levels, it’s difficult to even know where to start. So, I’m not going to bother.
      You are very sick, and you need help.

  12. My heart goes out to those affected by these fires ,we know the devastation they bring here in Australia all too well .

    • Bruce-Ruhl Design | September 11, 2020 at 8:50 PM | Reply

      We followed the fires for several months and donated a little to help. Sorry to say mate, we oversize everything here in the States…gonna see a major city burn this year. Made that prediction back in January when the fires merged in NSW and Queensland (??), and Kangaroo Island torched. Not sure who the winner will be: Salem, Portland, or one of the bay area cities in California.

    • Clinton Robinson | September 14, 2020 at 7:22 PM | Reply

      Trump don’t think like leader at all

  13. The irony, a fire went through a place called Ashland and turned it it into ash.

  14. It’s like God above is trying to send us a message

    The ten plagues of Egypt got a rerun. On american soil this time.

  15. News like this is the reason I wouldn’t move to the states

  16. sol azul - esther | September 12, 2020 at 1:19 AM | Reply

    Ashland, Oregon is one of the most beautiful towns in southern Oregon. They will rebuild their dreams. Our❤️🙏🏻are with you.


  18. Where are the climate change diners? Running from the fires!!!

  19. California votes their rights away and coddled the left so long, now they are just done. I bet property value there will be utter crap after the mudslides start

  20. Now we have a reason to hoard toilet paper…….
    It’s made from trees…….(so is oxygen)

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