Over Half Of Republicans Believe Election Was Stolen From Trump: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Over Half Of Republicans Believe Election Was Stolen From Trump: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC


A majority of Republican voters believe the election was stolen from former President Trump, according to new numbers from Ipsos/Reuters. The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 04/06/2021.
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Over Half Of Republicans Believe Election Was Stolen From Trump: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. How insensitive. Think of his his family! & especially his son nestor,.. finding out on national news,.. your father has been cheating on you must have been hard.

  1. Insanity. I knew they lacked all critical thinking but the lies are so clear I thought they might grow a second braincell for once. No getting out for these brainwashed repubs.

    1. @Chaos you are delusional about his conclusion. He never said there wasn’t collusion. You are clueless

    2. @John Sozio he said they found no evidence. It’s impossible to prove it never happened, just like you can’t prove that Biden isn’t a secret Klansman. Can you prove it? He was trained by Robert Byrd after all, and he was Exalted Cyclops of the KKK. Also Biden was a segregationist and helped draft the Clinton crime bill of 1994 which saw many black people incarcerated unnecessarily. Oh and Biden thinks he owns the black vote. Fact!

    3. @Chaos “all I’m saying is that the person who led the probe concluded there was no evidence of collusion.”

      There is literally NO part of the Mueller Report that says this. If you can directly quote the section that says it and share it here then I am sure everybody would be interested to see it, but until then you need to stop making that claim.

  2. When you turn off all information that doesn’t comport with your preferred view of the world and instead run to Fox News, OAN, and NewsMax to hear what you want, it’s no wonder you keep believing what you want instead of reality.

    1. All the while you are viewing communist propaganda from lefty media. Russia, Russia Russia!

    2. @Jeremy Backup you folks believe in a white supremacy boogeyman and 57 genders depending on the day. Really fool?

    3. @Reg U they made some good points. The left does that just as much, if not more than the right. Look at how the last two three terror incidents were covered by MSNBC. The Boulder shooting = white supremacy. Storming the Capitol and one cop dead= terrorism. Noah Green who has history on social media being anti Trump and pro black nationalism kills a white police offer = not terrorism. They selectively choose which negative information about Democrats to suppress and which positive information about republicans to suppress.

  3. Imagine being a proud boy thinking you’re doing something heroic by storming the capitol, only to have half your own party decide you’re such a bad look that they’d rather believe you’re secretly Antifa

    1. Imagine burning, looting, and killing for 9 months straight – all around the country – and be celebrated as heroes by your own party.

    2. In the peoples minds who think it wasn’t stolen are lying or too ashamed to admit the truth.

    3. @DirtyDeeds that doesn’t change the fact that Trump told his followers to storm the Capitol and then threw them all under the bus. You guys would rather to continue to follow someone who literally dropped you the moment he started to feel some than to stop pretending that you actually believe Trump won the election. We all know he did not.

    4. @DirtyDeeds hhhhmmmmm, It’s almost like one group had an actual reason to protest while the other group was just salty af and couldn’t handle their daddy not being reelected

    1. @cédric lefrançois You were doing well up to the last sentence, Cedric. Unfortunately, all the woes you refer to are dismissed as ‘communist’ rhetoric. The idea that Trump is a Russian agent is laughable. That requires levels of commitment, courage and competence far beyond his ability. His self-conceit eclipses everything, and his corrupt nature merely made him a perfect dupe for Putin.

    2. @1984 THEBEGINING I haven’t told the future. Since the PAST has told us how corrupt Trump is, I suggested you wait until the bank details finally emerge.

    3. ​@greg hill Sorry I didn’t get my point across clearly. I don’t buy into that theory, just like you. But even if that theory was true, the MSM gave this story waaay too much airtime, which is great for their rating, but sucks for everyone else trying to stay informed about more important issues. I remember in 2018 when MSNBC & CNN would invite Michael Avenatti on their shows every week and this grifter was supposed to take down Trump lmao and run for president. This whole spectacle was a sham designed to make the viewer feel like part of “the resistance”. I fell for that at the time. That’s why people are cynical and don’t trust the news business. Their financial incentives are contradictory to truth-seeking. Selling a narrative is far more profitable.

    4. Joe has it all wrong.. The number is way over 50%.. and yes the election was stolen.!!!

    5. @cédric lefrançois “Financial incentives are contradictory to truth-seeking.” Very true, Cedric. As well as simple corruption, the continuing practice of lobbying were the overwhelming incentives for Trump, as well as most others to enter politics. Most journalists, I believe, are not so influenced. But the corporations most of them work for, are. One can usually tell when a journalist or a politician is speaking truthfully. When they fail, it’s usually the journalist who creates the greater disappointment in us. When they succeed, it’s usually the politician who gives us the bigger surprise.

  4. They only believe that because it serves their ends. The right have become particularly expert at ignoring reality and cherry picking facts.

    1. @Nick Dionne Your claim is false. Hello? And you again ‘forgot’ to indicate where this supposed ‘correction’ can be reviewed. I found multiple right wing sites claiming NPR put out a RETRACTION, not a correction btw.

    2. @FDM 215 National Public Radio has corrected an online article that falsely asserted that documents from first son Hunter Biden’s laptop had been “discredited by U.S. intelligence.”
      A book review of Hunter Biden’s memoir “Beautiful Things” initially dismissed the documents first reported in October by The Post.
      “The laptop story was discredited by US intelligence and independent investigations by news organizations,” the book review by Ron Elving, senior editor of the publicly funded media organization, initially claimed.
      The correction on the Thursday article now says, “A previous version of this story said US intelligence had discredited the laptop story. US intelligence officials have not made a statement to that effect.”
      Although some Democrats claimed that the laptop may have been “Russian disinformation,” President Biden’s campaign, the White House and Hunter Biden have not denied the laptop belonged to Hunter.

      In a new interview set to air in full Sunday on CBS, Hunter Biden admits that the laptop “certainly” could be his.
      In October, The Post reported that documents from the laptop appeared to implicate Joe Biden in his son’s business relationships in China and Ukraine.
      Hunter Biden later confirmed that he’s under federal investigation for possible tax fraud.
      A Delaware computer repairman, who has since publicly identified himself, says Hunter Biden never came to pick up his laptop after dropping it off. He provided paperwork to The Post indicating there was an abandonment clause that granted him rights to abandoned equipment.
      Among the laptop’s contents, a 2017 email chain involving Hunter Biden and associates brokering a proposed business deal with a Chinese energy company described a 10 percent set-aside for the “big guy.” Former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski publicly identified Joe Biden as the “big guy.”
      As of February, the first son still owned 10 percent of an investment fund controlled by Chinese state-owned entities. The fund was formed 12 days after Hunter Biden joined his father aboard Air Force Two for a December 2013 trip to Beijing.

      -New York Post

    3. @FDM 215 Hunter also just lied on a background check while buying a firearm. But I guess if liberal media doesn’t cover it, it never happened…

    4. @FDM 215 And yes… It was a correction, not a retraction. Should I have put that in all capital letters for you?


    2. @Ben That’s good for California they should keep it up… make those red states pay for all those heroin needles and abortions.

  5. It’s sad that there are so many people who’d gleefully, ignorantly welcome fascism into their nation.

    1. @Yvonne Plant Nov 26, 2016 · Hillary Clinton’s campaign said Saturday it will take part in efforts to push for recounts in several key states

    2. 60% believe he and Jr. incited the riot and then watched the group walk down to the building but trump he said he was “going together” with them to the building BUT he watched from a TV and DIDN’T WALK ANYWHERE WIRH ANYONE!?! WHAT HAPPENED…HE BAILED ON THE CROWD!! He could have just walked just a few feet But he didn’t walk one step with the crowd he incited them and then one his famous “bails”!!

    3. @Robert Green I never heard his speech but I received a copy of it and I read it several times. There is nothing whatsoever in there about inciting a riot. Some believe that he use the word fight. He talked about failing several times. Aren’t all politicians going to fight for us the next day I received a letter from my friend Liz Warren asking for a donation and he told me that she was going to fight for various causes we support. If I would’ve gone out in beating up a republican would Liz been her fault? I believe a lot of people are swayed by media propaganda.

    4. the stupidity, though, it’s beyond all comprehension
      both his and theirs

      like a government can function on hate and conspiracy and amphetamines

  6. I believe its more of a matter that over 50 percent of the republicans just dont want to admit they were duped and are in denial

    1. @Timothy Brandriff i’ll take that reality over vaccine passports are good, and voter id is racist any day.

    2. Trust me all Conservatives who voted for Trump 75 million know the election was stolen, Don’t believe the fake news polls You village idiots

    3. @Alex Hamilton Because unlike Republicans, Democrats do actually care about everyone, not just their own, and it’s concerning that such a large portion of the electorate no longer trusts the institutions of democracy.

  7. Even when people see the videos they see the fighting, hear find Pence. How can they say it’s not true?

    1. @Lee Smith
      Then it is not the “most” we are talking about, is it? It is the direct participants and the people who urged them on that we are talking about, just as with the summer riots.

    2. Because they will claim the videos are fake, staged by the radical left and are clearly actors…
      You cannot reason with them.

    3. @Lee Smith right, let’s not film the riot, let’s show only the non-violent ones, hey fetch that footage from the anti-Vietnam protests, let’s broadcast that instead, then we say it was antifa.

  8. Because it’s their team! They buy hats, flags, foam fingers, t-shirts, and bumper stickers because it’s all a sport to them and they support their team.

    1. Democrats: Al Gore was cheated b/c he didn’t get recounts in specific counties
      Also Democrats: LOL WHO ASKS FOR A RECOUNT?
      Normal Person: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Do you own a mirror?

  9. This is actually good news for the Republican Party; half of them still in fact do have brains. I was starting to wonder there for a bit if they were all dropped on their heads.

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr I hope you’re kidding. If not, get to out of here. You’re not a real American.

    1. Democrats: Al Gore was cheated b/c he didn’t get recounts in specific counties
      Also Democrats: LOL WHO ASKS FOR A RECOUNT?
      Normal Person: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Do you own a mirror?

    2. @druu jenkins well he [Al Gore] didn’t try over 60 times and threaten government officials to find the votes.

  10. Pretty sure they don’t “believe it” but are willing to bet their political future on that narrative and play that game.
    It’s disgusting

    1. Lisa Johnson
      isn’t the Democrats betting their future by keep bringing it up in the media instead of not talking about it day after day? The Only reason
      this is in the news is because the DNC’s public relations media keeps bringing it up LOL Do you ever want to ask BSNBC or CNN why are they still talking Trump?

    2. @Alex Hamilton The associated “stop the steal” insurrection continues to be news. (But I know you weren’t talking to me.)

    3. @Alex Hamilton it’s news because over half of republicans in congress are claiming an obvious lie is true.
      Even trumps attorney said “no one with any sense would believe me”
      Having a 1/4 of congress continue to promote the idea that our electoral system is fraudulent is a threat to democracy! If they were put under oath they would be committing perjury
      This blatant lack of integrity damages our democracy…and these people don’t care.
      Evidently “MAGA” is code for “Make America openly corrupt”

    1. @krenthrios Plays Except that the Republicans did well in all the other races. Maybe, just maybe, even a few Republican voters didn’t want Trump anymore.

    2. @krenthrios Plays well, you’re right- it was not like any election in history, for a host of reasons. Not least of which was the record voter turnout, which bore out a statistical fact that has been observed in many previous elections. And that is that the more people vote, the less Republicans win.

      The math doesn’t lie, but you do.

      As for Sidney Powell, the only pressure she was under was that of her own greed, which drove her to fool the Trumpanzee Conservadopes with fantastical stories of a dead Venezuelan leader and compromised voting machines, complete with the kind of cynical conflation that ignoramuses like yourself were certain to gobble up like there was no tomorrow.

      Of course it was all complete bs.. even Powell admits that now as she attempts to defend herself in Dominion’s defamation lawsuit against her. Per her attorney: “no reasonable person would accept my client’s claims as fact”.

      They key word being “reasonable”, which you of course aren’t. You, and the morons who stormed the Capitol are anything but reasonable. Powell knew this. Lynn Wood knows this.

      They both know what idiotic marks you are. You fell for it. You continue to fall for it. You are the worst America has to offer.. a fascist who doesn’t even understand what fascism is.

      Do the world a favor and never breed. Kthanx.

    3. @krenthrios Plays , When the last time the Republicans won the Popular Vote? Trump lost the Popular Vote twice in 4 years! He lost with Hillary and with Biden. Enough said.

    4. That’s easily rationalized away by these nut cases: he/she was NOT our Great Leader’s real lawyer! His REAL lawyers won’t be in the side of Antifa, Librals, BLM, Socialists, Leftists et al. These Right Wing nut cases are the Boeberts, the Greenes, Carlsons, the Hannitys, the Ingrahams & the Gaetz … people who say women, Blacks, Asians, Natives, Latinos, immigrants et al HAD it better — IF “they followed the law” —– in terms of civil, political, & educational rights in the EARLY 1900s, the 1800s, the 1700s, etc.

    1. Nah, they’re going to be swept aside. The media have been giving Trump and his loony supporters far more attention than they deserve.

    2. @Hazel Jones have you been under a rock or maybe on rock cocain cause you have been brain washed

    3. @Hazel Jones Trump is a horrible person. He caused so much pain and disbelief and hate. Trying to destroy democracy and wanted to build his empire. So glad there are Stil honest, respectful, democracy loving people who stand up for what is right.
      God bless America

    4. Democrats: Al Gore was cheated b/c he didn’t get recounts in specific counties
      Also Democrats: LOL WHO ASKS FOR A RECOUNT?
      Normal Person: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Do you own a mirror?

  11. It is incredible 60% of the GOP still “believe “ the election was stolen. The real truth is their hatred blinds them to
    the TRUTH.

    1. Democrats and their MSM cheerleaders (one of the same) told us to distrust election results after 2016 by falsely claiming Russian conspiracy hoaxes. Now you are crying people don’t trust the election results….

    2. @crocodile2006 So you are saying Republicans should emulate Democrats? The GOP is self-destructing before our very eyes, thanks to Putin’s handmaiden.

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